Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Once Upon A Time - The Tower

So excited to meet Rapunzel tonight, and hopefully see Neal again.

We're obviously starting in the lost year, or at least the Enchanted Forest. Charming looks very Charming. Oh, the nursery isn't destroyed. Dream, perhaps? Even Charming realizes this shouldn't be there. Ooooh..... Emma looks amazing as a Princess. I love the blue dress. She tells Charming that she's nervous for the ball, and that he should teach her to dance. Awww. *I am having major Daddy Charming feelings*. They are having a really cute moment that is going to be a dream, obviously. They are talking about how Emma's a natural at dancing. He tells her this is all he ever wanted for her. She muses that it's a shame she never got to have it. She tells Charming that he failed her, and it turns into David's worst nightmare. A portal comes out of the wooden wardrobe they sent Baby Emma through, and she says "Goodbye Daddy" as he tries to pull her out of the vortex. *sniff* Poor, David. I do like that this is giving us insight into David though. These are fears he's totally going to have. As Emma is sucked in she tells him not to fail the next one (No pressure or anything).

David wakes in the Enchanted Forest (so the 'lost year') to a very happy Snow. She tells him that she's pregnant and Charming is, obviously, shocked. His fears come out for just a second. He tells her that he is thrilled though, even as he looks terrified. Poor guy.

Storybooke - One Year Later

Regina, Emma, Snow David, and Hook are talking about how to find the witch. Hook jokes that they should just ask if anyone has seen someone with green skin. Charming points out that she'll look like anyone. Emma wants to look for physical evidence at Regina's office (which, excellent plan. Why has this not been done yet?!). Regina doesn't want Henry walking around by himself.  She mentions that the witch has flying monkeys, and it's not safe. Hook has to be his usual self and make a comment about one of the monkeys being Henry's father (sigh, I hate this triangle. I hate this triangle). Regina volunteers to watch over Henry. Emma reminds her to stick to the story while with Henry. She leaves, and Hook tells everyone that there is a witch in their town, and they should go find her.

Elsewhere, Zelena goes to visit Rumple, who is still acting crazy. She muses that he isn't enjoying his cage, or appreciating his jailer. She tells him that he obviously wants to hurt her. She tells him to go ahead and try it. She walks into his cage, and whips out the dagger. Telling him that while she has it, he's basically her slave.

She gets him to sit down. Rumple tells her to kill him basically, chanting 'All the voices in my head will be quiet when I'm dead'. I want Belle to find Rumple, and kiss him better already. She tells Rumple she doesn't want to kill him, but that they must keep up appearances. All Rumple wants to do is spin (according to him, it'll keep the madness away). Zelena pulls him closer, and starts to shave him. It's uncomfortably intimate. Belle should be doing this, not you Zelena. She starts talking about her father. So that means it's not Rumple right? Because otherwise this is even more icky than it already is. She mentions that her father's hands used to shake from drink, or worse. Was her father the wizard? Did Cora have an affair with the wizard? She mentions that her father wanted to put forth a good 'face'. She says that her and Rumple could never do that. They always showed outside exactly what was rotten on the inside. She says they are in a new land, and they can look their best. She nicks him with the dagger and takes his blood on her finger. She's totally going to use it for something right?! She gets up to leave and Rumple calls her on her lies. Says if she wanted to keep up appearances she'd change his clothes (DO NOT GIVE HER IDEAS, RUMPLE). She tells him that she wants something he's searched a long time for, but goes against his nature, and that she can't afford to wait for. So what the heck does she want?!

She next goes to Rumple's shop and meets Belle. She calls Belle Mrs Gold (one day!) and Belle corrects her. Zelena asks if Mr Gold is around. Belle tells her that he died (*sniff, Poor Belle*). Zelena is there to get a gift for Snow. Belle says she has just the thing, and when her back is turned Zelena freezes her. She takes something out of Rumple's safe.

Later, everyone is searching Regina's office. Charming finds some holly berry on the ground. He remembers that the bushes are near the toll bridge (Snowing feels!) and as they are making plans he gets a text from Snow. He has to go meet the midwife. Hook cracks that she's being a little demanding. Emma is not happy. Her look is basically saying "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY ABOUT MY MOTHER?!" and Hook's like "I mean the midwife" Nice save, Hook. Emma tells him to go to Snow, and that her and Hook will take care of it. Charming seems reluctant, but goes.

Enchanted Forest - One Year Ago

Charming is taking a drink for courage as he loads up his horse for a journey. Robin enters the stable, and they have a fantastic chat. Love this scene and this friendship. More of this please, writers. Robin is living at the Queen's castle, and she gave him golden arrows! Charming says that she must like Robin to have given him those gifts. Robin doesn't seem to think so, thinks she wants him out of her castle, however it's safe for Roland so he's staying put. Right, and I bet you'll be kissing Regina VERY soon, Robin. Robin tells Charming that he looks exhausted. They're sharing Charming's booze (Rum, I bet). Can they be best friends?! Charming tells Robin about his fears. He doesn't know how to shake it, but he needs to be strong for Snow. Robin tells him about this root that is suppose to help you overcome your fears. It's called Nightroot (because it looks like stars). Robin tells him that the area this root is located in is rumoured to be haunted. Charming scoffs, and takes off to get the root.

Storybooke - One Year Later

Snow and Zelena are bonding. Snow is telling the story of her and Charming. David walks in and it is obvious he wants to be anywhere else. Zelena goes to make tea. Charming express his concerns to Snow, and Snow is...well, Snow. She is the eternal optimist. She wants to trust Zelena, and see the good in her. It's Snow's flaw. She's too trusting. Zelena is dropping some of what she grabbed from Rumple's shop into David's tea.

Enchanted Forest - One Year Ago

Charming finds some nightroot, and just as he's about to head back he hears someone calling for help. It's a girl in a tower (aka, Rapunzel). Of course Charming can't resist a damsel in distress and climbs the tower.  It sounds like Rapunzel's been in the tower a long time. She says she's lost count of the years. She asks David if he's a Prince, and he says yes. She introduces herself. Turns out she's a princess, and she left her kingdom for nightroot too. She had some fears about being a ruler. Her brother was to take the crown, but he died, and she began to fear not being good enough. Turns out Rapunzel took the Nightroot, but a witch appeared after she took it. The witch chased Rapunzel into the tower, and now the witch won't let her leave. Charming says he'll free her, but the witch appears as they attempt to leave. It's very creepy. It reminds me of the movie The Ring.

Storybooke - One Year Later

Snow makes a comment about how quickly her pregnancy has progressed (zero to due date in a blink of an eye..haha). David is obviously preoccupied. Zelena mentions Snow mentioned some worries to her, with them loosing Emma and all. She says it'll be good for Snow and the baby to get them all out in the open. David says he doesn't have anything to say, and that they'll get through this together. He drinks the tea after Zelena has them toast to that, and mentions how brave Charming is. Zelena tells Charming he should go and finish whatever he was doing. She can help Snow. David goes off to the forest to look for the holly berries (and Emma I am guessing). She obviously put nightroot into David's tea. EEEP!

Henry and Regina are walking around with ice cream. Henry seems happy. He says he likes Storybrooke. Regina says that the best part of a small town is that everyone knows everyone, like a big family (haha, Regina). Henry confides in Regina that he thinks something more than the case brought Emma to Storybrooke. He doesn't buy that she took him out of school for a job, that's not his mom. He tells Regina that Emma's boyfriend Walsh proposed to Emma and that he thinks that's why they left. He isn't sure what happened, but it's obvious she didn't say yes. Regina asks if Henry liked Walsh. He said he liked that he made his mom happy, and he wants more than just the two of them at holidays. Henry wants a family. Awww. Regina tells him that she's confident he'll eventually have more family than he knows what to do with (haha, isn't that the truth, Regina). Henry longs for a family. I can't wait for him to remember he has his dad (where ever Neal is), Regina, his grandparents, and extended family/friends.

Emma and Hook are searching through the woods for the berries. Emma wants to know what Hook was doing the last year. She says he must have been living one adventure after another until he came to rescue her. Hook says "something like that" and Emma pounces. She wants to know what he isn't telling her. Hook refuses, says that he's given his story and he's sticking to it. Emma is not impressed. Hook wants her to say thank you. Emma says she already thanked him for her memories. He says she should thank him for saving her from a loveless marriage. Emma scoffs. Hook reminds her that Walsh was a monkey, and wants to know if she was seriously considering the proposal. She finally gives in to his questioning and says yes, she was in love, so of course. Emma says that as usual he wasn't who he said he was and she got her heart broken again. Hook says he's glad to hear that she got her heart broken, because that means it still works. He gets all up in her personal space. So wait a second? He claims to love Emma right? Sorry writers, but that line was NOT romantic. He's happy she had her heart broken? REALLY? Sigh. Emma doesn't seem all that into it though. She walks away.They come across a farm house, and Emma makes a funny quip about the irony (because Dorothy lived on a farm).

Back at the farm, Emma is showcasing her amazing bail bondsperson skills. She notices the storm cellar (GO FREE RUMPLE!!) but Hook stops her from going in. It seems like he knows Rumple is in there, and is stopping her from going in. I wonder how much Hook knows, and what he is hiding. He tells Emma they need magical back up. Emma relents and goes to call Regina, but sees she has a message from David.

Enchanted Forest - One Year Ago

The figure starts to climb up the tower, and Charming promises to save Rapunzel. He goes to strike when he thinks the figure is at the entrance, but is knocked back by it to the other side of the tower. He gets up, and is wrapped in Rapunzel's hair by the figure. He yells for it to "get away from" Rapunzel, and it bites back that it is HER. It reveals that it looks exactly like Rapunzel. Charming figures it out. The nightroot makes you face your fear, and it manifests itself as a version of yourself. Rapunzel has to defeat this on her own to overcome her fear. He tells her to fight it, overcome it. He ends up grabbing the hooded figure, and jumping out the tower window. He grabs onto the vines, while the hooded figure grabs onto Rapunzel's hair. Charming tells her to cut the hair, face her fear, and tells her she can do it (basically, typical Charming). She eventually listens, hacks off her hair with Charming's sword, and the hooded figure falls to the ground, disappearing as it falls.

Rapunzel comes down from the tower, and tells the story of how her brother died. He drown trying to save her when she fell into a river. It made her worry she wasn't worthy of being a ruler, being Queen. Charming tells her that her parents love her basically, and they go back to his castle, where her parents are. Did they pick them up on the way? Unclear how her family got to Charming and Snow's castle.

Charming finally tells Snow about his fears. How he was scared to be a father because they lost Emma twice. He says he is not sure how to be a father, especially to a baby. Snow tells him that they'll do this they way they do everything - together. Charming agrees, and says they have a nursery to build.

Storybooke - One Year Later

Charming is searching for the berries, and sees a figure stalking him through the trees. He calls Emma and leaves a message that he thinks he found the witch. He goes to attack but is knocked to the ground for his effort. He manages to get the upper hand and stab the hooded figure. He pushes back the hood to reveal... HIMSELF! The hooded figure looks exactly like David. So obviously the witch did give him nightroot, and David is now facing his fears.

Hooded figure sneers that David is just a 'scared shepherd boy who strayed too far from his farm' and I love this. That has to be a real fear for Charming. He went from a farm boy to a basically being a King. He must have had moments where he did not feel worthy. I love that they are showing us this side of Charming. Hooded figure is taunting David. Calling him weak. The hooded figure is just about to choke Charming to death when Emma's yellow bug pulls up. David admits he is afraid he won't be a good father, but that he'll try anyways and stabs the hooded figure. The sword disappears after though. Where did it go?!

Charming explains what happened and Regina immediately knows it's the witch toying with them. Emma and Hook tell them about the farm house, and Charming wants to go send the witch back to Oz. Heck yes! I can't wait to sing "Ding Dong the witch is dead".

Regina seems surprised that this demon knew David's deepest fears. He tells her that he ended up stabbing it with his sword. Regina tells them that when you face your fears, your true courage comes out. When David stabbed the 'demon' his courage transferred into the hilt of his sword. Emma reacts saying "She stole his courage?" and Regina is quick to say that the witch stole a symbol of his courage, and that symbols can be a powerful thing.

So she took someone's courage. I am guessing a heart, and brains are next. The smartest person is Belle so she's in trouble I predict. The heart? Unsure but I do like the twist of taking the items instead of giving them.

During this we see David's sword hilt appear in Zelena's purse as she is leaving Snow's house. Snow thanks her, and Zelena tells her it's her pleasure and that Snow has nothing to worry about/fear.

The gang goes into the storm cellar (which has a broken lock now and it didn't just before when Hook and Emma were there alone) and Regina immediately knows there is dark magic in the air. The cage is empty, and they muse about what she would keep in a cage. Emma mentions monkeys. Charming says no, not monkeys and turns on the light to reveal Rumple's spinning wheel. He finds some gold that's been spun from straw on the ground to end the episode. THEY KNOW! THEY KNOW RUMPLE IS BACK! Regina's face! Her smile! I LOVE IT! She knows that she has back up now if the Dark One is back. It's like she's thrilled. She's the Evil Queen and it's means nothing but bad things for the Wicked Witch. Hook didn't look surprised though. I don't think he's working for Zelena per say, but I think he knows a heck of a lot more than he's telling. I don't know what he's hiding or why, but it's something.

This wasn't my favourite episode. I did love Princess Emma, and the David stuff (I so wanted him to admit he had that fear) and of course, the set up of the courage/brains/heart thing!

Next week - NEAL IS BACK!! FINALLY! Except the promo was full of angst, and Neal clutching his chest (where his heart would be). Did the witch steal it? Oh no. I think we just discovered who might be the 'Tin Man' in this. I think I am going to need wine to get through next week, but NEAL IS BACK! Oh, and was Belle unfrozen? Or is she still just stuck at the shop waiting? Sad. Hopefully she's fine. We'll see next week.


  1. Emma looked SO pretty as a princess!! I loved her dress, and her dance with Charming.

    Poor Rumple. He's definitely crazy, and I'm dying to know what Zelena has done to him. The shaving scene was definitely uncomfortable. WHO the heck is her dad, already???

    I love Robin. He needs more screen-time, and preferably with Regina! Charming and Robin being BFF's would be SO ADORABLE!

    Henry and Regina together was so cute. I really hope he gets his memory back soon.

    Hook is TOTALLY hiding something! It's going to come out eventually, Hook!

    Where in the heck did Rumple go??? I looooved the look on Regina's face when she realized that he had been there. And Hook, I think he was surprised to see the cell empty. (Because he KNOWS!)

    I am SOOOO looking forward to next week! NEAL!!!


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