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TV Talk With Kelly - Bates Motel

As you may know Kelly, from Kellyvision, and I are doing TV recaps. We recapped American Horror Story: Coven on her blog, and now we're recapping Bates Motel (season 2) on mine. Please note, this is more our reactions/thoughts than a true recap, and obviously there will be SPOILERS!

Kelly is everything in blue, and I am the other colour (is it brown? Whatever it is).


BATES MOTEL - Season 2, episode 2 - Shadow of a Doubt

Norman is being reasonable. He wants to know what is going on before he helps Bradley. She wants money (to run obviously) and Norman is trying to be rational about this.

OMG, is she in the fruit cellar?! Psycho parallel! (No one dies there, but Mother hangs out from time to time.)

So Bradley thinks she killed the person who killed her father. My money is on her being wrong.

I love Norman's non-reaction.

Awkward. Norma is asking her gynecologist about blackouts. I love the doctor’s quip of ‘This is not my area of expertise’. No kidding.

Poor Norma. I love the defeated "No, that's okay."

So Dylan and his ‘work associates’ think that someone took out the guy that Bradley killed. It’s kind of funny that they assume this is some plot from a rival group, and really it’s a teenage girl having a mental breakdown.

Yeah, "teenage girl" tends to not make the list of suspects.

This town has super shady cops. They look the other way for so much. ‘I tolerate certain things’. They even admit it. That’s right - Are you putting this much effort into finding Ms. Watson’s killer? Because honestly.

Agreed. Wouldn't you try harder to solve a murdered teacher than someone in the drug trade? That guy is so creepy.

HAHAHA! Norman’s face when Norma asks him if he wants to do a musical. She’s trying to distract him and ‘get him out of the basement’. Norman looks REALLY uncomfortable by the idea.

"We sing all the time!" "We really don't, mother."

Calling Bradley unstable is an understatement, Norman. He’s obviously hiding her, or has already helped her escape. I love that Dylan basically knows too.

It IS weird that the mom called him...unless she's worried he may have done something. She knew he and Bradley aren't close.

Future Norman Bates comes through when Freddie Highmore smiles creepily like that (or maybe I just see it as creepy). He took delight in that conversation. Do you think he thinks Dylan believed him? I don’t think so. I am pretty sure Dylan thinks he’s lying.

He definitely has a creepy smile. And yes, Dylan definitely knows he's lying.

Awww. Norman is having a meet cute (except because of who he is - creepy). I am sad that he hasn't really had any interaction with Emma yet this season. I liked them together. I think he’s going to be into this new girl eventually though.

I love Emma so much! Why can't he love Emma? She's pretty AND not awful. Nice meet cute but I prefer Emma. And God, way to be a creeper, Norman.

I kind of want Norma to find Bradley. Nothing good can come from this, and it’s better that it gets dealt with now. She’s still going on about the play. Give it up, Norma.

Bradley, hide better.

Moments like this, where Norman and Norma seem so ‘normal’ actually break my heart. We know what is coming, and in these moments I like them. They seem happy. It just makes you wonder how we get to Psycho (which is, obviously, the point of the show). They do a good job of making you care about him, even though we know he’s going to become a serial killer.

I love them together too. They're so cute! (Fun fact: Mr. Sandman is all over Halloween II.) I buy them as mother and son and I hate that I know how horribly the story ends.

So this random guy slept with Blair Watson before she died. Ugh, I hate this guy already “Was mine the only sample you found?” DOUCHE. It seems we may have a few suspects before we get the real murderer. *still saying Norman didn't do it*

I agree. I hope we find out before the season ends.

Good Lord, is everyone in this town a killer?

I've said it before, Norman is WAY too nice to Bradley. She actually shocked me by saying thank you for what he’s been doing. She’s been awful to him.

YES. Go away, Bradley. I'm also shocked she thanked him. Ugh, Bradley, you're so manipulative. I hate you.

All these new people appearing in this episode. Poor Dylan. He’s got himself into a situation that is going to get himself killed. I like you, Dylan. You are not allowed to die. Maybe stop hanging with killers, and drug people.

Dylan's one of mine, too. Don't die, Dylan.

OMG! OMG! OMG! Norma found the pearls!! She knows. I wonder how she is going to handle this. I think hide it, try to conceal, and continue on.

I know! I agree. She's totally like, "Nope! Didn't see this!"

If Bradley leaves town, does this mean we don’t have to deal with her anymore?! Oh please, let this happen. Norman is antsy because he is suppose to meet Bradley.

I sincerely hope so.

Oh, Norman-as-musical-actor. This makes me happy.

This conversation. This right here between Norman and Norma, is why I love this show. Freddie Highmore is brilliant in this scene. She’s hiding things, he is hiding things, and neither wants to admit it. Now that it’s out in the open, I see how incapable she is of dealing with this. She should be making hard decisions, but can’t. This is why Dylan needs to step in. How much could have been different if Norman had gotten therapy at this age? It’s interesting.

Best scene ever. Vera Farmiga is amazing.

I love that he turned to Dylan to help with the Bradley situation.

Yes. Love his reaction, too. Oh, poor Dylan. They killed that guy for no reason.

Wow, love this song Norma's singing. That's her in a nutshell.

So the cop is just going to charge this guy without real, solid evidence. Not surprised. Not in this town. Does this cop know something and is wanting to get this case closed as soon as possible?

I think he probably figures even if he didn't do that, he's still guilty.

Dylan is taking care of Bradley. He is, possibly, my favourite character on this show.

I want Norman to date Emma. I like Emma.

Same. She's my favorite.

Goodbye, Bradley. I have a feeling you’ll be back soon (unfortunately).

Agreed. :(

Oooh, chills. That shot of Norma in the window. Classic Psycho.

Yes! I love the nods to Psycho.

What the heck? More new people. He’s Norma’s BROTHER!! WHAT?! He attacked her right? Am I not remembering that right? That’ll be one messed up reunion. If he did assault her, I bet ANYTHING Norman kills him. I can’t wait for next week now.

Yeah. He's dead already. He just doesn't know it.

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