Thursday, March 12, 2015

#LoyalLiars - Liars Inc Pre-Order Campaign and More

It's no secret that I love Paula Stokes books (and Paula herself) and with the release of her newest book, Liars Inc, just around the corner I wanted to make sure you knew about a few VERY exciting things happening in the Liars world.

First up - If you pre-order the book this week (I believe the cut off date is the 20th) and are one of the first 50 people to do so, be sure to send proof of purchase to Paula as she will gift you with this...

Photo from Paula's website
Yup. It's an awesome swag pack with amazing book marks, a signed book plate, and magnet. Full details are available on Paula's blog (including where to send proof of purchase and more). If you've pre-ordered already take advantage of this. If not, and you're going to pick up a copy, DO IT NOW!

Next is up a fun game Paula will be hosting via Twitter. It's a murder mystery involving some bloggers and will be sure to include some great prizes and a lot of fun! If you fancy yourself a wannabe detective be sure to take part as you just might win an awesome prize.

Lastly, Paula wanted to share her release day fun with the most people so she's hosting an online release party on Twitter! On the 24th of March join in the fun using the hashtag #LiarsIncBook. She'll be giving away more prizes, and most likely answering questions.

Be sure to check out one, or all, of these amazing events and help Paula celebrate the release of Liars, Inc!

Who is your favourite detective? Let me know in the comments!

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