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TV Talk With Kelly - Bates Motel

As you may know Kelly, from Kellyvision, and I are doing TV recaps. We recapped American Horror Story: Coven on her blog, and now we're recapping Bates Motel (season 2) on mine. Please note, this is more our reactions/thoughts than a true recap, and obviously there will be SPOILERS!

Kelly is everything in blue, and I am the other colour (is it brown? Whatever it is).


BATES MOTEL - Season 2, episode 1 - Gone But Not Forgotten

Eeep! “Last season on Bates Motel”!! So much craziness happened last season. I just want to know if Norman killed his teacher (still staying no). 


Freddie Highmore really resembles Anthony Perkins, no? 

He really does. And he has the same sort of aura. Menacing innocence? Something. 

Norma is obviously suspicious. As she should be. You find out your son’s teacher is dead, and he can’t remember where he was but admits he was supposed to be getting a ride from her. She’s totally going to suspect. 

And he can't remember. She's used to the fugue states but they're also always connected to violence.   

Norman’s reaction is a little…..intense. Also, does he have her necklace? Still not convinced he killed her. 

I think he does, yeah. I hope he's smart enough to get rid of it. Between that and the funeral breakdown, that's a lot of circumstantial evidence. 

I actually forget why Bradley is so upset. I’ll have to google it or something because...yeah. Totally drawing a blank. 

Her dad is dead and she found out he was maybe involved with someone (the letters by the giant bottle of booze in the car). I think I'm forgetting another part of it. 

So the motel is doing good business. Interesting. Oh, Norman. Bradley wants nothing to do with you. 

She also doesn't seem better. At ALL. I thought her mom was dead. Did I make that up? 

I am glad Dylan is sticking around. I like him. He’s the most sane person in that family. 

I love Dylan. 

Oh, Norma and Norman. He’s more snarky with her, or am I forgetting it from last season? I seem to remember him as being all “my mommy is the greatest”. Haha… “I am not sure I am driving”. 

I also love Norman and Norma's relationship. 

It’s majorly morbid that he keeps visiting his teachers grave as much as he does. Norma is obviously concerned (this plus his taxidermy it’s understandable). 

Yes. And she's not comcerned enough. 

**side note - Bates Motel After Hours sounds awesome, but I can not stay up until 11:30 on a Monday** 

I watched the similar show on Breaking Bad and it was annoying. I may try this though. Oh, it IS on OnDemand... 

Norman is shifty.  He’s obviously lying to Norma about where he is going. This whole building the bypass highway thing is going to get annoying if it becomes a major storyline. 

Well, we know from Psycho that it gets built. I don't know how long they can drag this out. 

Oh, right, Bradley’s father died. Bradley, you can not find out who killed your father if you kill yourself. Just saying. 

God, don't sugarcoat anything.

That guy is creepy. Glad Bradley didn't go inside.   

Norman seems too nice sometimes, and others he’s downright creepy. He’s so nice to Bradley. 

I don't get the appeal of Bradley. She's awful. 

Taking random pictures of someone at a gravesite is generally frowned upon. I am guessing he thinks this guy could be a suspect. 

Right? So people going to a grave is suspicious? Unless it's you. 

I find it HILARIOUS that Norman is going to the police with his suspicions. It’s totally not the smartest thing for him to do. I think maybe he’s worried about himself. This whole thing is awkward. 

I don't think he realizes he SHOULD be worried. I love the sheriff's reaction. I think he knows the guy. He seems sketchy, right? 

Oh, Norma. They do not care about this highway destroying your business. At all. Life is axe murders and whores according to Norma. That was a brilliant freak out. 

Poor Norma. I love her so much. Yes, best freakout EVER. 

So Dylan and Bradley are going to hook up right? Dylan’s ‘good brother’ thing isn’t going to last. He’s a nice guy though (and mostly sane). 

Yeah, they totally are. And Norman is going to freak out. It can't possibly go well. 

Hmmm. So Blair Watson (the teacher) might be involved in things that could have gotten her killed (like having an affair with Bradley’s dad). I am really thinking Norman didn’t do it. People are noticing how often he goes to visit her grave. 

Yeah...but we still don't know who Ms. Watson was arguing with. I don't think Norman did it, either. 

EEEEEP! Norman…. I am not sure the truth is the right thing right now. I can’t even...Norma just asked if he slept with Ms Watson. He is telling his mother about watching his teacher undress. They seriously have the most strange mother/son relationship EVER. 

This is such a weird relationship. Wow though, Freddie Highmore is great in this scene.

Um, WHAT THE HELL, Bradley?! And you guy old enough to be her father...just NO! Wrong on so many levels. She’s totally playing the ‘daddy issues’ thing. OMG! WHAT?! Bradley is losing it. 

I hate her SO MUCH.   

Of course she goes running to Norman for help. He’ll help her too. I wonder how long this secret will remain hidden from Norma? My guess, not long. 

Yeah, she'll learn pretty quickly. He can't keep a secret.

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