Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sisterhood of the Traveling Bookclub - Tiger Lily

Our online book club recently read Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson. As it was my selection I get to host the wrap up! My love for this book was well documented, and I was totally nervous about other people reading it.

We keep a Google document as we read. I am going to include that as our wrap up as it does a fantastic job of summing up everyone's reactions.

Here is a colour scheme so you know who said what. It's not surprising that I had the most to say.



Ladies, even the dedication is lovely…

TigerLily Ack.jpg

I have no words for how much I love Jodi’s writing! Sigh. I hope you all love this one as much as I do. *hides*


Oh! I love the prologue! So excited to finally start this book! I’m sure that I am going to love it just as much as everyone else has. :)

I love the prologue too! Although it's a little unsettling that everyone's like, "This book will break your heart." I wonder if the impact will be lessened by that.

The prologue kind of breaks my heart already (maybe because I know what’s coming) but it’s obvious that it’s AFTER the events we are going to read about. 80 years later. The notion that the world has put myths and fairytales ‘in their place’ and that they are just stories now kind of adds to the heartache. I love the prologue though, so much.

So this will clearly not be the Disney ‘Peter Pan’ story that I remember!

Chapter 1

One chapter in, and I’m already hooked! I’m definitely intrigued by Tiger Lily, and I need to know more about her. I’m also curious about Tik Tok, and his tendencies to dress like a woman. AND, who is the mysterious Englander that has landed in Neverland??? I’m assuming that the story is told from Tinkerbell’s point of view? I’m going back in to find out more!

I love Tiger Lily and Tik Tok (and the fact that no one seems to care that he dresses like a woman).

‘Let me tell you something straight off. This is a love story, but not like any you’ve heard. The boy and girl are far from innocent. Dear lives are lost. And good doesn’t win. In some places, there is something ultimately good about endings. In Neverland, this is not the case’

That entire paragraph is amazing. It makes you want to read it, and it’s so fitting for the entire story. It’s all laid out in one paragraph.

The fact that Tiger Lily reaches for her hatchet instead of screaming like the other girls immediately makes me love her.

As Tink says this is the beginning. The beginning of it all. Each crushing moment can be traced back to this New Englander arriving on shore. *it’s weird to know what is going to happen and not give it away*

I love that this chapter makes you immediately want to keep reading to find out where Tiger Lily is sneaking off to.

Tik Tok is interesting! Agreed - I love that he is who he is and even though he’s different, no one seems to think anything of it.

Chapter 2

Ok, the description for the Lost Boys is kind of terrifying. Definitely not what I am used to from the Disney movies. Haha! I love Tink’s description of Tiger Lily. “She was the most interesting girl I had ever seen’, that’s pretty much right for me too. She sounds like a bad ass! I can’t wait to get to know her better, and Pine Sap as well.

The Lost Boys are creepy. I kind of wish this could be told by Tiger Lily. No offense, Tink, but I love her. And yes, Pine Sap sounds pretty cool, too.

Laughing that Tink’s father ran out on them for a twinkly-eyed nymph named Belladonna. Too funny.

These lost boys are much more savage than the Disney friendly ones.

I love that Tink is basically a Tiger Lily fangirl. I also love Tink’s voice. Jodi Lynn Anderson captured it perfectly.

Really wanting to learn more about the Lost Boys.

Chapter 3

This feels like a small town with everyone gossiping and getting into everyone’s business. Poor Tiger Lily.

It’s obvious that Pine Sap is in love with her and she barely even notices. He seems very sweet, and would probably be a fantastic husband as he wouldn’t try to control her like I expect most of the men in the village would.

Giant sounds awful and it’s horrible that Tik Tok is making her get married. Aunt Fire is the worst. I know women like her from back home, and they are awful.

Poor Pine Sap. His mother sounds like a pure terror. I’m glad he has Tiger Lily to care for him.  OH NO! Marriage is not going to work well for Tiger Lily, especially to Giant.

That whole thing is awful. Especially the reasoning behind it. It makes me sad for Tik Tok too, even though I'm mad at him.

Now I want to learn more about Pine Sap! My heart totally went out to him.

Chapter 4

Pan! Finally, we meet Peter. He’s so different from what all those stories made him out to be. Almost a contradiction that everyone would fear him and the lost boys and Tink describes him as fragile. He’s already alluring and captivating and I love the cat and mouse game they played chasing each other through the woods.

Not going to lie, I am totally picturing Robbie Kay as this Peter (for those who don’t watch Once Upon A Time, he was Peter on that show). He fits the description. I need this to be a TV show.

I don't really like Peter Pan.  He's...kind of a jerk.


I totally pictured Robbie Kay as Peter as well! Bahaha!

Intrigued by this Englander and curious to see where this part of the story goes.

Is that our first glimpse of Peter Pan?

Chapter 5

I actually forgot that she was promised to Giant as a means for Tik Tok to keep her when she was a baby. I think I was so angry I blocked it out. Still SO angry. I get why he agreed, but still. Poor Tiger Lily. Love that she is unfazed though. She like ‘it’s just a husband’ like ‘who cares?’.

Sigh (in the swoony way)….Peter is sneaking around her hut (maybe). Someone is anyway.

*Side note - who loves that these chapters are so short?! LOVE!

Poor Tik Tok. What an awful promise to have had to make just in order to keep Tiger Lily. That makes me sad.  Is that Peter lurking around outside her house??

That part with "We are a love story" made me want to cry. Also, seriously? NO WAY OUT OF IT? Was Tik Tok not even trying to come up with a loophole?

I love Tik Tok but I’m sad that he had to promise Tiger Lily to Giant/Aunt Fire.

Chapter 6

Aunt Fire is the worst. The actual worst. I hate her. Excuse me lady, but Tik Tok said she could go to the Englander so SHUT YOUR FACE! Ugh.. I hate her.

The end of the chapter is foreboding. Tink says not going back for 6 days was too long. Did the Englander die? What happened?! Must read on. (Obviously I know, but *zips lips*)

SO not liking Aunt Fire right now. WTF??? Also, can I just say that the weather on the island sounds absolutely horrible? Ugh.

God, right? Islands should be warm and have great weather.

Chapter 7

Aww. Does Tiger Lily maybe like Pine Sap? Or does she just like the attention do you think? She’s embarrassed for him to see that her work is not as good as Moon Eye’s.

Tink trying to carry a raindrop to a hole in some wood is my favourite thing. It’s SO Tink.

The infamous pirates of Neverland, including the character I assume is Hook. Definitely nothing like the usual description. This is most likely more accurate though. I would assume pirates would have a stench and be quite nasty.

Pirates!! Hook has arrived. ARRRRR, matey. haha

I definitely think that she may care about what he thinks about her.

I don't think it's necessarily romantic. I think she likes two people on that island and she wants them both to think well of her.

Hook! I’ve been waiting to meet the pirates.

Chapter 8

I remember being confused about why he looked at the ground - footprints. He followed her trail to the Englander. I feel bad for Tiger Lily, she obviously feels guilty.

Tiger Lily is a bad ass. Love that she just goes after the pirates like it’s no big deal.

Eeeep! Pan has her! (This makes me all kind of happy).

So the Pirates found the Englander. Not good! And I’m surprised that Tiger Lily was able to restrain herself from killing the guy. Seriously, I sort of expected her to end it. PETER!

I'm not sure I buy that Tiger Lily left footprints.  I do love her so, so much though.

Chapter 9

Not exactly the most romantic first meeting. He ties her up, she chokes him. I do like Peter here though. He’s exactly what I would expect Peter to be. His lack of proper spelling is expected, and I laughed at his version of a prayer. Okay, okay. I might be just a bit of a Peter Pan fangirl.

So we finally really get to meet Peter. He’s pretty much what I was expecting!  And, Tiger Lily is pretty freaking awesome. Just sayin’!

The prayer was pretty funny.

I like that Peter is a bit menacing.

Chapter 10

Smee!! Tiger Lily spared Smee, and now the fool thinks himself in love with her. Isn’t it always the way? You attract the ones you don’t want. Doesn’t he sound like a fantastic guy, too? Totally one you’d want to date right? Except for the fact he’d totally kill you because he admires you. He’ll feel bad about it though. Totally cry and everything. *shivers*

I love that Jodi’s pirates are darker and more dangerous than most adaptations. THIS Smee is terrifying, and THIS Hook...not at all the bumbling buffoon he is normally portrayed as. His ‘I hunt boys’ was a little unsettling. He’s a mess though.

As a Pan fangirl I love the twist that he didn’t lose his hand in a fight with Pan and have it eaten by a crocodile. It makes you want to know what started the feud.

‘I wouldn’t mind strangling that girl myself’ CHILLS! CHILLS! CHILLS! You, Smee, are a straight up psycho, not to mention serial killer.

Smee sounds a bit…. Intense? Terrifying? NOT what I expected at all. Interesting to read Hook’s story as well, and I totally agree, he is definitely a mess.

Smee is so creepy! Not a fan. :(

Smee is really twisted, but it’s more like how I thought Captain Hook might be.

I like that Hook has a truce with the tribes. There’s some sort of strange honour despite their brutal actions.  

Chapter 11

My only reaction to this chapter is that Giant is horrid, and he needs to not look ‘lustily’ at anyone, especially not sweet, unassuming Moon Eye. *ick* His mother is also still awful. The guy has head lice. I just want to hug Tiger Lily, even though she’d punch me for doing it.

Does everyone love Pine Sap? Because he’s awesome.

I do love Pine Sap! But I do not love Giant and Aunt Fire.  

Giant sounds about as horrible as Aunt Fire. Totally not liking these people.

Poor Moon Eye.

Chapter 12

The lost boys hide out sounds PERFECT. I had to laugh when one of the lost boys called Peter out on the fact that he has a crush, basically.

Haha “I don’t see why, if a girl was going to visit, she couldn’t be a girl with some curves”. Teenage boys are the same no matter where they are, huh?

Hehe! Tink is totally getting mesmerized by Peter’s lips. I love that Tink’s infatuation with Peter is included in this adaptation.

It concerns me greatly that these boys are raising a baby. How, even? Where did they get this baby? Are they feeding it milk? What do they do for diapers? I am most likely overthinking this, but still.

The reckless, boyish charm that makes Peter so alluring is all here. I love every single bit of this chapter. *hugs book*

‘And me… I was fairly certain I was in love’. Aww, Tink. Always loving Peter from a distance. I’ve always wanted Tink to have her chance to be with Peter. Her talk of ‘lashy eyes’ and his lips definitely make him sound more appealing (if he cleaned himself up).

I was thinking about that, too.  Not just you! I also worry that they have a tendency to forget the baby.

Now this description of The Lost Boys sounds more like what I'm used to. I'm curious to know why the Pirates would want to kill them. Oh, and this is where Tinkerbell falls in love with Peter. So sweet. I’m with you on the baby raising. I can’t see that going well.

I like that the Lost Boys are known as cunning and vicious. I’m not feeling like I’m getting that impression yet, though. The hideout sounds very much like I would have imagined it, but it stood out as really strange to me that they have a baby. Was that weird to anyone else??

Chapter 13

Can’t say I am sorry about Aunt Fire. Horrid woman.

Giant, you are one step away from sexual assault there buddy. Pretty sure grabbing her dress is sexual harassment.

Haha. Tiger Lily enjoys their fear. She put a second feather on purpose. She wants them to continue to think she’s cursed/protected by the crows.

Yup, Tink’s got a crush! *hugs book* These poor boys. You start out thinking they are going to be these fearsome things, and instead you’ve got a bunch of sad, broken boys lead by an equally sad, easily distracted boy.

I feel a little bad about this, but there may have been an actual cheer at Aunt Fire's death. Too bad Giant didn't die too.  (This doesn't make me a horrible person, right?)

Wow, so Aunt Fire finally got what was coming to her. Interesting. I'm super curious to see how/if the crows are in on that somehow.

Chapter 14

I knew she’d go back! Also, *swoon*. I am a big fan of the cuteness happening between Peter and Tiger Lily. I find this really sweet. The fact that he claims he won't fall in love with her like he does the mermaids. I think he already likes her. He certainly wants her to come back. He’s obviously fascinated by her. Hello, she’s a badass.

Hmmmm... So Peter just wants to be friends with Tiger Lily?? I'm curious to see if this is going to turn into something more.

Yeah, "No, we're friends!" thing is never true.

This dance is actually really adorable.

Chapter 15

Awww. Tink’s talk of how fairy hearts can only love one person in a lifetime, and that she loved Peter. It sort of reminds me of the whole ‘fairies can only feel one emotion at a time’ thing from Peter Pan. I think I get more swoony over the Tink/Peter stuff than anything else. I totally feel that she loves him. I ship it.

Tiger Lily, he brought you a wolf pup. He likes you! Stop it!

*Swoon* the waterfall scene. He kisses her neck. I ship Peter with everyone. PLUS HE GAVE HER A WOLF CUB, okay?! That’s adorable.

Also...PHILIP IS ALIVE! Did you see that twist coming?

Awww, Peter brought her a pup, and gave her some kisses. Yes, I'd say he was smitten. Phillips is alive??? Totally didn’t see that coming.

Shocked that Phillip is alive. I’d actually forgotten about him.

I had also forgotten Phillip.  

Chapter 16

This chapter captures the essence of falling in love for the first time. The way you smile at nothing, the blush that comes easily to your cheeks. Tiger Lily is a girl who is smitten for the first time.

Pine Sap has to be the most loyal, kind hearted person in Tiger Lily’s life. He adores her. He wants to kill her fiance for her. Part of me really hopes he does.

Super curious to know what ship would be coming for Phillip.  Also, I love Pine Sap.

I also love Pine Sap. :)  He's just awesome.

I totally love Pine Sap.

Chapter 17

The opening bit here is SO Tink. She mentions being incredibly jealous of Tiger Lily for the kiss, but as so much tenderness for her that there is no room for anything else.

So this entire thing is because Peter stopped aging and Hook didn’t? Figures. The notion of getting older, and not being where you thought you would be is played with here. Hook’s character is basically wishing for his glory days. He spent his life obsessed with something he can’t obtain, but feels too invested to stop. The contrast between his aged bitterness, and Peter’s young recklessness is really apparent here.

Also, Smee still scares me way more than Hook does. THIS Smee is totally the stuff of nightmares.

Wow.. so Hook wants Peter gone in a bad way.

Ah, I love getting more insight into the Hook/Peter Pan feud. I’m really hoping to read more about Hook.

I love Hook here---I always thought of him as this creepy guy but he's really more sad than anything else.  Smee is so creepy.

Chapter 18

‘I’ve never seen anything like you’ That sums up this entire chapter for me. That and THEY ARE TOGETHER NOW! Scandalous because she’s engaged, but whatever.

I may have cheered when Tiger Lily saved Tink. For all her protests that they never notice her, I think they do. I just think she’s too busy noticing them to notice. ‘You think you know that someone sees you one way, and barely at all, then you realize that they do see you in another.’ Her writing is so beautiful. I can’t even.

At times these lost boys seemed aged beyond their years, and other times they seem to be exactly what they are - teenage boys. It makes my heart hurt that they live like this.

What the hell was that monster that got the mermaid?? Sheesh, the rules of the woods definitely are ugly.

Finally!! I was starting to wonder if Tiger Lily, or anyone else for that matter, was ever going to notice Tinkerbell! But Tiger Lily had known she was there all along. Awwww.

I don’t know about Peter. He’s so hot and cold.

I really don't like Peter.  He's like that guy you went to high school with who is a jerk because he can be.  And he acts like he's not a jerk on purpose but he totally is.  

Chapter 19

Their ‘relationship’ is sometimes so awkward. It’s because Peter has barely matured. They’re opposite, but they work. When they have those little moments I am totally swooning and invested.

Peter naming Tink is one of my favourite things. It fills me with happiness (and her reaction...adorable).

Awww,Peter kissed her!! AND he noticed Tinker Bell again as well. This makes me so happy.

Oh, Peter and Tink. :)

Love that they’re acknowledging Tinker Bell.

Chapter 20

I’ve never wanted it to keep raining more than I have during this book. Her marriage is coming and Giant is AWFUL.

Phillip is pretty judgemental for someone who just had his life saved by these people. Let Tik Tok dress in whatever he wants to. Get over yourself.

Pine Sap and Moon Eye need to get married, and it would be perfect. It seems like Pine Sap likes her.

I do not like Phillip.  That guy is a jerk.

Still super curious to find out who Phillip is and about the ship that would come looking for him.

I’m starting to have a bad feeling about Philip. Something feels a bit ominous.

Chapter 21

Pages 154-155 are EVERYTHING. How Peter gets weak around her. The berries staining her lips. Tink’s mixture of jealousy, happiness and longing. Just EVERYTHING. This book makes my heart ache, and it also awes me with it’s beauty.

There is a freedom to Tiger Lily’s time with the lost boys. Nobody expects anything of her really, and she can give in to her more ‘wild’ side. Their age is evident in a lot of this chapter. It also makes their life look fun. The novel really balances the crushing reality of what the lost boys go through (the loneliness, the hunger, the danger they are in) with the fun and freedom they have.

It seems that the lost boys are growing more and more restless though. They want the ‘real’ world. They want houses, and girls (!! haha). Peter resists this and gets angry though (just like the real Peter Pan. He did not want ANY of his lost boys growing up).

Ugh. Her wedding dress is ready. Do not like.

Tiger Lily definitely seems to fit in better with Peter and the Lost Boys than she does with her tribe. I am with them; why doesn't she just move in??? lol

I’m sorry to say that I’m not ‘dazzled’ by this Peter Pan. I appreciate aspects of Tiger Lily’s relationship with him - the rivalry feels genuine to what I know of their characters, for example - but I have a tough time seeing what it is that Tink and Tiger Lily see and like about him. I can’t explain it but something about him just rubs me the wrong way.

I also do not love Peter Pan.

Chapter 22

It makes me kind of angry that Phillip thinks he can just go in there and tell these people what is right. They got along perfectly fine before you showed up, they saved your ass, and now you’re trying to change their beliefs? NOT OKAY.

My heart broke for Moon Eye. Giant is a horrible human being. He and Smee would get along perfectly. The fact he rapes her and she never tells is crushing. She’s such a gentle soul.

This is basically the rage and heartbreak chapter (one of them anyways).

Does anyone else feel the need to kill Giant?? Something tells me that he may have a similar fate to his mommas. Poor Moon Eye!!!

I'm not sure I buy this about Phillip.  He had all that time with Tiger Lily before (relatively speaking) and never tried to convert her, but all of a sudden he's this huge religious guy and is converting Tiger Lily's people en masse?

Okay now I’m seeing what Phillip is all about. I’m surprised that the villagers are really listening to him and believing him, though.

Chapter 23

This chapter is like an ode to first loves. They fight like the freaking teenagers they are which is hilarious. They also love deeply and fiercely like teenagers. It’s all consuming. They way Tink describes how they memorize every detail of each other. It’s breathtaking. ‘because watching him love Tiger Lily was better than not watching him at all’ I may have sobbed just a little while reading this line. So insanely beautiful. I just want to hug Tink.

The end of page 168 and all of 169. The entire thing starting at “If there was a true moment….” is so beautiful. I’ve used that word A LOT but I can’t help it. The ending is so bittersweet. She’s in love with him, but is planning on how to let him go because she knows she has to.

Ohhh Peter loves Tiger Lily! To be honest, I'm not sure that I expected that from him.

I don't buy that he loves her.  I think he thinks he does, but he's basically a man child and has no idea that other people have feelings.  (I don't like Peter.)

I love Tiger Lily trying to explain to Peter about Tik Tok’s clock.

Chapter 24

Can Midnight bite Giant please? Maybe tear out his throat? I am not normally a violent person but Giant deserves it.

I wish Tiger Lily was more perceptive of people. She’s a little self centered. She would have noticed that something is off with Moon Eye.

I don’t know whether to laugh or scream because Phillip wants them to only eat fish on certain days and build a freaking chapel. Just leave their customs alone. They worked just fine for years before you showed up.

Ohhh, super curious as to why the mermaid thinks that Tiger Lily would search her out, eventually.
Neither Pine Sap and Moon Eye trust Phillip.... Hmmm. Poor Moon Eye, I wish she would tell Tiger Lily what was happening.

This mermaid is exactly why I don't like Peter.  I feel like he keeps having the same relationship---I bet he threw the mermaid over for Tiger Lily and we all know Wendy is coming.

I don’t like or trust this mermaid. But it’s telling that she warns Tiger Lily about Peter.

Chapter 25

This chapter is the first time I’ve been scared of Peter. I get it. His character is complex. He’s scared, and is child himself. He’s trying to protect the other children, and his fear has made him reckless. His life on the island has hardened him, and made him someone capable of murdering someone.

Now that Tiger Lily has broken the treaty, I predict nothing but bad things happening.

Smee is still watching. Still waiting. Creepy. She also forgot about poor Pine Sap.

Well hello there, scary Peter.

So, I'm hoping that he just killed the guy to send a message to the Pirates. He wants to keep the boys safe from them, right? I was worried for a minute that we may be seeing Psycho Peter.
WHO is watching Tiger Lily? Smee???

Chapter 26

Awww. Pine Sap is building a house for when he gets married. Very sweet. It’s too bad Tiger Lily doesn’t feel any kind of romantic like feelings for him. He is a good guy. Moon Eye would be great with him though. Even Tiger Lily thinks so.

NO! NO! NO! NO! Silly Tootles. This is bad. BAD! AHHHH!

Ahh, so this is how the pirates find out about the burrow. I thought for sure that Smee had been following Tiger Lily all this time, and that she had inadvertently lead him there. Interesting. Still, I wonder... who has been following Tiger Lily, and who left the footprints around the burrow???

Chapter 27

For someone who tells people not to judge others, you’re certainly judgey yourself. Sigh. Phillip annoys me. I appreciated Tiger Lily calling him out on it though.

Tik Tok just wants to wear his dresses. Leave him be.

I really love that Tinkerbell doesn't want to leave Tiger Lily. I really thought that she would be attached to Peter in this book, but I kind of like her being attached to Tiger Lily instead.

Tik Tok is a mysterious man. I'm hoping that nothing happens to him.

I don’t like the influence Phillip seems to have over the villagers.

Chapter 28

Everything feels like borrowed time. Each stolen moment her and Peter share feels like it could be the last one. The pirates, Giant and the rest of her people, even Peter himself could ruin everything. These moments though, I love each and every single one of them.

I, personally, think the ‘bed’ scene was pretty romantic. Not in a ‘sexy times’ way but just in a intimate, connection sort of way (which is basically the entire Peter/Tiger Lily relationship).

How sweet is it that Peter cleaned his room for her, and that he wants her to be his WIFE. Yeah, totally didn't expect that.

Hmm. Peter wants her to be his wife...I’m still having a hard time with his character. I just have this feeling that something about him is a bit off, like she shouldn’t trust him or something.

I don't think Peter is an evil person, but I think he's just selfish.  I think he wants to be in love and that he's searching for the perfect relationship and he'll never find it.

Chapter 29

My heart pounded while reading this. It seems like Peter is getting more and more desperate as the pirates are closing in. They are lucky they avoided them this time.

Ugh, Giant. Can someone just kill him please? He’s vile.

Ok, I'm really starting to not like Phillip right now. :( Not very nice of him to move in and exclude Tik Tok.

I knew that the Pirates would be coming soon! Seriously, why didn't they look into the trees? They had to know that the boys would be there somewhere. And I think that Smee knew that Tiger Lily was there, he just didn't want Hook to know.

ARGH!! Maeryn and Smee are working together now??? NOT GOOD, people!!

Is it bad of me that I am really hoping that something bad happens to Giant???

Very worried for Tik Tok. I like him a lot, and I feel like he’s going through all sorts of things right now that Tiger Lily isn’t really there for - she’s off with Peter and the boys so much and I worry that she isn’t paying enough attention to what’s going on in her own village.

Ah pirates! So lucky they weren’t sleeping in the burrow this time. I feel like it’s the first time I’ve really seen the lengths that Hook is willing to go to to be rid of Peter.

Chapter 30

Aww. I love how much Tik Tok actually loves Tiger Lily. Her wedding is only DAYS away and he wants to spend a few of those remaining days with her. Such a loving father/daughter relationship.

Obviously Peter is upset she is to be married. Pine Sap is probably a little jealous because he’s liked her so long (maybe not because of Moon Eye) but there is still something there.

This chapter! My Peter Pan fangirl is freaking out. This is how the crocodile gets the clock inside him. It’s a perfect call back to the ticking that haunts Hook.

Tick Tock, the crocodile ate the clock!

I had a feeling that Pine Sap would eventually follow Tiger Lily sooner or later. And now Peter knows that she is engaged... I was wondering when that was going to finally going to come out as well.

This makes me hate Tiger Lily.  She knew that the clock was important to Tik Tok and she stole it and lost it.  (And also, is completely ignoring him in favor of Peter Pan.)

I love that she brought the watch for Peter and that he was so fascinated.

Ah she’s been found out. I feel like this is where it all begins to unravel.

Chapter 31

‘It was like, sometimes my life at home doesn’t seem real. Sometimes I can’t see myself when I’m with you. I can only just see you’. I am sure Tink would agree, Tiger Lily.

Peter calling her worthless is not very nice. He’s upset though. I do not like this entire situation. I want Tiger Lily to run wild with Peter, sleep under the stars with him every night, and help take care of the lost boys and Baby. Instead, she’s going to marry a monster.

Awww, poor Peter. And poor Tiger Lily, and this insane situation that she's having to deal with.

Worthless? Ouch. See, I know I’m probably supposed to feel like Peter is just hurt and lashing out and trying to make things fit somehow, but it’s stuff like that that has me really unable to like him and to understand his relationship with Tiger Lily. That he can be so hurtful when things don’t go his way, without stopping to think what it must be like for her - I don’t like that.

Chapter 32

It makes me sad that her and Tik Tok didn’t go on their walk together before her marriage.

Awww. Pine Sap is still hopelessly in love with Tiger Lily. He built the house for her. His reaction over seeing her with Peter was because he thought she would pick him if not for being promised to Giant. Now I want Tiger Lily to be with Pine Sap. ALL THE SHIPS.

And Peter comes and gathers her hair in his hands and I am swooning again and she NEEDS to run away with him. Haha (I am fickle, aren’t I?). She’s agreed to go though!

Ah,  I knew Pine Sap had feelings for Tiger Lily! And so sweet that he built the house for her.
Ohh, is Tiger Lily really going to leave to go live with Peter?????

Chapter 33

I want to punch Phillip in his face. I get Pine Sap’s disappointment but I don’t think Tiger Lily can be blamed. Sure, she could have stepped in before, but she’s a child.

The delaying of the wedding is a good thing. My heart breaks for Tik Tok though. Even the admission that she is in love with Peter wasn’t enough to snap him out of it. *wishes for Tiger Lily to punch Phillip*

‘And she didn’t know, but at all this time she was taking care of Tik Tok she was letting Peter slip through her fingers’ AHHH! I can’t wait for you guys to read what’s coming next.

It's official. I hate Phillip. Totally expected something like this to happen, and I don't like it at all. POOR Tik Tok!!

I hate this chapter.  Poor Tik Tok.  

NO TIK TOK! Phillip thinks he’s doing right, but I can’t stand it. And no one stands up to him or challenges much sadness in this chapter.

Chapter 34


See ya, Philip. Hope a crocodile eats you on your way out of Neverland.

Usually you want Peter and Wendy to meet. In this case I want Wendy to get the heck off Neverland and GO HOME! Poor Tiger Lily. It’s obvious that Peter is distracted by the new shiny thing. Fickle boy.

I've been wondering if Wendy would make an appearance in this novel or not. Sadly, Peter acted exactly the way I expected him to. I feel so bad for Tiger Lily.

I was waiting for Wendy to show up (I assumed she would) but I thought maybe her brothers would have been with her? Maybe that’s only the Disney movie.

I can’t bring myself to dislike Wendy. And I’m not at all surprised that Peter would treat Tiger Lily the way he does.

Yeah, really.  None of this is Wendy's fault.  It's all Peter's fault because he's the one who's always looking for the next person.

Chapter 35

Tink makes me laugh. She wants to regurgitate something on Wendy’s head.

I am happy for Tink that Peter is paying attention to her. She’s so delighted, it’s cute.

All these Englanders coming and wanting to change things, and turn Neverland into a place for vacationers and explorers. Makes me sad.

It's nice to know that Peter still thinks of Tiger Lily when he's not obsessing over Wendy. And is it just me, or does it seem like he thinks of Wendy more as a mother type than a lover type?

Obviously nothing good will come of these Englanders showing up in the village!

Chapter 36

Wendy certainly a tempting little thing, isn’t she? She’s obviously trying to get Peter to leave Neverland with her. The sad thing is that they could be totally cute together. She is giving him exactly what he needs right now, and he’s so drained. He is tired of being in charge, and here is someone who is offering to take that burden. It’s attractive.

*cries* Poor Tik Tok. This whole thing is just crushing.

Ugh, Wendy. I do NOT like this girl at all. I've got a bad feeling about Tik Tok.

Chapter 37

Got to love the the bluntness of Tiger Lily’s “Will you tell him that my father has drowned”. She needed Peter and didn’t realize that he was no longer hers to need.

Out of all this tragedy the bright spot? The freaking wedding is delayed.

Tik Tok. :(

Oh no Tik Tok. And poor Tiger Lily.

Oh, Tik Tok.  :(

Chapter 38

NO! NO! NO! Smee can not get close to Tiger Lily. Maeryn is horrible.

This little moment between her and Pine Sap is sweet. <3 font="">

Tiger Lily is a force of nature, and I love the crow imagery at the end. Chase those Englanders out of Neverland (and have them take Wendy with them!).

YES! Tiger Lily is taking a stand! Finally! I Must know more about these crows.

So Maeryn is obviously not up to any good and Tiger Lily should not be working with her. But she did warn Tiger Lily about Peter way back, which makes me really curious about what happened between them. What is it about Peter that everyone - Tink, Maeryn, Tiger Lily, Wendy - loves so much? I just feel like I’m missing something.

Chapter 39

Ever have to watch someone basically self destruct and do things that harm them? Yeah, that’s Tink right now. I agree with her - DO NOT WANT TO WATCH THIS HAPPEN.

This Tiger Lily isn’t someone I like. She’s vindictive and jealous. She’s okay with Wendy and Peter being hurt. She’s teaming up with Smee (who wants to strangle her).

Tink’s right - Tiger Lily isn’t thinking it through. She wouldn’t survive Peter drowning, and that Smee is just going to kill her anyways. I get her heartache, but don’t act while angry or hurt.

This is also a nice shout out to the Disney movie where Tiger Lily is captured by the pirates and used a bait. She’s just going along willingly in this adaptation. The little nods to the original story make me SO happy.

Wow, this is a side of Tiger Lily that I definitely wasn't expecting. I wonder if Smee is going to do anything they agreed on, or if he just plans to only kill her and be done with it.

Okay obviously this is not a good side of Tiger Lily...but is it wrong if I say I’m so interested to see what happens next? I feel like the story has been a bit slow in places and now I’m excited to see what will happen. It feels like everything is building up to something and there aren’t many pages left in the book!

This whole thing is just really weird.  I understand the impulse, but you'll regret it.

Chapter 40

All I have to say about this chapter is look at your life choices, Tiger Lily. Honestly woman. STOP. Peter hurt you. I get it. But stop.

Oh, Tiger Lily... What are your plans?

I forgot about Baby...I’m still sort of weirded out by him.

Oh the boys are not going to be happy with her when they wake up.

Chapter 41

I hate this chapter. The hurt of Tiger Lily’s betrayal. The fear Peter has. All Tiger Lily is doing is pushing Peter and Wendy closer if they survive this. Obviously, she means for them not to survive, but still.

I’m a little confused... I thought that the mermaids liked Peter. Why would they be working against him???

Okay so that’s the plan...I see. And still this Hook is not as menacing as I thought he’d be. I feel like we’ve had a glimpse here and there, but not as much as I’ve wanted. But it’s Tiger Lily’s story, not Hook’s or Peter’s, right? I keep reminding myself that Hook is more of a peripheral character in her story.

I feel bad for Wendy. She’s caught up in something that she didn’t know about - I want to say what went on between Peter and Tiger Lily is not her fault, not something she could have known about if no one told her, and if Tiger Lily is upset with anyone, it should obviously be Peter. Not that I think he deserves what she’d planned with Smee and Maeryn, because I don’t, but I feel like Wendy is caught between Peter and Tiger Lily.

I feel like Hook is more pathetic than anyone else.

Chapter 42

Tiger Lily has had a crappy day. I am glad she saved Peter and Wendy in the end. She almost gets drowned by the mermaids, and has to deal with Smee. It’s pretty fitting that a crocodile eats him. I felt THIS version of Smee was worse than Hook, so if anyone should get eaten it’s totally him.

Smee!! So glad that she had enough fight left in herself to defeat him. I did expect Hook to be the one eaten by the croc, but Smee definitely deserved it.

I’m glad Tiger lily saved them, in the end, and I’m glad she got rid of Smee. And I liked that little interaction between her and Hook at the end of the chapter.

Goodbye, Smee.  I will not miss you.

Chapter 43

This goodbye is so heartbreaking because neither one is saying what they really want to say. I am so glad the Englanders are leaving, and that Baby is getting off the island and will be cared for. I am crushed for Tiger Lily though.

“Choose me” *sobs*

So glad to see the Englanders gone, and YAY for the villagers for throwing vegetables at Phillip. My heart hurts for Tiger Lily.

I’m sad for Tiger Lily, but I also feel like we knew this was coming at the beginning of the book (that they wouldn’t be together in the end), so while it’s sad it also felt inevitable.

Chapter 44

Chapter 44 basically makes you realize Pine Sap is the best person for Tiger Lily. He supports her without question. He gives her what Wendy gives Peter. Someone who loves them unconditionally and without hesitation. They just do. It makes your heart heal a little because she’ll be okay, after everything.

Also, Tink is the best. End of story.

So Peter actually left?? So sad. have I already mentioned that I am more than a little in love with Pine Sap??

Chapter 45

Giant is dead! Don’t feel sorry at all. I want to think Moon Eye did it, as her way of ending the violence he did to her.

‘Sometimes love means not being able to bear seeing the one you love the way they are, when they’re not what you hoped for them’ I am just going to sit here and cry, okay? Tink couldn’t stand to see Peter grown up. I can’t. ALL THE TEARS. She says it’s the last time she ever saw him. YOU DIDN’T SEE HIM TINK! You chickened out and didn’t go! UGH!

Pine Sap and Tiger Lily are to be married. I get it, but sort of feels like settling? Because she can’t have Peter. Pine Sap will treat her amazingly though.

‘I like to think her growing stopped the day they were on the plateau, watching the horses’ More tears. This chapter KILLS me. So bittersweet.

The sad thing is that this is 80 years later. Peter is probably dead. *starts crying again*

‘It is just that she was fifteen once for the first time, and Peter walked across her heart, and left his footprints there’. Not only is that a gorgeous bit of writing, but the entire book is about first loves marking you permanently.

‘I never expected that you could have a broken heart, and love with it too, so much that it doesn’t seem broken at all’ Yup, Peter’s letter makes me cry EVERY single time. Straight up ugly crying.

Alright,so I hope you all loved this as much as I do. I can’t make it through Peter’s letter without ugly tears falling down my face,so I am just going to hug my book and lay here a mess of feelings.

This needs to become a tv show/movie. NEEDS.

Moon Eye finally got her revenge on Giant. I can't say that he didn't deserve it. I almost had a heart attack when I read that Tiger Lily had married him. Eeek!

Peter did leave. And grew old. Another thing that I didn't really expect. I love that Tinkerbell stayed with Tiger Lily forever, and that Tiger Lily found happiness with Pine Sap. I know those feelings that Tiger Lily and Peter still have for each other, you never forget your first love.

I agree, this would make a really cool movie/show!

I’m actually a bit sad that Tink didn’t actually see Peter. I was hoping he’d speak to her or something.

Not surprised about Tiger Lily and Pine Sap. That made me really happy because he’s awesome and has always loved her. Yes, there are different ways of loving someone. Love doesn’t have to be dramatic and all-or-nothing, all-consuming stuff. It can be quiet and kind and patient.

Peter’s letter was interesting. I love that the lost boys were all at the wedding. And I love that he mentions Tink!

All in all, I’m torn about this book because I liked a lot about it, but not liking/understanding Peter felt like a huge obstacle to really loving this book. I love Jodi Lynn Anderson’s writing, and I’m glad I finally read this, but I feel like I really need to think about this one before I can even try to write a review!

SO HAPPY about Pine Sap.  I actually really love the ending because I feel like Tiger Lily got the person she deserved.  I would've been happier if Peter had died alone but you know, whatever. :)

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