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TV Talk With Kelly - Bates Motel

As you may know Kelly, from Kellyvision, and I are doing TV recaps. We recapped American Horror Story: Coven on her blog, and now we're recapping Bates Motel (season 2) on mine. Please note, this is more our reactions/thoughts than a true recap, and obviously there will be SPOILERS!

Kelly is everything in blue, and I am the other colour (is it brown? Whatever it is).


BATES MOTEL - Season 2, episode 3 - Caleb

So Emma has to tell him that they found Bradley’s stuff. She feels awful, and he’s just like “No big deal”. It’s totally the wrong reaction though.

Norman, that reaction is going to make people think you killed her and faked it as a suicide.

Exactly, people will think he knows way more than he’s letting on. He should be concerned. It’s funny that he over-reacted to Ms Watson’s death and he could actually use a little of that emotion now.

Oh, Norma's made a friend! Wow, martinis at almost 11? I would've maybe started with mimosas but go for it, Norma.

Awww, her friend quit the musical, and they are bonding. Norma needs a friend. She might loosen up a bit. Haha, yeah. Mimosas would have been better. I do like this side of Norma though. She needs someone to talk to. BFFs.

Dylan, if your mom never mentioned a brother, there may be a reason for it. Don't let him in the house!

This guy walk up, says he’s your Uncle, and you’ve never heard that your mother’s has a brother….DO NOT LET HIM INTO THE HOUSE! If you don’t know about him there is a reason for it.

Poor Norma! Her nice day was ruined.

Her day was more than ruined. He assaulted her and is just in her house. I would be angry, scared, and having a panic attack. Does she stress clean? That’s kind of funny. I stress clean.

I hate that Norma didn't get any part at all. She was so good.

Awww, Norman is all cute coming up to ask about the play. He’s trying. Poor Norma though. She was good, and she should have at least been in the chorus.

Wait?! Norman knows about Caleb? Does he know that she was abused? I don’t recall if she told Norman. I guess he knows everything. Caleb, you’re dead. Norman is going to kill you.

Oh good, turf war. This may not bode well for Dylan.
‘We’re all going to wind up dead’ ‘Would you shut up’ Um, Dylan, you may want to listen to him. I hope they do not kill off Dylan. I like him. As previously mentioned, he is the sane one. Sadly, we know he’s not in Psycho so he either runs far away, or dies. :(

Townie girl seems like a less good Amber Tamblyn-as-Tibby.

I am not sure I like Townie girl. I like Emma. Norman is awkwardly cute (like he is with most girls). It’s weird to think of Norman as being sweet with girls…*shivers*

I worry that Dylan is going to try and befriend Uncle Caleb.

Dylan obviously doesn’t know what he did right? I can’t see Dylan being okay with him being around if he knows. I hate this guy. He’s making excuse for what he did (we believe Norma right? She didn’t lie?) and acting like it’s nothing. *rage* DO NOT BE FRIENDS WITH HIM DYLAN! Caleb, I will be happy when Norman hurts you (which makes me awful).

I'm surprised Norma's not a little happier at Norman doing something that doesn't involve dead animals.

Right?! She was begging him to get out of the basement. He wants to do something that involves being out of the basement, and not dealing with dead animals. This is good. She should be happier.

I'm also surprised that Emma is doing something for Bradley. Wouldn't her friends do that?i do not want to see the real White Pine Bay. You probably don't either, Norma.

Haha. A Garden Party? The real White Pine Bay? This can only end badly. Emma is a sweet girl, that’s why she’s doing something.

I agree with Dylan. The way to win is not to play. Don't keep killing. They'll retaliate back.

Dylan is smart. It’s a shame they are not going to listen to him though. So they are hiding the body for the people that killed him? I get it, but WORST JOB EVER.

Dylan and Norma's relationship is so different. She seems incapable of having a normal relationship with her kids.

You’re right. Her relationships with Dylan and Norman are both so strange. She tries, but I don’t think she knows how to relate to them in the right way. Dylan is TRYING so hard in this scene to get her to open up to him, to let him understand. Awww.

I love Norma's clothes.

I love peach martinis! That is all.

Well Norma certainly looks lovely. Vera Farmiga is quite pretty. This party is the most awkward. I would need peach martinis. Car accident, huh? Sure, Norma. That’s how your husband died.

Norma's funny. Who knew? I'm glad she's making friends.

These lighter moments, you almost forget that there is a non sane part to her as well. It’s nice that she is making friends though. Both her and Norman need them.

Poor Emma. I wish her memorial had worked out better.

Awww. Poor Emma. She was doing this out of guilt. She didn’t like Bradley (join the club) and feels bad that she doesn’t like Bradley even though she’s ‘dead’. It’s too bad that this didn’t work out better for her. She shouldn’t feel guilty.

Um, does Townie girl have a boyfriend?! Poor Norman. Why does he like these types of girls? DATE EMMA! Silly boy.

Oh, Dylan. I wouldn't be surprised if Norma's bipolar but don't listen to Caleb. He's not good.

Yes, Norma has issues. Issues that were most likely caused by you abusing her, jerkface. He is blaming this on their father? Seriously, Caleb. I am guessing he is talking about their father. I wish Dylan would not talk to him. Dylan is going to give him money for that ‘property’ in Costa Rica, isn’t he?! Ugh.

Ooh, a love interest for Norma! I hope they're all as great as they seem to be. Norma deserves something good.

Oh, I should have realized! He was cast as Norma’s love interest this season. I had seen a picture of him with the casting blurb. Oh, he seems very nice. I hope he’s not a secret jerk. He brought her dessert?! That is adorable. *side note - I love anything raspberry*

Seriously? He's arguing the appropriateness of selling weed at a memorial?

Oh, I can see where this is going. Emma is going to crush on him a bit, right? Sigh.

Emma? What happened to you?

She’s drunk. She wants to make ‘bad choices’ with Weed Guy. Okay, sounds like a plan. Be young and stupid Emma, but be smart. She’s like a kitten. I hope this guy treats her decently.

I hope she has a designated driver. Oh, good. She does.

Norman, seriously? You need social help.

Norman is the definition of socially awkward right?

I don't like townie girl. At all.

Poor Norman. :( She’s awful. WHY DO YOU WANT HIM TO WALK YOU HOME?! Just stop.

Norma, you don't want to be his friend.

Who is this strange guy? This guy who seems to be against this by-pass?

I don't think I'd give Caleb all that money. I don't know what, but nothing good will come of it.

I freaking knew it. Why would you give him that money, Dylan. Nothing good is going to come of this. Dylan is going to end up getting himself arrested or worse.

Hmm. Townie girl's situation is weird.

There is a lot she’s not telling him, I bet. It just seems weird, I agree.

Poor Norma. I can't believe Dylan is taking Caleb’s side.

No he is not a nice guy, Dylan. He lied to you. Do not even tell me that Dylan is going to think Norma is lying. Just stop, Dylan. She is right to be pissed. She is totally right to freak out.

Oh Norman fugue state.

Oh no! DO NOT LIKE! Don’t kill him, Norman. Please. Do not kill, Dylan.


WHAT? WHAT THE WHAT? UM…. I cannot even. Caleb got her pregnant and Dylan is his son?! This show is all sorts of messed up. Caleb is totally dead for sure now. Norman is going to kill him. AHHH! I had to rewind to make sure I heard Norma correctly. WOW!  Dylan is going to be so messed up.

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