Thursday, August 4, 2011

Movie Magic

I am sure everyone has experienced this - you’re reading a book and you can picture the characters and the world so vividly that you’re dying to see it made into a movie.

I thought with all the excitement about the Hunger Games and Mortal Instruments movies I would highlight some books that have yet to hit the big screen… but I sure hope they do.

Some of these have already been optioned for a movie (and hopefully one will be made) others I have heard nothing about. I am going to try not to give any spoilers for the books that are on my list, while still giving you an example of why I want to see it on the big screen.

1. Shatter Me

This novel is amazing and filled with moments I want to see on the big screen. The ending is so epic, and made me so excited for the next book. There is a scene in the book that involves a young child that would make my physically ill to see on screen, but that shows the power of that scene. The hot romance would play out wonderfully if the cast had great chemistry.

2. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

The accident would be intense to see on the big screen. The paranormal element would provide some great movie moments, and the sexy chemistry between Noah and Mara would ignite the screen.

3. Starcrossed

The fight scenes, the “dream sequences” and the beautiful island scenery are just some of the highlights I would be looking forward to. The scene where Helen and Lucas are fighting and they dent the earth would be the most insane movie moment.

4. Vampire Academy

The action alone in this book would make an fantastic movie. Getting to see the school would also be a huge movie moment for fans. I have only read one book, but already I can see the appeal of a movie. The training scenes, the ball when the Princess visits, and heart pounding end would be my “must sees”.

5. Delirium

The landscape and seeing this whole area fenced in to keep out the infection would be interesting. The first time Lena sees Alex (the scene with the cows) sticks out in my head for some reason as a great moment. If it could be shown properly seeing how everyone acts once they have the procedure would give me chills.

6. Wither

The house that Rhine lives in after becoming a Bride and the all futuristic gadgets and illusions would be on the top of my wish list for this movie. That house is so detailed that it would be fun to see it realized in a movie.

7. Die For Me -

The setting of Paris would make it visually pleasing. The sword fight scenes, and that romantic end scene would leave everyone dying to go to Paris and find their own Vincent.

8 Divergent

The whole world Veronica Roth has created begs to be made into a movie. The scene where Tris jumps off the building not knowing what awaits her at the bottom would be my most wanted scene. I would love the complicated, intense relationship between her and Four as well. Getting to see where the Dauntless live as that area was so detailed.

9. The Iron Fey Series

Getting to see the NeverNever and the Summer and Winter Courts would be amazing. I can already visualize the Winter Court and it would be stunning on screen. The magic, romance, and epic fight scenes would make this one visually captivating movie.

I am sure there are tons of books I am not thinking of right now. What is the book you hope they make into a movie?


  1. I need to read Mara Dyer and Shatter Me!! And I totally agree that Wither, Vampire Academy, and The Iron Fey series would make awesome movies!!

  2. AMAZING!!! I've only read The Iron Fey & Divergent though! But the rest are on my TBR!!!

  3. I would LOVE to see Mara Dyer as a movie! The only ones on your list I haven't read yet are Shatter Me, Divergent, Delirium & Wither. I would love to see all of these as a movie though! Awesome post!!

  4. Christy - you haven't read Divergent or Delirium? We must fix this! Haha. They are both awesome.

  5. Wow, what a list!! I would love to see all of these books made into movies! I think I'm most excited about Divergent since it's a 'definite' that we'll be seeing it within a few years, plus it would look insane on screen!

    But Kathy, seriously, you've only read one Vampire Academy book?! I am appalled!! You haven't even met Adrian yet :o You must read the rest of this series! I am so hoping these get made into movies. The third book in particular has some scenes I'm dying to see - like a hot/intense fight scene between Rose and Dimitri, the strigoi attack and oh god the ending!


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