Sunday, August 25, 2013

Love My Followers Giveaway

It's been a little while since I've done a follower giveaway.  I want to thank my followers for following my little blog, and decided this would be an awesome giveway to do just that. Thanks to the lovely people at Appliances Online I am giving away a $50.00 Amazon giftcard for you to get some new books, just in time for back to school. Be sure to check out for your appliance needs.

**This contest is open to those in Canada, USA, and UK ONLY**

Please fill out the Rafflecopter entry below.

*Disclaimer - I will be sharing your email address with Appliances Online  for purposes of sending your prize. Be sure that you are okay with this before entering. Must be of legal age in your country of residence, or have parental consent (especially as you'll be shopping online)*

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I a teleporter an appliance? I choose THAT!

  2. I wish we had a halogram that helps us try on clothes when we do online shopping!

  3. Nia Lawrence: Same with Pamela!I wish there could be teleporters!

  4. An appliance where we purchase something online and it comes that same day. :)

  5. An appliance that makes foods calorie free.

    shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

  6. Yeah, I'm big on the teleporter. A book generator that gives me every book I want for free would be great, too. =)

  7. Ok. I am loving everyone who is saying teleporter because that is so handy!! However, I think a Robotic maid so I never have to clean again would be even more helpful It would do laundry , dishes, poop and scoop for puppies, cut the grass, dust, make beds, clean toilets, sinks, showers, floors. lol.

    I don't mind cleaning some days, but it sure would be handy to have a robotic maid for the days I just want to spend time with my son and dogs :)

  8. Something that would clean my toilet would be amazing. I hate that job!


  9. A robotic chef for sure!!

    Tammy Dalley

  10. Hmm I would probably want something that delivered purchases from stores instantly, like books!

  11. Robotic maid would be nice. OR one of those things that freezes time. I could finally be able to read everything! :)


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