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Once Upon A Time - New York City Serenade

Finally the hiatus is OVER!! The show and, therefore, my recaps are back! I have a brand new banner (thanks Christy) for the second half of season three.

We start the episode with Aurora and Phillip having a picnic. He rides up and they mention he was out taking care of some 'royal duties'. Purple smoke interrupts them being all cute about Aurora being pregnant and with that our Storybrooke residents our back in the Enchanted Forest. Aurora immediately asks Snow what happened and she sadly informs her that they are back. So, basically we pick up right where we left off.

We jump to New York City .... one year later.....

Emma is arriving to a restaurant. Emma is looking lovely, and meeting a very handsome man. Seems Emma has been dating him for this past year. He helped Henry with his homework, and they seem really cute, and happy. Too bad this isn't going to last (because, you know, Hook comes to make her remember).

Speaking of Hook, when the nice man Emma is having dinner with excuses himself, Hook shows up. Emma calls him a stalker (which, obviously). This must take place after the attempted kiss at her apartment door. At least he apologizes for trying to kiss her. He explains that he is trying to make her remember. Tells her that he has proof - it's Neal's apartment address. Hook implores her to go there, and find out who she really is. He tells her they met a year ago. She shoots back that she was in Boston a year ago, until a fire made her move out of her apartment and to New York City. He mutters that Regina really did a number on her. They have some banter which includes Emma saying 'give me a reason not to punch you in the face'. I pretty much love Emma. Hook finally beseeches her to go to the address, meet him after in Central Park. He tells her to do it for her family because they need her help.


Snow congratulates Aurora on her pregnancy. Phillip tells them they are welcome to stay in their kingdom. Charming says all they would like is some supplies and horses so they can go to their own castle. They bring up that everything was destroyed, except Snow's (and at one point Regina's) castle. Regina protected it (obviously, I would expect nothing less from Regina). Snow wants Regina to come with them. She wants to present a united front for the people. Regina seems less than enthused.

Once Charming and them begin to get ready to leave, Phillip and Aurora have a moment together. Aurora tells Phillip that they can't pretend that everyone didn't come back. They have to tell 'her' that it happened. Phillip says they can't, that something bad would happen to them (meaning the Storybrooke gang) if they did tell. Aurora says they have no choice, because whomever they have to tell will harm their baby if they don't. My money is on the Wicked Witch that we've seen in the previews.


Walsh (the cute man with Emma) comes back, and has dessert brought with him. It has an engagement ring on it, and he proposes to her. Emma is shocked, and appears a little uneasy (she's still Emma after all) and she runs out of the restaurant.

Walsh and her talk about how they've only been together 8 months. He is cute, and sweet with her. Tells her to take time if she needs it. They don't need to get married right away. He tells her that he's liked her since she walked into his furniture shop. Emma says she needs time to think before she answers.

Emma goes home, and plays some video games with Henry. He wants to know what she said to Walsh. Henry knows that she didn't answer, and quips 'Poor guy'. Love this Emma/Henry bonding scene. Emma wants to know if Henry thinks Walsh should join their family. Henry says he is okay. He tells Emma that not every guy is like his dad, not every guy will leave her. Emma told him all about Neal, and how she went to jail. Both Emma and Henry are not big fans of Neal (which makes me sad, because we know differently). Henry is still the optimist though. We also learn that Walsh is the first guy Emma's brought to meet Henry. Interesting.


Charming sees that Hook is packing a lot of supplies on his horse. He asks where he is going. Hook tells him that he is going to find his ship. Regina said things, not just people, were returning, and wants his ship. Hook calls himself a pirate. Says he tried the hero thing and it didn't take. See, this is my biggest thing with Emma and Hook. He wants a life on the sea. He is a pirate. It's in his blood. He wants adventure, and all that comes with it. Emma? She wants pajamas, video games, take out and a quiet night with Henry. They want such vastly different things. Snow calls Hook out on his behaviour. She says that since Emma's gone his reaction is just to revert back to his old ways. He basically says he never stopped being a pirate, and leaves.

Neal comes over and asks if what Hook said is true, are things coming back as well. Charming asks what he is looking for. Neal wants to stop by his father's castle in hopes that Rumple is there. He even says that if Rumple is there, he wants Rumple to get him back to Emma (swoon!). Snow gently tells Neal that he has to accept that they live in the Enchanted Forest, and Emma lives back in 'our world'. The only way to get them back would be another curse. Charming tells Neal to let Emma and Henry be happy and that they gave them their best chance. Neal looks so sad. He wants his son and his love back. He is determined.


Another Emma/Henry scene where we see that even cursed, Henry is still so 'Henry'. He is optimistic, and has faith in things. It's rather sweet. Emma's curiosity gets the better of her, and she goes to the address Hook gave her (Neal's apartment).

She knows it's Neal's place right away (love this!). She ends up finding the camera Henry had with him when they went to New York before and is understandably confused.

She goes to Central Park and immediately wants to know why Hook didn't tell her it was Neal's apartment. He tells her the fact that she's angry answers that. He says he's not there because of Neal. He says that it's her parents. The entire kingdom has been sent back to Storybrooke. She wants to know why Neal has the camera with Henry's name on it. Hook says it's proof that he is not lying, and tells her to drink a potion he has if she wants to remember everything. She quips "Drink the thing the crazy guy just offered me, no thank you". Emma isn't buying Hook's impassioned speech and ends up getting him arrested for assaulting her (he claims it 'twas a kiss' but sorry, Hook, an unwanted one is assault).


Belle tells Neal that she has faith that he will see Emma and Henry again. Neal jokes that he hopes he doesn't have a curse an entire village to make it happen. Part of me things they are trying to make us think Neal helped with the curse, but I actually think it was someone else. Belle also mentions that she heard Neal talking about Rumple. She thinks they can save him. I love Belle and Neal bonding. Step-Momma Belle FTW.

Grumpy tells Snow and Charming that Regina has gone missing. Snow goes to find Regina who is burying something. Snow demands to know what she is burying. It's Regina's heart. She misses Henry so much. Snow gives her a rather nice speech that convinces Regina to put her heart back in her chest. Snow basically tells her Henry would want her to find happiness and she can't do that without her heart. I like them bonding too. Regina has had a lot of growth. She's even calling the castle 'OUR castle'. Major growth.

As Snow and Regina go to leave, they are attacked by something! Totally a flying monkey. Robin Hood comes to save the day (and this is awesome!!) but not before Regina is scratched. Regina is, of course, snarky with him. Snow is, as usual, kind and sweet. Robin and her joke about their "wanted posters" being hung up near each other. Robin is not a fan of the Evil Queen (at least not yet).


Emma bribes Henry with candy. She tells Henry that perhaps they should start looking forward, and Henry seems very happy that Emma is going to accept Walsh's proposal. Emma sends Henry into the apartment and takes out the photos she developed on Henry's camera. This prompts her to go free Hook from jail.

She wants to know why there are pictures she doesn't remember. Her and Henry in Storybrooke, them on an airplane. She is overwhelmed and confused. He tells her to take the potion, it'll make it all make sense. Emma is very upset. She is happy with her life. If what Hook is saying is true, she will have to give it up. She says she has Henry, a good job, a guy she loves. I feel bad for Emma. All she wanted was this. She wanted normalcy and it's going to be ripped from her. Hook tells her to listen to Henry and follow her gut. She downs the potion and gets flashes of the past year of her life. It's clear she immediately recognizes him now. Poor Emma....her dream was basically ripped from her.


All the happy feelings! Belle and Neal are reunited with Robin Hood. Robin mentions that Belle once treated him very kindly (obviously, because Belle is the best). He asks Neal about Emma and Henry. Neal seems so sad. He tells him Henry is safe with his mother.

Snow and Regina are talking about Robin. Regina claims they shouldn't trust him. He is a thief after all. Snow tells Regina to think of it from Robin's point of view. Snow teases that he is pretty cute though. Regina sneers that 'he smells like forest' (my favourite line from this episode). And with that I SHIP IT! I want Robin and Regina together as soon as possible.

As they get close to the castle, they see that a spell was cast to keep them out. Regina is angry and wants to storm the castle. Snow wants to take the more cautious approach and actually try to figure things out first. Robin offers for them to come where he and his men are staying. Regina reluctantly agrees (Oh, I hope she gets to meet Roland soon!).


Emma and Hook are having a drink in her apartment. He tells her that he left everyone when they got back to the Enchanted Forest. Mentions that Snow and Regina were getting along, he was bored and had his pirate life to get back to (again, they totally want different things). He tells her that there was nothing left for him in the Enchanted Forest (meaning without her). He says all was well until he got a message about the curse. A message telling him to get Emma, as she was the only hope. So my guess? Aurora or Phillip sent it to him (or Hook's lying). Emma wants to know who cursed them. She muses that yesterday she was just a mother. Refers to her life as a dream, a really good dream. My heart breaks for Emma so much. She just wants a normal life. She is worried about how to tell Henry (not enough potion for him).

Walsh shows up for the dinner Henry invited him to. Emma says she has to say something. She cares about Walsh, and doesn't want to drag him into her craziness. So, basically, she's going to break up with him. She takes him up to the rooftop garden, and tells him that she can't marry him. She tells him that she is going home to take care of a few things. He questions her, and she tells him that someone from her past showed up. He immediately thinks it's Henry's father. She says it's more of a ghost. She tells him that she wishes she could stay, but she can't. He replies that he wishes she hadn't drank the potion. WHAT?! He's not who he says he is. He tells her it's too bad, that he actually kind of liked her, and turns into a freaking flying monkey. Emma was dating a monkey. What even?! I just can't. Bad ass Emma is out in full force though as she takes care of the monkey easily. Hook comes out the door, and asks what is going on. Emma says nothing, just a reminder that she was never safe (*sniff* Emma needs to have a happy ending at the end of all this).

The next day Emma is making breakfast. She asks Henry if he believes in magic. Henry says yes. He wants to go to school, but Emma tells him he is not going to school. She tells him they have to go to Maine because she has a case (she's still a bail bondswoman). Hook arrives and Henry is full of sass.  Wants to know who Hook is. Emma says he is a client. Hook calls Henry a spitfire, to which Henry demands to know why Hook is dressed like that (Hook's reply? 'Why are you dressed like THAT?' because he's not any more mature than Henry). Emma rolls her eyes, tells them to get the bags while she grabs something - her red leather jacket!!!

Later, we see the yellow bug drive into Storybrooke. Hook reattaches his hook, and seems quite delighted to do so. Emma wants to know how he'll explain it to Henry. Hook basically doesn't care, says it's Emma's problem (it is, but seriously?!). Emma wants to know if anyone else has their memories. Hook says he doesn't know. Emma tells him to stay with Henry, and goes to talk to her parents. There is a brief moment after Charming opens the door where I am not sure if he remembers, but it's shock. He remembers! He tells Emma that all he remembers is saying goodbye to her. The last year of their lives is gone. Emma wants to know how they know it's been a year. Snow comes waddling into the room and it becomes obvious why they know it's been a year - because she's pregnant! They ponder who might of done this as we're shown a flying monkey going to see the Wicked Witch. It has the blood from Regina. She mentions that with Regina's blood she can get her revenge. She tells the monkey that of course she'll win. Says that the Queen may be evil, but she's wicked, and wicked always wins. She also looks fantastic. Oh, and the monkey? Totally Walsh.

What does the Wicked Witch want? Obviously she's got some kind of feud with Regina. Did someone help her with the curse (other than Walsh)? How exactly did Hook get to New York, and more importantly who told him about this curse? So many questions!

Glad to be back. Let me know what you thought of the episode in the comments.

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  1. Yay, so glad for the season to be back! I'm dying to know why no one can remember anything that happened in the last year. I want to see The Wicked Witch too! I was a bit disappointed that we didn't really get to see much of her in this episode. I Love Regina and Robin together. I think that is going to be an awesome relationship.

    I'm super curious to see what's going to happen on the show in the next few weeks. It's guarenteed to be interesting!

    Great recap, as always!!


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