Tuesday, June 5, 2018

ALA Excitement!

After seeing all of the BEA posts from last week I am even more excited to be attending ALA. I am looking forward to seeing New Orleans, being surrounded by bookish people, and finding out what the publishers are excited about for the back half of 2018.

I have been looking forward to this particular ALA for YEARS now because I have always wanted to go to New Orleans. It's exciting that in just a few short weeks I'll be there.

I thought I would be fun to share some things that I am especially excited about for both the trip in general and ALA in particular!

Top Things I Want To Do In New Orleans

1- Eat Beignets

Anytime I mention that I am going to New Orleans I immediately am told to make sure I try some beignets while I am there. These delicious sounding pastries are  high on my list!

2- Take A Ghost Tour

This is my one MUST DO while in the city. I am currently browsing my options as there are many. If anyone has any recommendations please send them my way.

3- Find A Local Book Store

One of my favourite parts of going to Book Expo is stopping by The Strand book store in New York. I am hoping to find a used book shop or something similar to browse while in New Orleans.

Top Books I Hope Are At ALA

Of course there are some amazing sounding books that I hope are available at ALA! I am looking forward to not just getting a chance to read some of my most anticipated reads early, but interacting with the publishers and taking part in some of the panels. There is one true crime panel that sounds amazing and I really enjoyed the publisher presentations that I attended when I attended ALA previously.

Without further ado, here are the books I most hope to pick up while at ALA:

1 What If It's Us by Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera

I love Becky's books. I love Adam's books. It goes without saying that a book written by both of them would be high on my 'must read' list. 

2 The Dinner List by Rebecca Serle

I've loved Rebecca's previous novels and I am especially intrigued by the synopsis of her first adult book. I cannot wait to meet her version of Audrey Hepburn and to completely love Sabrina.

3 A Curse So Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer

This one has been on my radar since I read the deal annoucement. I love a good retelling and this twist on Beauty and the Beast sounds particularly fun.

4 The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein by Kiersten White
This unique Frankenstein retelling is pretty much everything I want in a novel. I am really excited to read this one and see what twists Kiersten White has added to the classic story.

5 The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory

I really enjoyed The Wedding Date and hope that Jasmine's next novel is just as cute and enjoyable. It sounds like a fun rom-com style read that will be perfect for the plane ride home (if it happens to be on offer and I am fortunate enough to snag a copy).

While I am clearly excited about a lot of things in New Orleans, I am always looking for more recommendations. Are you from New Orleans, or ever been there? Have any suggestions on what I must do, see, and eat while in town for ALA? Please leave any suggestions in the comments.


  1. Oh my gosh, it's in New Orleans this year?!? I'm so jealous, that's my favorite place ever. Definitely go to Cafe du Monde. There are a lot of cafes that have beignets, but that's the best. Also, I totally recommend a St. Louis no. 1 cemetery tour. It's the only way you can get into the cemetery these days, but it's really interesting to see all of the history (and Marie Laveau's tomb).

    1. Chey,

      That cemetery tour sounds amazing so I am going to check that out. I've put Cafe Du Monde on my list as I have heard it is the best place for beignets. Thanks for the amazing suggestions!


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