Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Female Characters that Rock…

I have noticed a trend that male characters in novels (YA novels in particular) get a lot of love. I myself have book crushes. I totally get it. Boys in books are hot.I felt that their female equivalents often get overlooked though. There are some amazing female characters out there totally worthy of having a girl crush on.

I sat down and decided to come up with a list of female characters that I felt broke the mould. Characters that made me want to stand up and cheer. Female characters that I felt had something more to offer. I just wanted to do my part to showcase some of these amazing, well written and developed characters that do not get enough attention.

I am going to include why I put them on this list. Not everyone will agree with me (of course) but I welcome hearing about the female characters you do admire and why!

Here are a few I could come up with (in no particular order) -

Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games Series) - I don’t think any list of this sort can be complete without her on it. She is not only physically tough and capable but mentally as well. She proves time and time again that she is no pawn to be used to further anyone’s agenda. Her cunning, and strength not only keep her family alive but help make her a formidable contender in the Hunger Games. I find her bond to her family just as impressive and a sign of her strength. I love that she isn’t all about boys either. The choice for her between Peeta and Gale was secondary. It was welcome and refreshing.

Hermoine Granger (Harry Potter Series) - I love J.K. Rowling for showing that girls who read can be sexy. Hermoine loves school and loves to read. She prides herself on being one of the best in her year. She wants to excel. I would have loved someone like her to be in the books I read while in Gr 8. There is so many other things I love about her though. She is loyal, level headed and quick to assist Harry whenever he needs it. I love that she doesn’t let her feelings for Ron take over and make her incapable of rational thinking or blind to the bigger picture. I like a girl who can stick up for herself and Hermoine does that fantastically.

Kate Beaumont Mercier (Die For Me) - Kate is just your average girl. She is someone I could see being friends with. She does do something that made me want to hug Amy Plum for creating her though - She doesn't immediately fall for Vincent. She doesn’t just declare her undying love for him the second they meet. In the YA Paranormal romance genre it is so common for the female character to be blindly in love with the vampire/werewolf/etc and to not even flinch when she finds out. This was a welcome and unique change. Vincent has to win Kate over. It felt more like what a sensible person would do and for this I love Kate. Kate also has a strength in her that is a quiet strength. The way she deals with her parents death and other obstacles is amazing to read.

Isabelle Lightwood (Mortal Instruments series) - Tough, sexy, and complex. Isabelle Lightwood is physically capable of protecting herself and other people who might need it. I love that she is protective of herself when it comes to the matters of heart. I like that she doesn’t “need” a boyfriend. She had this vulnerability that is under her tough exterior that you just can’t help but love. The love and respect she has for her family and friends is another thing I adore about her. Plus, any girl that can use a whip has my respect!

There are just a few of the girls that I think rock. What do you think? Which female characters make your list?


  1. I love this list!! Katniss would definitely be at the top of my list as well. I love the rest of them as well!

    Have you ever read Graceling?? It has a very strong female lead as well. You might like her!

  2. Katniss definitely! She's absolutely a rock star! I love Maddy Swift from Zombies Don't Cry... Rhine Ellery from Wither... Stephanie Plum from the Stephanie Plum series... I could go ON and ON! :)

  3. Great list! I have never read the Hunger Games series but I see it posted on a ton of blogs so I just may have to check it out.

  4. I agree with Isabelle she's sexy, independent and strong

  5. Isabelle is the BEST!!

  6. I've never heard of Kate Beaumont Mercier so I wouldn't know. (At least I know what book I should read next) Other than her, I completely agree. For me, Katniss deserves to dominate :>

  7. I'm intrigued by Kate Mercier, I'll be sure to check out die for me when it comes out. I think this is a great list, I would just add Riley Blackthorn From the demon trappers daughter, Riley is tough and independent and doesn't take crap from anyone.

  8. Rose Hathaway from The Vampire Academy Series was such a strong and sexy character... in the middle of the book series anyways. She was witty, fun, and badass. And for a while her love for a man did not stop her from making the right decisions. Darn character derailment.

  9. Kat, just for this blog post alone, YOU are a woman who rocks!!! For some reason, I see similiarities between you and Hermoine. Maybe because she's smart and witty just like you. :)

    This blog will become an Empire! Book it!


  10. Great list! I definitely agree with Hermione. I just started Die for Me. Glad you think so highly of Kate!


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