Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween and that officially ends the spookiest of months. This, however, does not have to mean that you have to stop watching your favourite spooky movies or reading spooky books. I am going to share my five favourite Halloween season movies and books so that you can keep the chills going well into November.


My movie list is in no particular order and are filled with all of the movies I love to watch in the month of October. These are ones I return to again and again.

1. Scream                

Scream is one of my all time favourite scary movies. The infamous opening scene on its own makes this movie worth the watch, but the great cast, and smart script are also big reasons to check this one out. It also has Skeet Ulrich looking very hot. Just saying.

2. The Crow

This may not be specifically a Halloween movie, but I watch it every October. I feel the atmosphere and tone is sufficiently worthy of watching during the Halloween season. I, maybe surprisingly, find this to be an incredibly romantic movie. Eric and Shelly's romance is tragic but beautiful. Brandon Lee is freaking incredible in this. His performance gives me chills each time I watch it.

3. The Craft                    

This is another movie that perhaps doesn't scream Halloween, but is one I watch every October all the same. It's witchy and atmospheric in a way that entirely fits the season. 

4. Practical Magic

Another movie on this list due to it involving witches. It also has the best use of the song "This Kiss" in ANY movie. It's a story of sisterhood, magic, and love. It's perfect for those who don't want their Halloween movies to have too much of a scare.

5. Nightmare Before Christmas 

This movie gets to be both appropriate for the Halloween season and a perfect way to transition from Halloween to the holiday season. It's one I tend to watch towards the end when I am reading to say goodbye to the season of chills. It's charming and also a great way to introduce children to more scary fare.


My books list is a little different. These are ones I would recommend as perfect reads during the month of October. It'll be a mix of recent and older titles and they are, again, in no particular order.


This is a book filled with witches, forbidden romance, and plenty of atmosphere. It's also got a fantastic cast of characters.

Based on the true story of Lizzie Borden, this book has plenty of spooky atmosphere. It's about a woman's descent into madness and is definitely creepy at times.

Nothing scares me more than true crime stories. They're all the more terrifying because they are true stories. Michelle McNamara has written one of the best, and one of the most unsettling that I have read.

This book is a love letter to slasher movies, and is especially influenced by Scream. It's perfect for anyone who wants Scream in book format. It's basically made to be read in October.

This title may not seem like a Halloween season read, but I think it totally fits. Sometimes you just want a good mystery that has some great twists and turns. Dangerous Girls is a book I STILL think about even thought I read it back in 2013. It's stayed with me, and that speaks to its power to unsettle.

There are some recommendations in case you, like me, aren't quite ready to say goodbye to the spooky reads and movies of October. What are some books and movies you like to watch in the Halloween season? Let me know in the comments.

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