Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Song Rising - One Week Until Release

Today I am celebrating the fact that there is only one week left until The Song Rising releases by sharing some goodies with you today!

First up is a reminder that there is currently a pre-order promotion going on that can score you some AMAZING swag.

The buttons are stunning (expect to see some photos this week showing them off) and the tattoos are equally amazing. Be sure to snag your own set over at the official website for The Bone Season series. You have up until the end of the day on March 6th to submit your receipt and claim your swag!

Samantha Shannon will be going on tour to celebrate the release and here is her tour schedule.

Go say hello if you are near any of these tour stops. I've been lucky enough to have met Samantha before and she's lovely.

There are also some super fun quizzes released by the official Twitter and Facebook accounts for the series. It's a fun way to get yourself even more excited for the upcoming release

·         Quiz 1: Which Bone Season Faction Are You In? https://www.playbuzz.com/bloomsbury13/which-bone-season-faction-are-you-in

·         Quiz 2: Which Type of Voyant Are You?

·         Quiz 3: Which of the Seven Seals Are You?

·         Quiz 4: Which Leader of the Unnatural Assembly Are You? https://www.playbuzz.com/bloomsbury13/which-leader-of-the-unnatural-assembly-are-you

·         Quiz 5: How Will You Die in Samantha Shannon’s Bone Season Series? https://www.playbuzz.com/bloomsbury13/how-will-you-die-in-samantha-shannon-s-bone-season-series

If you do any of these quizzes please let me know what you end up getting in the comments.

Expect more The Song Rising excitement as we countdown to the quickly approaching release!

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