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Once Upon A Time - Good Form

It was no surprise to me that an episode titled Good Form would be Hook centric. What we're given is the backstory to how Killian Jones became a pirate, and sadly, it's my least favourite episode of this season. It gave me whiplash with how quickly everything seemed to happen.

Neverland - present

We start the episode with Neal being dragged and thrown into a cage by the Lost Boys. Henry, who has no clue about his family being on the island, starts getting picked on by a Lost Boy. He stands up for himself and they 'sword fight' with sticks. Peter Pan tells Henry that he can make real swords appear because he has the heart of the truest believer. Henry closes his eyes and makes himself a sword. He continues to fight and cuts the other boy on the cheek. Henry apologizes and Peter tells him that the best  thing about being a Lost Boy is not having to apologize.

Meanwhile The Jolly Roger gang (minus Rumple) is still checking out Neal's Neverland cave. Emma notices that Neal kept count of his days on the island but stopped well before he actually left. Emma says she knows what he was doing. He lost hope, just like she did in all those foster homes she lived in (I LOVE how much Neal and Emma GET each other, she just knows this about him without having to be told). They talk about Henry losing hope and decide they need to get a message to him so he can hold on to the fact that they are coming. Snow has an awesome idea of capturing a Lost Boy to help. Hook uses this time to attempt to flirt with Emma, and she shuts that down real quick. I was spoiled about the big kiss that happens in this episode, and I don't know it ends up happening after this. Emma seems to not be interested. Charming plays Daddy Charming and tells Hook that his daughter will never like him because he's nothing but a pirate.

Jewel of the Realm - Flashback

Killian is a naval officer of some kind, and doesn't seem to enjoy fun at all, or rum. He tells the crew that rum will lead to drunkenness and that would be 'bad form' and he actually tosses out the rum. Future Killian would be unimpressed. Killian's brother is the captain of the ship. He gives Killian a sextant (which is something that allows you to decipher coded maps apparently). They head off on their journey.

Neverland - present day

Hook and Charming set out to collect some rope to make a trap for the Lost Boys. Again, Charming tells him to back off Emma and Hook's reply is basically that it's a good that Charming is going to die in that case (so he won't have to disrespect Charming by ignoring that request but still, total jerk thing to say). Charming seems REALLY upset with Hook, more so than usual. Is this the dreamshade making him more noble than usual and cranky? Or is Daddy Charming just really not into Hook doubling his flirtation efforts with Emma? My vote is dreamshade mixed with the daddy thing. Charming passes out and Hook brings him to with some rum, and looks to see how fast the poison is spreading. It's down to hours, not days and I am starting to be worried for Charming. :(

They find a medallion that belonged to Hook's brother and Hook mentions the sextant. He explains how it can help them get off the island and Charming is more than willing to be an idiot and head off after it. He is so freaking self sacrificing, and is being silly about it. Charming and Hook make up excuses to leave the three ladies behind (mostly using Henry and the message they need to send). Charming is making me teary by saying his goodbyes to Emma, Henry (Tell him Grandpa loves him *sniff*) and Snow. You fool, Charming. JUST TELL THEM ALREADY!

Neverland - Flashback

So the Jewel of the Realm can fly?! My Peter Pan fanatic self just had a major freakout. THE SHIP CAN FLY!!!! It apparently flies because of a feather from Pegasus and not pixie dust, but still. Does this mean we might get Hercules eventually? That would be awesome, imagine Hades?! They, of course, are flying to Neverland as William tells his brother to set a course for the second star to the right.

They arrive on Neverland shores. William tells Killian that they are looking for a plant. Peter, of course, makes an appearance. Peter tells them that the plant they are seeking is dreamshade and that it's the deadliest plant on the island. Killian and William are under the impression it is a plant that cures anything. Killian wonders if Peter is correct but William scoffs at the notion that they would be lied to by the King. They leave with Peter reminding them that he warned them about the plant.

Killian seems very upset about about the possibility that this plant is deadly. He thought the king had honour. William, obviously annoyed, takes the plant and scratches himself with a thorn deep enough to draw blood. Immediately the dreamshade beings to work and William is dying. Peter (because he knows everything and is everywhere) comes and tells Killian that the spring on the island possess magic (sort of like a fountain of youth) and it can cure anything. Peter warns them not to leave the island as all magic comes with a price, and Killian cures William with the water. This is where I get upset. THERE HAS BEEN A CURE THIS WHOLE TIME? WHY IS HOOK NOT TELLING CHARMING THIS?!  UGH! I am guessing it'll come up later in the episode, but Charming has been sick for awhile now, why has he not told them about this before?!

Okay  so maybe it's because once you leave the island you die. William and Killian leave Neverland and it doesn't take long for the dreamshade to claim William. Killian is obviously devastated.

Present Day - Neverland

Charming makes Hook promise not to tell Snow and Emma he left the camp already dead. He wants Hook to tell them he died like a hero trying to get their way home. Hook asks why he should help Charming. Charming reminds him it's Hook's fault that they are there. If Hook hadn't stolen the beans Greg and Tamara would never have gotten Henry to Neverland and none of this (including Charming being poisoned) would have happened. Hook says he'll do it, but brings up that Charming at least got to say goodbye. Charming realizes Hook lost his brother, and tells his story about James (Charming's twin). FUN banter between Hook and Charming here that I giggled over
Hook: There were two of you? I can barely stomach one 
Charming: You would have liked him. He was a thief and a liar.
Hook: Yeah, you would have liked my brother. He could be a stubborn ass.
I love the humourous moments. They need more of them. Hook goes to pull Charming up the steep incline, and Peter is waiting at the top. Wants to talk to Hook first. Offers him a deal - if Hook returns and works for him he will allow Hook and one other person (Emma, obviously) to leave Neverland. Hook says Emma will never leave Henry, and wants to know what he would have to do for Peter. Peter mentions that Emma has left Henry before (Again, HOW does he know so much? GAH!) Peters says he wants Hook to kill Charming before the dreamshade does as proof that Hook as taken the deal. Hook inquires what will happen if he does not take the deal. Peter reminds him what happened last time Hook didn't listen to him and tells Hook to have a drink of rum. While this is happening, Charming pulls himself up the rocks, and isn't buying Hook's excuses of who he was talking to. Charming heard him talking to Peter, and knows everything. Hook reveals that he isn't going to kill Charming, but brought him there to save his life, via the magic waters of Neverland (finally telling him). Charming has to decide if he wants to drink the water in order to live but be trapped in Neverland forever. Charming takes it, and it buys them time to find a way to allow him to leave the island. I am glad Charming isn't dying, and am not concerned that he will end up stuck in Neverland, someone will find a way (I predict Henry will do something and Charming will be able to leave).

Present Day - Neverland

The girls manage to catch one of the Lost Boys in their trap. It's the same one Henry cut on the cheek. They try to reason with him, and bribe him with some chocolate, telling him that they can get all the Lost Boys home. He laughs and says he doesn't want to go home. Emma appeals to him by saying that Peter hurts them saying 'look at what he did to your cheek'. He tells them it wasn't Pan, but Henry who did it and that Henry is one of the most vicious recruits they have had in ages. Regina wants to rip the Lost Boys heart out so that he'll do exactly what they want. Snow says no, but Emma says they have to do it. A beautiful scene where Snow is crying and Emma is comforting her saying that she's sorry as Regina rips out the kid's heart. Snow is very upset and tells Emma that she can't cross the line and not be herself when she does get to Henry. Snow doesn't want Emma to embrace the darkness. Regina gives the Lost Boy half of a mirror so that they can see Henry and sends him on his way back to Pan's camp with a message for Henry.

The Lost Boy finds Henry and tells him that his family is on the island. Henry doesn't believe him at all. The Lost Boy hands Henry the mirror and it isn't until Emma tells him that it's 'Operation Coba Rescue' that he believes it. Pan is coming so Henry tosses the mirror (and it looks like it breaks). At least Henry has some hope now! Poor kid. He is having a rough year in general.

Emma says Henry has something to survive for now, and Snow apologizes for doubting the plan. Hook and a healed Charming come back. Charming makes out with Snow (much to Emma and Regina's dismay, which was hilarious). Charming tells a lie about HOW Hook saved his life, and they all toast Hook with the rum in Hook's stash. This leads to the big, much hyped kiss. Hook basically insinuates that he wants Emma to kiss him as thanks for saving Charming (which, gross. Sorry, but I think that's a little crass, but very pirate like). Emma tells Hook that he couldn't handle a kiss from her, and he says that it's perhaps the other way around. Emma rises to the bait and lays one on Hook. The kiss is a lustful one, obviously. They do have some sexual tension going on, but Emma tells him it was a 'one time thing' (I can only hope this is the case, but sadly I think Emma is kidding herself).

Jewel of the Realm - Flashback

Killian's rousing speech turned the crew awfully quick. He manages to get the entire crew on his side in less than five minutes. The speech is certainly passionate but it all happened so quickly....
Never again shall anyone set sail to that cursed land. And never again shall we take such orders, serving the king, fighting his wars. That is the way of dishonor and all you who disagree, flee now or walk the bloody plank! For those who stay, we’ll be free men, and I will be your captain! We’ll sail under the crimson flag and we’ll give our enemies no quarter! We’ll take what we please and we’ll live by our own rules, for that is the best form of all!
It's a total nod to the original Captain Hook who was basically obsessed with good form, and bad form. The shift from officer to pirate is immediate and obvious but it just seemed like it was done at warp speed (like everything in this episode). Oh and WHY ARE YOU BURNING THE FEATHER THAT LETS YOUR SHIP FLY, KILLIAN?! WHY?! He also changes the name of the ship to the Jolly Rodger.

Neverland - Present

Of course, it wouldn't be Once Upon A Time if Peter Pan didn't come to cause some trouble. Not mere minutes after Emma and Hook kissed Peter came along to ruin Hook's party (which I applaud. Love Peter for this entire exchange).
Peter Pan: You really should’ve taken my deal.
Captain Hook: It doesn’t look like I need your help with Emma after all, mate.
PP: Do you think that kiss actually meant something?
Hook: I do. I think it means she’s really starting to see me for the man I am.
PP: What, a one-handed pirate with a drinking problem? I’m no grown up, but I’m pretty sure that’s less than appealing.
Hook: A man of honor.
PP: So, tell me. What would a man of honor like yourself do with a big, fat secret?
Hook: Well, that depends what the secret is.
PP: Baelfire, Neal, whatever name he goes by these days, the guy Emma loves, Henry’s father.
Hook: What of him? He’s dead.
PP: No, I’m afraid not. He’s alive. That’s not even the best part. He’s in Neverland!
Hook: He’s here?
PP: Oh, yes. Can you believe it? I’m sure that Emma would love to know that Henry’s father is still alive, but I’d hate that to get in the way of a budding romance. So, I leave it up to you, to tell her or not. Let’s see what kind of man you really are.
I laughed so hard at Peter's "one handed pirate with a drinking problem" comment. He's freaking hilarious. More interestingly though is the fact that Peter knows Killian...really well. I don't for a second think he expects Hook to come clean to Emma about Neal being alive. I think Hook will wrestle with this. One side of him wants to help Milah's son, and honour that memory. He bonded with Neal and looked at him like a son. The other wants to 'hook up' with Emma. The pirate side of him would keep it a secret, the gentleman side? Well that one would make sure Emma knows Neal is alive. So my only question is will Hook display good form? Jury is still out, but I am hopeful for an Emma/Neal reunion either way. Peter Pan won't keep quiet when it knows what kind of bombshell this is! (Also, Robbie Kay is still KILLING it. Can we keep him forever please?)

Speaking of bombshells.... Neal is strung up in a cage next to......SOMEONE ELSE IN ANOTHER CAGE! Who is it? My guesses based on the promo are either Prince Eric (Yup, Ariel's prince), one of the Darlings (a grown up Wendy to mess with my Emma/Neal dreams), or perhaps someone unexpected like Rumple's father (Neal's grandfather). We don't know much about Rumple's father except that he apparently abandoned Rumple. I have a theory regarding Rumple and Peter that would make a lot of sense for it to be Rumple's father.

The last 5-10 minutes were what made the episode for me. I felt like more was needed for me to believe Killian turned to piracy that quickly (and won over the whole crew) and the flirting was kicked up a notch (or 12) as well. It just felt really disjointed and too fast.

Until next week (when we go under the sea!!!).... Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust.

*bonus... if you wanted a drinking game for this episode take a shot every time Hook says the word 'form'. You'd be drunk before the episode was half over*


  1. That boy that Henry fought in the beginning looks so familiar to me, but I can't picture where I know him from. I love that Charming is in Daddy-mode, wanting to protect his little girl from Hook. Aww!

    I'm dying to know how Charming is going to get off the island now. I'm sure they will think of something, but I want to know what!

    Did you catch the part when Charming and Snow were making out, and Regina said she wished she had a sleeping potion? LOL!

    I totally didn't buy the Hook/Emma kiss. I will be very surprised if the relationship goes very far at all.

    I was wondering if maybe it was Rumple in the cage at the end. At this point, it could be anybody!

    1. I am really starting to think it's Wendy Darling in the other cage. Something tells me that she's still a kid though.


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