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Once Upon A Time Reaction Post - Lost Girl

This week's Once Upon A Time didn't start off with answering the question of whether or not Henry still has his heart. Instead, we begin with some shadow intrigue. Rumple cuts his own shadow from his body and has it hide his dagger. Is this how all shadows are made? Does Peter need his reattached and that is what this is all about?

Our group of saviors are trekking though the jungle like terrain, still arguing I might add. Immediately Hook warns people of the island's dangers. Poisonous thorns seem like just the beginning of their worries.

A rather fun moment between Emma and Hook. Hook has become curious after Emma mentions that in the stories she knows Peter Pan is not a bad guy. Hook wants to know what he's like in those stories. Emma's reply to him asking if he is considered handsome is "if wax mustaches and perms are your thing". Again, she seems almost irritated (yes, I have my Emma/Baelfire shipper glasses on) by his flirting.

Emma and Snow are beginning to work thorough some things. It's obvious Snow wants Emma to look at her and Charming as parents. Emma, a fully grown woman, feels like she doesn't have a bond with them yet, nor does she need one.

In flashbacks we see the Evil Queen finding out that Snow was woken by Charming's kiss (and true love). Snow wants to take back her kingdom. Regina (unexpectedly) offers a deal - Snow gets to leave with Charming and in return Regina gets to keep the throne. Obviously, nobody is going to take Regina at her word and Charming is less than convinced. After taunting Snow with the line "you may be a princess but you'll never be a queen" Regina gives them a deadline to accept her offer. This entire side storyline is kind of taking away from the Neverland stuff. Snow getting her groove back is an important part, and I do want to know how they got the kingdom back but I want more Neverland stuff. A moment of utter cuteness? The dwarves basically telling Charming his 'chiseled chin' isn't fooling them. They are looking out for Snow, and don't fully trust Charming yet. Adorable.

While camping Emma hears the cries of the Lost Ones (are they different than the Lost Boys?!) and follows the sound right to Peter Pan. She demands to know where Henry is. Peter's response is to flirt with Emma (seriously, you're like 12! STOP!) and tell her that she has fire, and he likes that. They banter back and forth with Emma wanting to know what Peter is planning with Henry. Finally Peter showcases his childlike side. He wants to play games. He gives her a map. One that is blank, of course. In order to find Henry she just has to stop denying who she is. The immediate answer would be the savior, but somehow I don't think it's that simple. My favourite line from this exchange? "I may not be the most well behaved boy on the island". No kidding, Peter.

No surprise that Regina wants to use magic to find Henry. Always looking for short cuts. Hook cautions against going against Peter's instructions. Emma sets out to try to crack the code word that will bring the map to life. After a bit, Emma is prompted to try the 's word' but uttering savior doesn't work. Regina, once again, shows her impatient side but not listening to anyone. She uses magic to make the blank map lead them to Pan, thinking Henry will be with him. Typical Regina. She does exactly what she wants, and is totally going to get someone killed.

The Rumple storyline seems out of place too. I normally love Robert Carlyle's scenes, but I am dying for him to rejoin the group. I think it's because his storyline is moving SO SLOWLY. He puts down the creepy doll and someone steals it. Turns out it's Belle....or a vision of her that Rumple conjured. Even Belle isn't sure why he's conjured her. They have a rather cute, old married couple style disagreement about it. Rumple has a character development moment by admitting that he is a coward, just like his father. Part of him wants to take the easy way out and leave Henry with Pan. Belle, always advocating for the good inside Rumple, tells him not to make the mistakes his father made and leave Henry behind like his father left him. After trying and failing to destroying the creepy doll, Rumple pockets it. He's a wild card in this hunt for Henry and I expect he is going to become more and more unhinged.

Our heroes reach what appears to be Henry but is really Pan in Henry's clothing. So is Henry dead? His heart taken out? Is Henry running around Neverland with no clothes? It's too bad we haven't seen him at all this episode. Driving me a little crazy because I want to know if he's okay (I expect yes). Peter tells Emma that she broke the rules, and that it's unfair and 'bad form'. A nice nod to the original Captain Hook who often refers to "good form" and "bad form". The homage is even more evident when Peter says he expected more from the captain. Interesting. I want to know their backstory SO BAD! I see a lot of potential here. It's obvious they've had dealings before. Hook thinks Pan's a 'bloody demon' so it must have been pretty EPIC!

It's the little boy side of Peter Pan that is almost the most chilling. You're reminded that he is a child and it's at odds with his more ruthless side. His declaration of 'cheaters never win' prompts a brawl. I am a huge fan of the movie Hook. Most people remember Rufio as one of the main takeaways from that movie. I thrilled at a little mention from Hook when he sneers at Felix "remember what I did to Rufio' during their fight. In the movie Hook, Rufio meets his end at the hands of the captain.

Emma finally realizes what she has to accept. The thing that allows her to finally see the map is accepting that she's an orphan. This scene between Snow and Emma is heartbreaking. Emma's anger, loneliness, and hurt is still there. She still feels abandoned. The island strips everything else away from her, and she just feels like the little lost girl who lived in foster homes. Snow is determined to make it right but the feelings this family will have to work through are only just starting to come to the surface. Emma admitting this is a step in the right direction though, and those hurt feelings being worked through may be the best thing to come out their Neverland trek.

As part of the flashback story, Charming desperate to have Snow believe in herself goes to Rumple searching for a quick magic fix. Rumple tells him, in what might be the theme of the episode, that belief can't be created with magic,  it has to come from within. Charming turns into an adorable, sweet liar by showing Snow that she is capable. He tricks her into removing Excalibur (yup the sword in the stone). It's revealed to be a fake, but not until Snow is confident in her ability to take on Regina. It's a little white lie that I think can be forgiven. It's not the only time Charming will keep secrets, except the second one may prove to have deadly consequences.

Peter admits that he wants to make Henry as unforgiving as Emma is. He says that it's great that she hasn't forgiven her parents because Henry hasn't forgiven her. They'll be able to understand each other. He promises her that by the time she finds him, Henry won't want to leave the island. Peter quipping to Emma that by the time he's done 'you won't just feel like an orphan, you'll be one' leaves a lasting impression because we cut straight away to Charming sneaking off to check on an injury he received from an arrow dipped in poison. Pan already making good on his promises again? Fingers crossed he doesn't die because I pretty much need everyone to make it off this island.

Once again Robbie Kay is KILLING it as a deliciously devious Peter Pan. His little chuckle before proclaiming that he 'might not be the most well behaved boy on the island' is subtle, but totally perfect. He's everything I should HATE but you can't help but love that he's unapologetic in his actions. Plus, we really don't know his motivations yet. What he wants is the big mystery, and the answer is one that, I predict, isn't black and white.

Questions to be answered next week - Can Robbie Kay impress me anymore than he already has? Is Henry still in possession of a heart? Is he running around the island naked? A slower flashback that I didn't particularly love, and little movement on the Rumple storyline were the downsides, but it was more than made up for by the main Neverland storyline. (Preview teaser - TINKERBELL!!!).

Until next Wednesday... Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust.


  1. If the writers’ wanted to show a flashback of Snow and Charming right after Snow woke up I would have liked to see them touch more on the nightmare’s victims of the sleeping curse get after they wake up because Snow would have been suffering through them during that time. That would have been a better reason to travel to Rumpelstiltskin’s Castle to bug him for help then looking for a way to get your fiancĂ©e to believe in herself –insert eye roll here-. Anyway I don’t even think there is much of an interesting story there; they should have skipped the flashback all together and should have shown us what’s going on with Neal, Aurora, Philip, Mulan and Robin Hood back in the Enchanted Forest. What are those people getting up to? Is Neal seeking a way to reach Emma? Are there more people in the Enchanted Forest besides Robin Hood? How did Aurora and Mulan wake up Philip?

    1. I want to know what is going on with Neal too! I want him to get back to Emma and Henry. I have a feeling we won't learn how Aurora woke up Phillip for awhile. :(

  2. I really with Rumple would rejoin the group. It's driving me crazy that he's out on his own with his thoughts. Maybe it's because I've been having a bad time lately, but Snow is starting to get on my nerves with her positive attitude. I totally understand why she's doing it, but it's still annoying. Poor Emma, she is doing a wonderful job of acting out her emotions! I feel so bad for all that she has gone through. I'm super curious to see how far Peter is going to go in the next few episodes. He is way more evil than I anticipated. I hope we get to see HENRY in the next episode! I miss that kid. I can't wait for next week. :) Great recap, as always!


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