Friday, July 20, 2018

Upcoming Blog Stuff

You may have noticed towards the end of last year that I started experimenting with movie reviews and including some TV reviews as well on the blog. I have been wanting to expand the blog a bit to include all of the things I love in pop culture and that starts happening REALLY soon.

Books will always be the majority of my focus. That part of the blog is not going to change at all. I'll still be providing reviews and hyping upcoming books. My annual Most Anticipated Event is in the midst of being planned and I am ridiculously thrilled  to share the authors taking part! Things are still in the planning stage but it is coming together nicely.

As we head towards the fall season and the premieres of many potential Oscar contenders there will be more movie reviews going up. I am excited to review many of the movies in the latter half of 2018! I'll be posting a preview style post in the fall with a list of movies I think may be in the running for some Oscar nominations and hopefully add a few more to my radar with suggestions from my readers.

I am also going to be including some TV with reviews of shows that catch my attention and some posts relating to the recent Emmy nominations.

I am really excited to include these new posts on a more regular basis (particularly in the fall season). I am also open to suggestions so if there is a movie you want me to check out be sure to let me know.

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