Thursday, August 29, 2019

A Glass Of Wine At The Movies - My TIFF Choices

Fall film festival has begun. The Venice Film Festival is happening this week and TIFF is just around the corner. I had talked about some of the titles being showcased at TIFF that caught my eye when the first part of the schedule was revealed. The entire schedule has now been revealed so I figured I would share my top five movies that I would want to see at TIFF this year.

You can see the full list of movies that are being showcased and the schedule by visiting the TIFF website.

My choices for the five movies I would most like to see at TIFF:

1. Marriage Story

Marriage Story stars Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson and tells the story of a marriage falling apart. There is quite a bit of buzz about this one and the dual his/her trailers are amazing.

2. Lucy In The Sky

This movie is, rumouredly, loosely based on a true story. Astronaut Lisa Nowak is who Natalie Portman's character is apparently based on. Lisa was charged with assaulting another woman who was the girlfriend of a man Lisa had an affair with.  Natalie's performance, based solely on the trailer, looks incredible.

3. Judy

This seems like a very straightforward biopic but Renee is giving what appears to be a noteworthy performance. I also am excited to see Finn Wittrock in something different than what he usually gets to do with Ryan Murphy. I am really hoping for this to be good.

4. Joker

Rumour is that Joaquin Phoenix is going to blow everyone away with his performance in this movie. It certainly doesn't look like the usual comic book fare. It seems to have more in common with King of Comedy or Falling Down than any Batman movie I've seen. It certainly looks like Joaquin is giving a mesmerizing performance. I am mainly curious as to what comic book fans are going to think of this highly unusual, and perhaps Oscar worthy, comic book movie.

5. Knives Out

This murder mystery looks like it is going to be a ton of fun. It may end up being the more popcorn fare that is counter programming to all of the Oscar releases that normally pepper November. It will probably end up being perfect Thanksgiving watching for people visiting their parents. Chris Evans looks to be having a blast! I love every scene of his in this trailer. 

What movies that are being shown at TIFF would you most want to be able to see if you could attend the festival? Let me know in the comments. 

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