Monday, July 14, 2014

1,001 Exquisite Readers

As a member of the Blogger Caravan I get to share a lot of awesome things about Heather Demetrios' upcoming novel, Exquisite Captive! I am excited to share details of a fantastic pre-order campaign.

If you pre-order from one of the participating bookstores you will receive some exclusive goodies along with your book!  If you are looking for a list of participating bookstores, or just more details, visit the Dark Caravan official website. Heather is working on getting more bookstore signed up, and you can always mention it to your local indie and see if they are able to take part!

I am fortunate enough to have already read this, and it's certainly one to be anticipating this fall. It's filled with wonderful world building, and some seriously sexy chemistry. You'll love Nalia, and her story.

You can add Exquisite Captive on Goodreads, and follow Heather on Twitter

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