Saturday, August 24, 2013

Weekly Obsessions

The awesome Kelly at KellyVision started posting a weekly post highlighting whatever she happened to be obsessed with that week. I LOVE this idea, so much in fact that I will be doing it myself every Saturday.

Here are my obsessions this week:


The Winner's Curse cover

STUNNING! I love this cover. I love the subtle knife she's holding, and the way she's holding the R in curse. It's eye catching, and a serious contender for best cover of 2014. I am dying to get my hands on this one since I've only heard amazing things from those who have read early copies. You may see this one pop up during my 2014 Most Anticipated event at the end of the year *wink*


Ariel comes to Once Upon A Time

In news that made me fangirl and freak out... ARIEL IS COMING! Joanna Garcia Swisher will portray the mermaid we all know and love. She's a perfect casting choice (and the fan favourite choice) so I am thrilled. Now all I need is for Killian Jones to be the 'Eric' in her story. I am excited to see what twist they'll put on her tale, and wonder if they'll skew closer the original (and darker) Hans Christian Andersen tale.

So what are you obsessed with this week?

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  1. Interesting. I have never heard of this book before.

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