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American Horror Story: Apocalypse - Fire and Reign

The ninth episode of this season, titled Fire and Reign, fills us in on the rest of the missing backstory, explains exactly why Michael thought he killed most of the witches, and tells us exactly who is responsible for the end of the world.

With the usual reminder of spoilers lets break down what happened. 

We open with Jeff testing out a new piece of tech  - a robotic arm that can shoot a gun. It is aimed at his head (but doesn't have bullets in it). Mutt walks in and Jeff immediately goes on a tangent detailing how much people suck. He's not happy that he had to wait five minutes for his coffee, has road rage over some driver not knowing they could turn left on a green light (even without 'a fucking left hand turn arrow' as Jeff states). Jeff is also not a fan of the coffee Mutt hands him. Mutt realizes what is really going on and calls Jeff on it. He's upset about Michael. Jeff gets in a huff and tells Mutt to not mention that name in front of him again. He calls him the 'lost Antichrist'. Mutt is scandalized because he cannot believe that Jeff just disrespected the son of Satan (to which Jeff snarks that Satan may want to get a paternity test). Jeff is upset because Michael hasn't done anything since he got there. He even makes fun of the fact that Michael claims to not know what to do. He wants to burn the world to the ground because he thinks everything is a 'raging clusterfuck'. 

Ms Venable interrupts them to remind them about the meeting with the Cooperative next week. She asks what the Cooperate is and we get our first details about the mysterious organization. They are a group of 'movers and shakers'. This tells me they are basically a group of powerful, influential people. Ms Venable wants more responsibility in her job but Jeff and Mutt brush her off. They want her to book their 'Mile High Escort' service for their flight though. She tells them to go book their own escorts because she is quitting. This exchange inspires Jeff though - he has an idea on how to deal with their Antichrist issues.

I cannot believe these two are responsible for pushing Michael into action and causing the end of the world. Unbelievable that these clowns are what causes it.                

We next see Mallory upstairs at the witches house practicing her magic. She isn't able to revive a dead bird which upsets her. Cordelia tells her that she is trying too hard and she needs to relax. Mallory is anxious because they may not have a lot of time before Michael comes for them. Cordelia tells her that spells and protections are in place so nothing can enter the house that isn't a witch. 

We see that all of the other witches are downstairs preparing another protection spell. As they are chanting we see Dinah outside who is putting a very different spell on the house. She's betrayed the witches and is using her magic to let Michael in. Ugh... I hate her.

Michael walks in and calls their 'mantra' bullshit. A lot of the witches look shocked to see Michael standing there to which he states that they cannot be that surprised to see him. Bubbles McGee snarks back with this gem:

Michael reacts by telling them that he told Cordelia what he was going to do to all of them and using magic to launch all of the little pieces of glass they were using for their spell at them.

This kills those at the table. Queenie, panicked, questions how Ms Meade is even there (because they burnt her). Ms Meade replies that she was 'made for this' and removes her hand to reveal a gun installed underneath which she uses to shoot Zoey. The fact that Kyle is missing from this season has never been more evident. He would be freaking out about his beloved being murdered. Queenie cuts her own neck making use of her human voodoo doll magic to injure Ms Meade in the same way. It causes white goop to gush out of her neck area. She continues to shoot hitting Queenie multiple times. 

We see Mallory, Cordelia and Myrtle realize what is going on upstairs. Mallory want to go and help but Cordelia puts her foot down.  Cordelia doesn't think she is ready yet and they need to keep her safe.

Back downstairs Dinah walks in and asks Michael if they are good. He assures her they are better than good and that he put in a word with his father and her talk show has been greenlit for thirteen episodes. She sold them out for her television show?! I really hate her now. It seems that Satan has stopped ignoring Michael if he has the ability to get things from him now. We see that all of the witches have been shot. Dinah has a little hit of remorse when she sees all the bodies. Michael and Ms Meade continue to go through the house trying to find Cordelia and the rest of the witches but they've already escaped. This displeases Michael a lot. He's pissed.

Ms Meade reassures him that it is still a victory and reminds him that killing the witches is not going to help fulfill his prophecy. We see that it is actually Mutt and Jeff using Ms Meade to influence Michael. They are making her say whatever they type in. They remind Michael that by ending the world he'll end the witches as well. They encourages him to think bigger. Michael admits he has been thinking of some possible ways to end the world. Michael's big plan? 

Ms Meade (via Mutt and Jeff) remind Michael that he looks like he is twelve and point out that his plan sounds a lot like the plot of the Omen 3 movie. Michael is exasperated and whines that he doesn't know what to do and there are not a lot of reference materials on how to be the Antichrist. Ms Meade tells him to go to the guys who built her for answers. Michael isn't so sure. He thinks they are 'coked out nerds' but he relents (because he trusts Ms Meade). Mutt and Jeff are actually kind of brilliant. Ms Meade is literally the only person Michael trusts at this point.

We next see Michael listing off a bunch of names (including a bunch of world leaders) that are members of the Cooperative. It's revealed that the Cooperative is a code name for the Illuminati. Turns out that everyone in the Illuminati has sold their soul to Satan and that makes them all Michael's army. Michael's response is to basically say that he still isn't sure what he is supposed to do with them to bring about the end of the world. If magic didn't do it he doesn't see how people could. Mutt and Jeff tell him that he doesn't need magic. He just needs science and people. Jeff launches into a tirade about how awful people are (seriously, no wonder Michael thinks humanity is garbage). He thinks people are selfish and can easily be manipulated to starting the apocalypse. They tell Michael that he'll reign for a thousand years of fire because it is prophesied in the Book of Revelations which they hand Michael who magically opens and reads. Michael smirks and asks what's next. They tell him about this nuclear missile program, called Dead Hand, that ensures mutual destruction. All Michael needs to end the world is three people in the right places pressing the right buttons. Michael just wants to know if it'll be enough to kill the witches and he is assured that it is. Michael's child like qualities are showing again. He just wants to kill the witches who wronged him. He doesn't care about the rest of it.

It's revealed that Coco, Madison, Cordelia, Myrtle, and Mallory all took shelter in Misty's house in the swamp. Misty is off with Stevie so we know they're safe. Cordelia is magically attempting to revive Zoey and Queenie by teleportation but their souls disappear. We knew Michael could do this and it explains why they were not with the witches when they showed up at the outpost. Madison reveals this news to Cordelia (about Michael being able to burn souls) which enrages Cordelia. She hits Madison and asks why she didn't say something sooner. Madison yells that she told her that he was the Antichrist and that should have been enough. Myrtle reveals that there may be a way to save them. It a power that is more of a myth than anything else and it involves the ability to go back in time and prevent something from happening. All of the witches who have tried it have died but they think Mallory might be able to pull it off. They want to test it first before trying it out on Michael because they need for him to not see it coming. The test it by having Mallory go back and try to save the Romanov family. Anastasia Romanov was a witch who tried to protect her family they night they were all killed. We see how it really happened in history, and we also see Mallory go back and try to help. It doesn't work though because Mallory cannot stay there long enough to help and everyone still dies which greatly upsets Mallory (who comes back with blood streaming out of her nose and eyes).

My guess is that this is what they'll use to defeat Michael. Mallory will go back and kill Michael before he has a chance to end the world or kill any witches. 

Cordelia and Myrtle have a conversation about Mallory. Cordelia is concerned that Mallory won't be ready until she's dead. She doesn't want to be like her mother who only ever thought about herself. She's not ready to go but she also doesn't trust herself to know what is right anymore. She begs Myrtle to tell her if she ever becomes Fiona. Myrtle assures her that the fact that she is asking these questions proves that she is not Fiona. Cordelia wants to sacrifice herself and allow Mallory to take her powers. Myrtle immediately shuts this down and refuses to let it happen. They need more time and Myrtle has a plan on how they can stall Michael. This plan involves going to see the warlocks who they discover are all dead. Michael paid a visit to them as well and they've all been shot by Ms Meade's arm gun. Michael's arranged the bodies in a pentagram for good measure which is just extra creepy. Pretty sure this means their plan is screwed.

Next, Ms Venable is packing up her desk. Mutt and Jeff approach her and she tells them that she booked the escorts they wanted. They tell her that they cannot accept her resignation. She tells them that she wasn't giving them a choice because she can't work there any longer. They reveal that the company, and the planet, will end within the next year or two. They reveal what the Cooperative actually is. They ask her to be in charge of one of the outposts that they want to start up. They will give her free reign to make her own decisions about how it should be run. They call these places 'sanctuaries' (which is why Michael calls them that too) and that since she kept them out of trouble they think she's a natural choice to lead one of them. So, Ms Venable wasn't lying when she said she was given total control. Interesting.

Michael and Ms Meade are on their way to meet with the member of the Cooperative. Michael is nervous and reveals that he hopes he can distract them from their hot yoga and horse back riding long enough for them to help him. After a pep talk from Ms Meade, who reminds him that all of these people have pledged their souls to serving him, Michael is ready to face the Cooperative. He walks into a dark room lit by small table lamps. All of the members are wearing cloaks and masks. It's all very creepy. Michael introduces himself and reveals his plan: It's time for the apocalypse.

When met with resistance he reminds them who his father is and that they speak with one voice. Michael's demands are those of Satan. Again, since when is Michael on such good terms with Daddy Dearest?  He promises them that they don't have to die though. He has Ms Meade hand out instruction manuals for the construction of the outposts. He also promises that with the price of a hundred million only the worthy will be granted admittance. 

See you next week for the finale! This season has FLOWN by and I am excited to see how our witches are going to fix everything. I am expecting that we'll be saying goodbye to Michael but we'll hopefully get some of our witches back.

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