Monday, March 21, 2022

'tis the damn readathon update!

You may have seen my previous posts talking about talking part in a month long readathon inspired by Taylor Swift and her music. This readathon, called 'tis the damn readathon, has just passed the midway point and I thought an update was in order.

Here is the list of my choices and the prompts. I have crossed out that ones that I have completed at this point in the readathon.

The prompt I chose for Taylor Swift is Read a Memoir (because the album is self titled) and the book I chose for this prompt is Open Book by Jessica Simpson.

The prompt I chose for Fearless is Fifteen: Read A YA Book and the book I chose for this prompt is Fresh by Margot Wood

The prompt I chose for Speak Now is If This Was a Movie: Read a book with a film adaptation and the book I selected for this is Marry Me by Bobby Crosby

The prompt I selected for Red is Read a Book With Red On the Cover and the book selection is Anatomy: A Love Story by Dana Schwartz.

The prompt I chose for 1989 is Shake It Off: Make a cocktail/mocktail and I am going to make a Malibu Pineapple cocktail and will share photos on my Instagram.

Next, for Reputation I chose the prompt  Look What You Made Me Do: Read a book that's been recommended. The book selection for this is Monstress by by Marjorie M. Liu.

The prompt I picked for Lover is You Need To Calm Down: Do some self- care. I am going to spend on weekend day reading with some of my favourite snacks, a nice bath bomb, face mask and other things I love.

The prompt I selected for folklore is Exile: Read a book written by two authors and the book selection is Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren.

Lastly, for evermore I selected the prompt of No Body No Crime: Read a mystery or thriller and the book choice is The Night Shift by Alex Finlay.

My Malibu Pineapple drink was delicious (Pineapple Bubly, Malibu Rum, and coconut water). I loved that I was able to find a book shaped bath bomb for this as well. I am only three away from completing this readathon. I am going to focus the next week to reading and pretty much ignore everything else. 

Have you taken part in a readathon before? What did you like about it? What are some of your favourite ones to take part in? Let me know in the comments.

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