Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Perfect Pairing

We all know that feeling: your favourite Netflix show has just dropped its newest season and you're super excited to binge. We're talking 'we just beat the Demogorgon' excited.

You're all set to settle in and watch but what about your TV watching snack? If you're anything like me this choice is just as vital was WHAT you are watching and can cause just as much debate as picking what to watch. It can seriously be frustrating. 

I feel ya, Jessica.

Jessica obviously knows what I am talking about. Luckily, the lovely people at SkinnyPop Popcorn have come to the rescue. It's no secret that I love wine (pretty sure the blog title gave that away) but  my snack of choice is popcorn. I am pretty much addicted. The amazing people at SkinnyPop Popcorn have merged my two loves into a handy infographic detailing which wines compliment their various popcorn flavours ensuring that you'll have the perfect snack for your next binge watch. They all seriously sound delicious.

I am dying to try the Dusted Dark Chocolate paired with some Pinot Noir, but the White Cheddar and Malbec also sounds amazing. This is definitely something I am going to have to try during my next TV night.

You can learn more about SkinnyPop Popcorn on their official website and be sure to follow them on Twitter for all kinds of fun things. You can find SkinnyPop Popcorn at my grocery stores near you. 

Bookmark this post, and next time you settle in to watch the newest Marvel Netflix offering, or decide to watch Stranger Things for the millionth time, be sure to reference this post for your snacking (and wine drinking) needs. I am totally going to report back on a few of these pairings as I get to try them, but would love to hear your thoughts. Let me know in the comments if you try one, and what you thought.

Happy binge watching everyone! *cheers*

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  1. Ooooh! Have you tried any of the pairings yet? I always ended up snacking on something super unhealthy and fried during a night of binging Netflix and drinking wine. Would love to try this out instead. Thanks for the idea!

    Alyssa @ Purple People Readers


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