Monday, August 15, 2011

My Bucket List - Book Blogger Style

I saw a post from the very creative Audrey at Holes In My Brain. She had listed the things she would like to do (or experience, etc) during her book blogging life. I thought it was an amazing, fun, and unique thing to do. I want to complete my list and will be working towards it for sure!

Thanks again Audrey for the idea.

Here is my list:

1. Annotate and scribble and highlight a book I really loved and send it to the author. I’d mark my favourite quotes. Parts that made me cry and laugh and smile and ache. *this was such an awesome idea I had to borrow it*

2. Send a little thank you gift to a fellow blogger who has helped me (or otherwise made an impact).

3. Leave a note in a book at a bookstore detailing how much I loved the book for the person who purchases it to find. *again, awesome idea Audrey*

4. Browse bookstores, have dinner, drink wine and talk books with a fellow blogger.

5. Obtain some sort of bookcase that will fit all my books and protect them from my cat (she likes to eat books). One I could decorate would be a bonus.

6. Send a book on a “book tour” with some papers inside so that the people who receive it can write something before they pass it along. Eventually I will get the book back with all these notes.

7. Take a tour of a Publishing office

8. Send a thank you basket to a publisher contact for all the awesomeness they do for us bloggers.

9. Have a meet up for Ottawa book bloggers, so we can meet each other *if there are enough of us*

10. Take a book that is set in a real life location and photograph some of the places mentioned in the book (with the book in it of course).

11. Have a birthday cake themed after a book that I love

I may add things if I come up with more. I will, of course, post blogs if I complete one (with photo or video proof). If you make one as well please leave it in the comments and I will be sure to check it out.


  1. Oooh I TOTALLY am going to steal this idea from you guys! Too cute! Great list chick!!

  2. I really like the idea of putting a note in a book about how much you liked it so the purchaser can find it! Also, what author wouldn't be touched to get an annotated copy of his/her own book? Two great ideas!

  3. This is an Awesome post! Great ideas here! I may have to steal a few for myself. lol!

  4. Love this post and this is a great idea.....I may steal one or two from you!


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