Friday, November 28, 2014

2015 Most Anticipated ...... Underneath Everything

My next selection is a little mysterious, and I expect it's kept that way on purpose. This seems like it'll be a dark, twisty read filled with secrets that I cannot wait to uncover.

Just check out this Goodreads synopsis and tell me that you don't immediately want to snatch up this book and reveal all the secrets inside...
When Mattie decides to take back the boyfriend, friends, and life she thinks Jolene stole from her a year ago, she's drawn back into an intoxicating – and toxic – relationship that blurs the boundary between friendship and love. A seductive debut about two girls bound by an obsessive friendship.
A friendship at the heart of a this novel only sweetens the deal. I cannot wait to dive into the complexities of this 'toxic' friendship and see what is underneath.

I got Marcy to reveal a little about the novel, and her writing process in this great Q and A we did together...

1 Describe Underneath Everything in three words.

Dark, seductive, thrilling

2 If someone were to make an ice cream flavour for your book, what might be included?

I love this question, since ice cream is mentioned in a pivotal scene. First of all, it would be full fat ice cream. None of the sugar-free stuff. And the flavor would have to match the texture—a super rich, creamy chocolate. Inside would be a swirl of sticky caramel, and a few surprise chips of crunchy, chocolate bark.

3 Can you share a secret about your book (either it's world, it's characters, or something that helped inspire the story)?

The book is set in Westfield, NJ, the town I was raised in, and recently returned to.

4 If you could travel to anywhere, in any time period, when and where would you want travel? 

Where: inside someone else’s body, so I could experience the world from his or her point of view. When: preferably when the person is awake.

5 What three things do you need while revising?

Early grey tea with honey, headphones, the perfect song.

6 If possible, please share the first line of Underneath Everything. (only answer if not too spoilery).

“We’re running through the parking lot toward the smell of burning wood.”

I am curious about ice cream playing a role in a pivotal scene. Interesting. This is one of those novels where we are not going to get a lot of information and I expect it's going to be twisty, dark goodness!

Underneath Everything is released Fall 2015! No pre-order links are available, but be sure to add it to your Goodreads so you remember to check it out when they do!

Be sure to check back later on during the event for a chance to win a copy of Underneath Everything (or any of my featured titles).

You can follow Marcy Beller Paul on Twitter, visit her official website, and learn more about the book from the publisher website.

Do you like dark, seductive, twisty stories? Let me know in the comments.

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