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American Horror Story: Hotel - Mommy

Three episodes in and we're starting to get a picture of what is going on at Hotel Cortez and how things work. Before we dive into this week's episode, I am starting this off with a reminder that....There will be spoilers, so read at your own risk.

This week's episode has my favourite opening ever. Tristan is quickly becoming my favourite (for various reasons) and he and James March  interacting together is actually... delightful.

Tristan calls out, while walking through the hotel like it's a runway, trying to make contact with Mr. March again. The camera follows Tristan through the corridors and rooms, and the lighting is pefect for this shot. Tristan lets James know he is a fan by listing off a bunch of facts about the serial killer. James is flattered and their exchange is amazing. My favourtie part.....

Seriously, THE BEST. It appears that James wants Tristan to be a sort of protégé and he wants to teach him the ways of murder. Tristan is a very willing pupil as he now thinks murder is 'awesome'. James tells him about all his secret rooms, torture chambers, and various other unpleasant things. He tells Tristan to put these rooms to good use as they have been quiet for too long. (An aside that has nothing to do with anything - Finn Wittrock looks REALLY good here).

While James is teaching Tristan all about murder, Will is plotting redesign ideas. He and one of the Vogue editors enter the room Tristan is in. Will doesn't recognize him, and Claudia barely does. Will wants to know what happened to Tristan's scar but Tristan is not interested in sharing. Will kicks Tristan out of the hotel, and threatens to call the cops if he hangs around. James March, and Ms Evers on the other hand are only worried about the fact that Will wants to rip out some floors. He tells Tristan that Will cannot be allowed to remodel (not a single room). Tristan tells him not to worry, and there is a murderous twist to his smile as he promises James that he's 'got this'. You're a dead man, Will.

John's wife, Alex, has a storyline involving a sick boy who caught the measles because the mother didn't vaccinate him. The boy has gotten worse and requires hospitalization. Through this we learn that Alex loved Holden the most; even more than Scarlet and John. This explains her checking out of her marriage.  These scenes detailing the aftermath of Holden's disappearance heartbreakingly show the emotions that overcome a parent in this situation. Alex was so distraught that she attempted suicide (and John found her). This family has had so much pain.

Scarlet's insistence that Holden is alive has resulted in family therapy. This time however, John seems very interested in hearing Scarlet out. She tells them all about the room filled with everything a kid could want, the coffin, and how different Holden is now. She makes Alex a potential believer by mentioning that Holden smelled like lavender (something Alex said Holden smelled like).

Claudia is getting ready for bed and (as expected) creepy things start to happen. She crawls into bed, only to be grabbed by someone in the mattress. Turns out that this is where Sally put Gabriel (guess he never escaped) and Gabriel's time in the mattress has made him a little crazy. He claws his way out and grabs the first weapon he can find, and starts stabbing this poor woman while he screams. Gabriel has not had a great stay at Hotel Cortez.

Another Ten Commandments murder has happened. This one to a group of gossip column writers have had their tongues nailed to their desks. Ewww, obviously. John succinctly recognizes this as "Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness". He heads back to the hotel after asking for everything to be cross referenced, and runs right into Gabriel who is disorientedly making his way out of the hotel (or trying to).

As mentioned, Tristan is quickly becoming my favourite because Finn Wittrock seems to be having so much fun with this role (Evan Peters, too). Tristan, attempting to make good on his promise to James, breaks into Will's room to apologize for his behaviour at the fashion show. Promises that he is clean now. Will is still intrigued about how Tristan lost his scar. Will is looking at the hotel plans, and he realizes that the hotel doesn't match the plans that were filed with city hall. Tristan, taking his queue from Countess, decides that seduction will assist in his plan to kill Will. They begin to make out after Tristan talks about his time in jail (he stole things before he became a big time model). He goes to kill Will in the midst of their make out session, but Countess arrives and gives him a look that clearly tells him killing Will is not allowed.

Gabriel is rushed to the hospital, and is extremely upset. He wants them to know that he didn't mean to kill the woman, he thought he was killing the 'junkie whore' which John takes to mean Sally. Gabriel tells him that it is HER that did this to him (before flatlining) so John rushes back to the hotel to investigate. He finds Sally in the room that Gabriel was in. John begins to question her and Sally tells him that he shouldn't believe a word that a drug addict tells him (which, hilarious Sally). She and John head to her (or maybe his) room and she asks him why he cares so much about junkies, and she mentions that they only hurt themselves. She brings up the Ten Commandments which IMMEDIATELY gets John's attention. What does she know? She obviously is bringing this up for a very specific reason. Does she know who the killer is? Is she involved?

John and her discuss 'Thou Shalt Not Kill' which Sally feels is translated wrong. She thinks it should be "Thou Shalt Not Murder' as sometimes killing can be a righteous act. John accuses her of breaking into his room, she asks if it is an invitation (to which John whips out his handcuffs to arrest her.... he appears to have a thing for handcuffs). At this point things get awkwardly sexual as Sally basically gives John a hand job in the elevator. He pushes her away though and tells her that he wants to help her. She says that she wishes he could. She lures him back in and as they lean in to kiss the (terrifying) Addiction Demon makes an appearance. Luckily for John nothing happens as Sally departs after telling him that they are meant to be. I predict really bad things in John's future though if he continues down this path.

Donovan is getting ready to move out. Iris is happy and has even found some places for them to look at. Donovan is not having it though. He'd rather live on the streets that live with his mother. Iris calls him a drama queen. She thinks he's upset about being dumped by Countess and tells him that Countess never loved him. Donovan, exasperated, tells her that he hates her. He's been trying to show her just how much he despises her but she won't pay attention (and he claims she never did). He is hurtful, and harsh and it just gets worse. Iris brings up all the sacrifices she made while raising Donovan (including kicking out Donovan's father as he was an 'asshole' in Iris' words). Donovan seems to not care about any of her sacrifices though (and he mentions loving his father). He continues to list all the reasons Iris was a bad mother, bur Iris lists why her own list trumps his. She gave birth to him and saved his life. Donovan tells her that he wanted to die. He wanted to get away from her. He says that a real mother would have let him die and grieve instead of trapping him the way she did. He tells her that he is leaving. Iris breaks down and admits she doesn't know who she is if not a mother. Donovan, who twists the metaphorical knife just a little deeper, tells her that if that is true she should kill herself and walks out. Donovan, that is no way to talk to your mother. He looses points for this, and I was totally #TeamDonovan. Not cool.

Donovan approaches a woman who he thinks has had her car break down as he wants to feed. It's Angela Bassett and she tasers him and puts him in the trunk of her car.

Alex visits John at the hotel. She wants a divorce and has brought the papers for him to sign. John gets weepy and practically begs for her to reconsider. Alex says it is for Scarlet's own good, and that she has liked him being away. She may love him but it's better this way. She blames a lot of this on what happened with Holden and how that ripped their family apart when he begs her not to tear their family apart. He gets so upset that she brings him up to his room. She takes care of him. He apologizes for everything that happened (Holden, not keeping the family together, and failing to bring Holden home). They kiss and it quickly crosses over into potential sexytimes territory. Alex slams on the breaks and reminds him of the divorce papers as she leaves. On her way out of the hotel she runs into Holden who greats her with a shiver inducing "Hi, Mommy".

Will and Countess are sharing some really nice wine and discussing their 'relationship'. Will reminds her that he's gay. She tells him that she is referring to more of a business relationship. Will has been having inspiration issues, and hasn't been able to design anything. Countess says that he has to metaphorically (but she means literally, I am guessing) die so he can rise from the ashes. She tries to seduce him, and asks about previous women. He says he's never been into them. As they begin to make out a very jealous Tristan storms in, clearly not pleased at what is going on. Countess tells Will she will be in touch (and also lets him know that he definitely had a sexual reaction to her). She berets Tristan for his outburst, telling him not to be a child. Countess clues Tristan into her plan. She doesn't have money (Bernie Madoff took it all) but Will does. She wants to marry him and after that Tristan can kill him. This delights Tristan who begins to chuckle.

Iris has taken Donovan's words to heart and wants Sally to help her die. She is going to get Sally to give her a drug overdose. This entire scene is heartbreaking as Iris feels she has nothing to live for since Donovan hates her. Sally wants to be sure that Iris won't hang around after as she doesn't want to have Iris haunting her hallways. Iris reassures her that she has nothing to stick around for. Sally seems really happy to be helping her do this (which, big surprise).

Donovan wakes up in a pretty fantastic house and he's having his blood cleaned because he fed on a whole lot of drug addicts. The person who kidnapped him is named Ramona and she is one of the Countess' exes. She was a 'B' movie star in the 70's when she met the Countess. They had a passionate love affair, and Ramona was turned. They lived in bliss until Ramona did the one thing you're NEVER supposed to do - she fell in love with someone who wasn't the Countess. Even worse, she turned him so that she could spend the rest of eternity with him. Countess, who obviously could not let this stand, killed the love of Ramona's life. As vengeance she wants to take the vampire children that Countess made. She wants to use Donovan to gain access to the hotel. Donovan informs her that he and the Countess are no longer together, and Ramona lets him go (as he is useless to her).

Donovan goes back to the hotel as he has nowhere else to go. Elizabeth Taylor berets him for the way he treated Iris and also tells him to stop feeling sorry for himself. Elizabeth actually offers up some great life advice for Donovan and reminds him that Iris really does love him (and that Donovan will never find anyone who loves him as much). This prompts Donovan to go find Iris. The drugs didn't work so Sally has put a plastic bag over Iris' head and tied it so she'll suffocate. Donovan arrives just in time to save her by giving her some of his blood, which is where we end the episode.

This episode was all about parents, particularly mothers (hence the title) and the complexity of those relationships. It also left us with so many questions. Will Mr. March continue to school Tristan in the ways of murder? Oh, I hope so. Did Alex take Holden out of the hotel? Will she and John work it out (not looking so good)? What will vamp Iris look like and will she be fabulous? I think yes. Lastly, now that Donovan is out as a plan, what will Ramona do next? Hide the blonde vampire children, Countess!

Until next week .... enjoy your stay.

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  1. Ongoodness E3 exploded! I am so #TeamDonovan but you don't talk to you mother that way. Well not to her face, we all have mother issue.

    Alex might have a few nightmares but you come across her baby brother ( but she's not sure) then call hands over divorce papers and the runs into Holden. Hmmmm?

    Then Gabriel kills someone total confusion and then dies seems to come back. Not sure here?

    Donovan meet a blast from the Queen past and the more drama with his mother.

    Mom, mom, mom oh my I didn't really see dad issue but I might have been thinking to hard on Donovan nakedness. Lol!


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