Thursday, April 30, 2020

More Social Distancing Recommendations - Movie Club Edition

As this time of social distancing/quarantine/self isolation continues we could probably all use some recommendations on what to watch to fill some of our time. I know I certainly welcome any recommendations right now, especially since I have two weeks of vacation from work coming up at the end of May and am unfortunately unable to go anywhere for it.

I thought I would share some great places to get recommendations for movies to watch from various movie clubs that I have found. Some have weekly picks, while one has a daily movie for you to watch during this time where we'll all spending more time indoors.

First up is the American Film Institute's Movie Club

They are recommending a movie a day for you to follow along with. All of the movies seems to be from various AFI lists and offer a wide range of selection which is sure to have something for everyone. They currently have around thirty movies listed if you want to catch up.

Next up is the It's The Pictures That Got Small podcast/movie club.

Karina Longworth and Nate DiMeo are joined by a guest each week who picks the movie they'll watch and discuss for that week's podcast. They've watched movies like Cast Away, The Grapes of Wrath and From Here to Eternity. The Eyes of Laura Mars is this week's pick with the podcast episodes releasing late Wednesday/early Thursday (so the discussion of The Eyes of Laura Mars will be on the May 7th episode). I have really enjoyed following along with this movie club and have watched movies I did not expect to as a result.

Last, is the Little Gold Men podcast's movie club.

This is Vanity Fair's Oscar podcast which has shifted into discussions about movies that are voted on by listeners. You can vote on the Little Gold Men's twitter page and watch the selected movie before listening to the podcast discussion after. They have good mix of movies included and I definitely recommend this podcast for even non quarantine times as they offer some of the best Oscar coverage out there.

Anyone else have a movie club they would recommend check out? Movies that you feel should be on everyone's watch list? Let me know in the comments.

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