Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cover Models....

I recently had a conversation with someone that got me thinking.

It was about cover models. When we read a book that has a cover model are we influenced to view the character in the book as the cover model? My friend mentioned that she did not like books with cover models on them as she feels it prevents her from picturing the character as she wishes. She feels that once she has a vision in her head as being associated with the book that she can’t picture anything else. I felt the opposite - that I still have the ability to picture the character as I wished.

This lead me to wonder how much of our character perception and views are based upon the model on the cover. Are we all influenced by it even if we claim not to be? I will say that I have been influenced but I think it’s more of a situation where I agreed with the vision of the character on the cover.

I personally love basing what I think the characters look like off of the descriptions in the book. I think it’s fantastic that everyone can picture someone completely different from the same description. It’s interesting to see how different or the same those images can be.

I end this with a question - are you influenced by the cover model or do you still picture your own version of the character?


  1. Great question!
    Cover models do not prevent me from imagining the character in my own way. Although I do prefer there not be a cover model at all..I like artwork much better.

  2. i'm influenced. i sort of like to have a solid image!

  3. I have to generally agree with Jennifer and do prefer artwork on the cover of novels or no picture at all. To me, that would seem more timeless. However, I would think that scouting for cover models would be an interesting job. Or being one for that matter! Imagine seeing an old novel on the shelf with a picture of you on it from years ago? Woa!

    Once again, great question!


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