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TV Talk with Kelly - Bates Motel - Season 3, episode 3

You may recall that Kelly from Kellyvision and I 'recapped' Bates Motel season two on my blog. We loved doing it so much we are going to do it again for season three. You can expect these to be up on Fridays for the most part (unless we're delayed).

This isn't really a recap, more just our reactions as we watch the show. There is totally going to be SPOILERS so maybe don't read until you've watched the episode. If you haven't watched it our notes may not make a whole lot of sense anyway but still SPOILERS!

My notes are marked by this colour and Kelly's have her initials by them and are in blue.

Bates Motel - Season 3 - Episode 3 - Persuasion

Let’s see what Norma ignores this week!

Poor Norma having to identify the body. I don’t envy that. Someone checks into your hotel and the next thing you know you’re identifying the body.

KH: I can't even imagine.

Oh, poor Norma! She threw up.

KH: I probably would, too.

So it wasn’t her? WHAT?! How many dead girls are there in this town?

KH: How many of them aren't Norman's fault?

OMG. She just told the teacher to get another chair?! That is kind of hilarious. Even better it wasn’t even her class. Awkward

KH: And it's right on the board. Oh, Norma.

Emma getting all pretty for her date! Cute. Oh! She’s dressed like that for her shift at work?! I love her. She knows what she wants and is totally getting Norman’s attention. Will her overt sexiness bring out ‘mother’ though? Highly likely.

KH: oh, Emma. I love you and I don't want you to meet Mother.

‘I am not here to pass judgement on your sex parties’ Romero is my favourite. The girl was one of the ‘questionable women’ from the party from what it sounds like. (also, NEVER letting that go, btw).

KH: me either! And yes, best line ever. And such a creepy scene. I hope Romero doesn't die.

Caleb, Dylan does not want your money. Stop. It’s probably dirty money anyways.

Oh! I had hoped that Romero was there to flirt with Norma. He’s just there to interrogate Norman about the new dead girl.

KH: oh, poor Norma. I am cringing for her.

Look at Norman being all  ‘I am capable of handling this mother, now go’.

KH: "I want my dinner, Mom."

Romero doesn’t seem to buying any of this. I am getting the impression he thinks Norman is a little punk kid.

KH: "I didn't think she was a magician." Wow, Norman. But yeah, Romero is not buying this.

‘There is no we’ Norman is starting to assert his independence. Perhaps dating Emma is causing this?

KH: ha, probably.

Good question, Norman. However, I am Team Norma on this one.  I think that being honest with the police is a good thing. Things would have been worse if the police found out later.

KH: absolutely. Tell the police everything.

Norman, both of you have problems. BOTH. End of story.

Dylan just purchased a whole lot of pot plants. OMG! Emma. I am laughing. If the police see your car you are screwed. Haha. Dylan owes her BIG.

Yes, Dylan’s pot farm is very quaint.

Emma is like “WHY IS THIS ASSHAT HERE?!”. I just don’t understand why Dylan is even bothering to hide him. Make the jerk leave town.

KH: Emma, stay away from him. :(

So basically every guy is going to make me go “Is it him that dates Norma? Is this the beginning of the end?” I am not having those thoughts about this teacher guy (even though I still want her and Romero to make out).

KH: He was one of the guys from the Blair Witch Project. I love all the horror movie things.

Oh, so less romantic and more ‘let me be your shrink’ for them. Norma and Norman could benefit from therapy. I am glad she kept the card, even if it won’t ever be used.

KH: I really like this guy. Also, poor Norma's car. Maybe get that bumper fixed.

I wonder if the election for sheriff is going to be as intense as everything else in this town.

Freddie Highmore is fantastic in these unravelling scenes. He is perfect in these moments where Norman’s sanity is shifting.

KH: he's lucky to have Emma but he needs help.

This entire thing is so intense.  *gives Freddie Highmore all the awards* I have shivers right now.

KH: no kidding. Just WOW, you know?

Oh, no. ‘Mother’ is making an appearance. Norman just admitted he is unsure if he killed Annika.

Is Norman going to try to try this? ‘Mother’ is basically attempting to get him to kill himself. Also, it was VERY creepy seeing ‘Norma’ take off Norman’s shirt (even it was just a sweater). Her undressing him at all is just….no.

KH: fake Mother is so creepy.

There is little urgency or drama to these scenes because we know Norman doesn't die. I wish we had seen if he had killed Annika or not.

KH: agreed. We know Norman lives and Norma dies. Anything else is up for debate, but we know that.

Norma, how you answer this questions is VERY important. ‘I’ll be right back’ is not the correct response to your son asking you what would happen if he did kill someone. Her break down however is the correct response. I get why she didn't let Norman see, but GET HIM HELP! He needs to be in therapy.

KH: everything would be better if she got him help. I mean, obviously she doesn't but still.

OMG! Is this car Annika? That would make me laugh. OMG! It is Annika! Norma is all relieved that she is alive, never mind that Annika is obviously hurt. So, now Annika is really dead. She gave Norma something? I think it’s money. Was it money? She told Norma to use it. Oh, it looks like a computer flash drive thing. She also told Norma that someone was going to come for her and her son, right? Is what what she said?

KH: I can't wait to learn about this next week. She said you have to use it. Use it for you and your son. I think.

Now that Norman is obviously off the suspect list for this murder the question is… who killed Annika and why. Also who killed the OTHER girl (Norman still a suspect in that one, you think?)

KH: I feel like yes, but how?

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