Friday, August 10, 2018

A Glass Of Wine At The Movies: The Start Of My Sinemia Experiment

Programs that give you movie discounts are all the rage right now. Programs like Moviepass, AMC's Stubs A-list and Sinemia are showing that there is a hunger for movie going to be more accessible and that people will see more movies if they were not so cost prohibitive.

I have just recently decided to include more movie and television focused content on the blog and decided to join one of these programs. My choices in Canada were very limited so when Sinemia offered a great sounding plan I jumped at the chance to join.

The summer promotion offers 3 movies a month for $14.99 a month (one of which can be viewed in IMAX/DBOX/etc).

I decided that sharing my experience with this service via the blog throughout the year will would not only help me decide if it was worth it when it comes time to renew but also perhaps inspire others to check out if the program might be right for them.

I have purchased my first ticket using the Sinemia app. I'll be seeing BlacKkKlansman today. I found the app easy to use and the entire process painless. You simply pick your movie, your theatre (as long as it is one that is covered under the program) and showtime. You then go to the Sinemia app and provide them with that information and they in turn provide you with payment details so you can process the purchase on the theatre website. I love that I can still earn Cineplex points while using Sinemia and that I have the choice of where I want to go see movies.

My other two movie choices this 30 day period will be Crazy Rich Asians and Destination Wedding. So far I have paid 14.99 for an 11.99 movie BUT I expect my savings to be more than worth it once I add it up at the end of the month.

Do you go to the movies often enjoy to join a service like this? Are you already a member? Let me know in the comments and tell me about your experience using it. 

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  1. Sounds like a great deal! I haven't done a movie-pass thing, but I'm a "rewards" member at the theater I like to go to. No matter how active I am, I get online ticket fees waived, medium drinks for the price of small, and free popcorn on Tuesdays (plus other discounts). So, it's more just little incentives, but sometimes it's worth it!


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