Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Best Movies and TV of 2022

We're gearing up for 2023 by wrapping up 2022! Yesterday I shared my top five reads of 2022 and today I am sharing my favourite movies and television.

These are in no particular order (as that would be impossible). 

This is going to be a mix of newer releases and old as the only criteria I had for making this list was that it was a new watch for me this year.

Here are my favourite movies of 2022:

1. The Godfather

2. Elvis

3. The Fabelmans

4. The Inspection

5. Bones and All

6. Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

7. Tar

8. Women Talking

9. Bros

10. The Lost City

My television list is going to be much shorter compared to my movie list. It's only going to consist of five shows. There is A LOT of TV that I have not watched so many if your faves may be missing. Please let me recommendations in the comments for ones I have to catch up on.

Here are my television shows of 2022:

1. Stranger Things (season 4)

2. The Bear

3. Heartstopper

4. Only Murders In The Building

5. Ted Lasso

What movies and television make your Best of 2020 list? Let me know which ones I need to check out in the comments below.

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