Thursday, July 26, 2018

Movie Talk: Toronto International Film Festival

As mentioned in a recent post there will start to be a little more movie content on the blog. Today's post will fit into the more Oscar theme I am going to have with these posts as I am going to talk about the Toronto International Film Festival's Gala and Special Presentations selections. 

Plenty of movies that are showcased at TIFF go on to have impressive Oscar campaigns (and wins) so it is only natural that the Oscar conversation start when these announcements begin. I've always wanted to experience TIFF and this year's movies have me wishing I could attend even more.

I am going to spotlight the six movies from the current list that I personally would want to see. Why six? One of the ticket packages available for the event is a booklet of 6 tickets. 

My Top Six List Of Movies I Would Want To See At TIFF

1- A Star Is Born 

Bradley Cooper's directorial debut has been on my radar since it was announced. I also may have flailed A LOT about the first trailer. This movie's buzz has just started to increase and I have been hearing amazing things from the screenings that have recently been held. There is a reason this story gets retold and it is because, if done right, the story can really resonate. 

2- Beautiful Boy

Everyone knows how much I loved Timothee Chalamet's performance in Call Me By Your Name. I wasn't surprised when he didn't win the Oscar but I was certainly not happy about it. This movie seems to have him in more of a supporting role but also looks like it could snag him another Oscar nomination. Based on a set of memoirs by David and Nic Sheff, it chronicles Nic's drug addiction and the impact it has on him and his family.

3- The Hate U Give

I loved the book this is based on and the trailer looks really solid. I am going to be following the review of this one in particular to see if the buzz may end up building on this one. It has some Oscar potential with the story being told.

4- Widows

Another splashy movie that already has a ton of buzz behind it. The trailer is great and I am here for whatever Daniel Kaluuya is doing with his role in this. I like so much of the cast and a lot of the choices that seem to have been made. Gillian Flynn wrote the screenplay which also has me intrigued because I love her books.

5- First Man

This one is on my list because I think it'll be one that everyone is talking about when discussing potential Oscar nominations. The trailer seems to capture the gritty, dangerous aspects of space exploration and in particular the mission to get this crew to the moon. It, obviously, seems to focus on Neil Armstrong (hence the title) but I hope it explores a lot more of the space preparation elements than his personal life.

6- If Beale Street Could Talk

I have been hearing steady buzz for this movie about a woman attempting to free her wrongfully convicted husband from prison. There is no trailer for it currently but plenty of early Oscar predictors have it being in the conversation.

There are plenty more I would love to see. Special mention for MOUTHPIECE which is a Canadian film that has plenty of women involved in all aspects of its creation from writing, producing, directing and more. Giant Little Ones, another Canadian movie, also caught my attention after I viewed the trailer.

I am excited to see what other movies will be announced as part of the line up to be showcased at this year's festival. Are you attending TIFF this year? Wish you could? What movies from those announced would you most want to attend? Any movies you have your eye on in terms of potential Oscar contenders? Let me know in the comments and check out all of the movies announced over at

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