Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Character Interview - Vincent from Die For Me

Today on the blog I have Vincet from Amy Plum's amazing novel Die For Me. He kindly answered a few questions for me. Meet Vincent, hopefully you get interested enough to check out his story.

Vincent, I am so glad you could stop by. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I would love to. But I’ve been warned by Amy not to talk about anything spoiler-y. So how about this: I’m currently 19. I live in Paris with my kindred, but am originally from Brittany. I have a law degree, but only got it in order to help out my kindred with practical concerns. (I would have studied history if I had chosen my degree myself.) I spend my down time reading, watching films, and working out (fight training).

What were you thinking when you first saw Kate?

I saw her around our neighborhood a long time before I actually met her. And I was immediately drawn to her. I don’t know if it was my saving instincts – that I saw a human who needed help – or something else, but I was mesmerized from the very first second I laid eyes on her. She was sad. And scared. And mourning. At that point I didn’t know about her parents. I just knew I had to be around her more...to figure her out.

Is there anything you would have changed about your first meeting with her?

There are so many things I would change in my life. I act without thinking most of the time. I shouldn’t have ever talked to Kate – for her sake. But I couldn’t help myself. In my mind, I regret it. But in my heart I will never be sorry that I did.

Describe the following people in one word-

Kate- strong
Georgia- amusing
Jules- loyal
Ambrose- full-on
Charlotte- huggable
Lucien- depraved
What is the best part of living in Paris?

The people. Paris is all about living life to the utmost, and Parisians really know how to live.

If they were to make a movie out of your life who do you think is gorgeous enough to play you?

*laughs uncomfortably* You’re trying to embarrass me here. Well, my favorite actors are a lot older than me. But I’ve been told that this French-German actor, François Goeske, looks a lot like me, minus a few years.

What three things would you want with you if you were stuck on an island?

Kate (she’s not a “thing”, but I’m including her anyway). Some good books. And a telescope for stargazing.

What would we find beside your bed?

A photo of me and Kate. I like to see it when I’m going into dormancy. I always wake up to a vase of flowers that Jeanne has put there. She claims the fragrance makes awaking less unsettling. And then there’s always the requisite food tray. Water, figs, dates and almonds are my favorites for awakening.

What is your best trait? Your worst?

I’m really passionate about whatever I’m doing. And...I’m really passionate about whatever I’m doing.

Last question - this was actually the most requested question when I polled my female friends. Boxers or briefs?

*runs hand through hair/embarrassed smile* Wow, um...who are these friends of yours? Sounds like they would get on really well with Jules!


  1. LOL. I love character interviews! Vincent sounds interesting and loyal to Kate. I seriously can't wait to read Die For Me!

  2. C'mon Vincent ... answer the question ... boxers or briefs!!!

  3. I love the reference to Jules with the boxer/briefs question! Great interview.

  4. Character interviews on this blog are effing brilliant! I haven't read this book. However, me thinks that another character interview, this time with Jules, is in order!!! Do it Kat/Amy Plum!

    Love this post! <3

  5. LOL come on, Vincent, don't so shy ;)

    Thanks for this character interview, I loved it!


  6. Ok for one I love this book... I love Vincent! Total book crush!!! I can't to get my hands on another book by Amy Plum. I hope its the next one, I want more of Vincent!

  7. I loooove how you say Kates not a thing !I want a man like you .;)

  8. Vincent so need to answer boxers or briefs. And Vin and Kate. :')

  9. answer the question vincent ;) we all want to know :)


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