Friday, September 7, 2018

Ten Movie Challenge

I was nominated by Kelly (from Kellyvision) for this 10-Day Movie Challenge on Facebook. Since I like to break the rules and am not a big user of Facebook I decided that I would post all of my ten movies in a blog post.

The idea is to post 'a gif or an image from a film that has impacted me without a single explanation and nominate somebody to take the challenge.' I am going to start by nominating anyone who wants to do this challenge. Since I am not doing it daily I feel this adequately covers the ten nominations.

Now on to the ten movies that made my personal list:











Honourable Mentions

What are some of the movies that impacted you for whatever reason? Let me know in the comments! Feel free to share gifs!

*yes, I technically cheated with number one but you need both sides to that exchange.

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