Saturday, November 19, 2016

Holiday Gift Giving - Non Book Ideas - Day Two

Today's post will not focus on a particular shop, or site, but rather will be a little bit of everything. These are just some things I have found that piqued my interest and may spark a gift idea of your own.


First up, two other candle shops that caught my eye because of a particular candle or two.

From their name it is pretty obvious that this candle shop is ran by a Harry Potter fan and as a result many of the candles are themed from that series. However, they offer a variety of other fandoms.

This festive candle caught my eye for it's appearance and the lovely scent description.

copyright Lili Cunningham, picture from TheLeakyCandle Etsy shop

This next candle would be a perfect gift for any Captain America or Bucky Barnes fan in your life. The scent will be gone soon so you might want to act fast!

copyright Lili Cunningham, picture from TheLeakyCandle Etsy shop

- Book And Nook

This shop offers a wide variety of book fandom inspired candles.

Two of the candles that piqued my interest from this shop is this Red Queen inspired one

copyright Bella from Book and Nook Etsy Shop

The scent description sounds amazing and I am very curious about how they all blend together. 

Next is a candle inspired by one of my fave bookish guys. I am and will forever be #TeamDorian.

copyright Bella from Book and Nook Etsy Shop

If candles are not your thing, don't worry, there are plenty of other options out there.


You may have heard of Funko, and more specifically Funko Pops. These highly collectible and addictive pieces of pop culture are at a all time high in popularity and it is easy to see why. They literally have something that will appeal to almost anyone.

They have everything from Golden Girls, Star Wars, Disney, Marvel, DC, and everything in between.

These amazing Beauty and the Beasts one will not be out until after Christmas, but a pre-order and a hand made card could be cute.

There are PLENTY of Harry Potter ones on the market, but these newest ones will be readily available for the Harry Potter fan in your life.

I have the iZombie ones and they are PERFECT! They even have classics like Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's (and she'll be hitting stores soon).

I know plenty of Gilmore Girls fans will be excited to get their hands on these and I believe they will be in stores in time for Christmas.

They can be found in your local Comic Book Shop, EB Games (or GameStop in the USA), and Hot Topic just to name a few. 


There are plenty of bookish subscription boxes out there, especially if you're purchasing for someone who loves YA novels.
The one I am most familiar with, and know people who have purchased is Owlcrate.

There are plenty of options, but I have seen how amazing these boxes are from a friend who has a subscription, and think they would be an amazing gift for the YA fan on your list. They usually have a highly anticipated book and a slew of goodies that fit the them of the month. Check out their website for details and more information. 

Tomorrow is the last day of my holiday shopping guide so be sure to stop by to see the last items on my list!

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