Tuesday, April 17, 2018

True Crime Week - Podcasts For True Crime Fans

Podcasts have been the biggest addition to my media consumption this year and many of them have been true crime related. When figuring out the details of this theme week I knew I wanted to have a post about all of the true crime podcasts that I have been loving. This morphed into the idea of giving a list of the podcasts I think true crime fans should try.

There will be some obvious choices on here, but I hope people will discover some new ones as well. I am offering a list that is a mix of ones I have personally listened to and loved, and a few that I haven't gotten to just yet, but are on my list.

1. My Favorite Murder

I figure this one comes as no surprise. I am pretty much obsessed with this podcast. The two hosts, Karen and Georgia, immediately make you want to be best friends with them. The podcast offers up a relatable perspective on true crime, mental health, and self reflection. They infuse just the right amount of humour in each episode, and ensure that the victims of the horrific crimes they feature are treated with respect. They've also personally helped me embrace being imperfect by showing their own personal struggles. It's, as strange as it may sound, like a weekly therapy session.

2. Disgraceland 

This is one of the more unique true crime podcasts I've discovered. It blends a rock and roll vibe, impeccable research, and strong writing to create a podcast that fully engrosses you into the story being told. This is more storytelling than conversational and it quickly becomes addictive. It also manages to tell stories you're familiar with in a new way. It finds a unique element of the story to focus on which makes it feel fresh. The host also happens to posses one of the most amazing speaking voices I've ever heard. If you love true crime and music I highly recommend this one.

3. Hollywood And Crime

This podcast, which soon starts its third season, is all about the dark side of Hollywood. The first season focuses on the murder of Elizabeth Short, the second focuses on Charles Manson. The third, which hasn't officially been announced, seems to be focusing on the Wonderland murders. The podcast uses a storytelling format and is incredibly well produced. Every element is meticulous and the research they do shows in every episode.

4. Crime Writers On

This is a podcast for those wanting to keep up on all things hot in true crime. They discuss books, movies, TV shows, other podcasts (and much more) which offers up an never ending supply of recommendations to add to your growing list of things to read/watch/binge/etc. It is a fun way to keep up to date on all the true crime happenings in media  while also getting updates on high profile cases that are currently in the news. 

5. Serial

I am probably the only person who hasn't listened to this yet, but I am hoping to change that soon. 

6. Dirty John

This podcast came on my radar thanks to the television show that is currently in the works. Connie Britton and Eric Bana are set to star in the series, and I figure I should listen before it airs.

7. Someone Knows Something

This is, again, one I feel so many people have listened to already and I just very late in discovering it. I am hoping to get to this one soon. It's format is digging deep into a murder/disappearance over the course of an entire season of the podcast. 

I am, of course, always looking for more recommendations for new podcasts to add to my growing list. If there are any you feel I must check out please let me know in the comments. What podcasts are your favourite (both true crime and non)?

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