Tuesday, October 29, 2013

2014 Most Anticipated Novels Event Annoucement

As we near the end of the year my thoughts automatically start drifting to the amazing books the next year is going to bring. With that in mind I have decided to showcase the titles I am most eager to get my hands on. This was hard (VERY hard). Having to narrow it down was killing me. I've capped it off at 15 titles because I couldn't stop at 10 (though honestly, I could go higher). Each Thursday and Friday will shocase another title. The event will start November 1st and run until December 20th.

I've also asked two publishers to provide their list of titles to watch for in 2014 as well, and those will go up during the event.

I am also hosting a giveaway. One winner will get a pre-order of one of the titles I am excited about! The contest will go up with the first post and will end sometime in the new year (Christmas craziness will prevent me from dealing with it until after the holidays).

I am not going to give away the titles in advance, as I think the surprise is more fun. Any guesses as to which titles I will be showcasing? Leave them in the comments!

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