Friday, May 20, 2011

Next Week - Book Expo Excitement

I will be leaving for New York on Saturday. This is my first time going to Book Expo America and I am super excited. I may not have much access to the Internet while there but I will update when I can. You can expect a huge blog about my experience when I get back (maybe a few, if I have lots to say).

If anyone has gone before, if you have any tips/suggestions/etc please leave them in the comments.

I have scheduled some fun stuff on the blog while I am gone and my fantastic friend Amy is going to make sure everything actually posts (and that Blogger doesn't eat it like it's done before).

Here is the rundown of what to expect while I am gone -

Monday - A review of Aimee Carter's The Goddess Test
Tuesday - I got to interview Henry from The Goddess Test, I will be posting our Q & A
Wednesday - My Waiting on Wednesday pick for the week
Thursday - A review of Torment by Lauren Kate
Friday - A review of Summer and the City by Candace Bushnell

I am looking forward to playing catch up when I get back with comments, reading everyone's posts and seeing what I missed while away. I hope to check in as much as I can. If you follow me on Twitter I will be posting there at least once a day.

Have a great week everyone! Happy reading.

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  1. Safe Travels Kat! Have a blast! I'll do my very best to "hold up the fort" although you made it pretty easy, haha.


    Amy <3


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