Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Men of Mara Dyer

Hopefully you've enjoyed Mara Dyer week so far. We're already at Day 4!

Today's post started out as a "Dream Cast" type post but something kept pulling me towards the guys in the book. All the different men in Mara's life and how the different relationships impact her story.

So without further ado.... May I present....

The Men (and boys) of The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

Daniel Dyer

Physical Description: Dark hair, and dark complexion. Mara calls him "Mr Perfect" and he resembles his mother (again according to Mara)

Relationship to Mara : her protective older brother

Impact on Mara: he's a support system. He is there for Mara and really cares about his sister.

Note about the picture I chose: I kept picturing a Colin Egglesfield look a like, so I tried to find the youngest photo I could. He's too old now, but something similar to this is what I imagine.

Joseph Dyer

Physical Description: Mara says that he looks like Daniel.

Relationship to Mara: her sweet younger brother

Impact on Mara: he provides a person for whom she worries about. She really cares about how he is going to think, react, etc to the stuff that is going on. She wants to protect him. She care about her whole family, but it seems amplified when it comes to Joseph, most likely because he is younger.

Note on the photo: I could not find anyone that I felt suited. He is described as looking like Daniel anyways.

Jamie Roth

Physical Description:: Dread locks, short, dimples and likes to dress up his school uniform with his own t-shirts

Relationship to Mara: best friend extraordinaire

Impact on Mara: first person to be friendly towards Mara when she transfers schools. He's witty, sarcastic and their banter provides some normalcy to Mara's crazy life. He also happens to be an awesome math tutor and likes to look out for his friends(especially if a Britsh hottie with a certain reputation is involved)

Note on the picture I chose : I picked Corbien Bleu because that is who I kept picturing. Sadly, Corbin does not have the dreads that Jamie is supposed to, but otherwise I think he's about right.

Jude Lowe

Physical Description: All American, blond hair, green eyes and a football player

Relationship to Mara: ex-boyfriend

Impact on Mara: Huge. He was with Mara the night of the accident, and she is haunted by not being able to remember what happened to him.

Note on the picture I chose: I chose Zach Roeig because he reminds me of an "All American" football player, and he's blond.

Noah Shaw

Description: Grey/Blue eyes, chestnut hair, scruffy, British accent, with a panting dropping smile (according to Jamie) and he also happens to love animals. Basically, the hottest boy in YA ever.

Relationship to Mara - Um, let's call him a maybe boyfriend

Impact on Mara- SO MUCH! I don't know where to start. Noah helps Mara in figuring out what is going on with her, he supports her, and listens to her. He's someone that she can talk to.

Note on the picture I chose: Ben Barnes. Sigh. He just needs to be a little scruffy and his eyes are not the right colour but he could work. He just needs to be a little disheveled in this picture.

These are some of the most important men in Mara's life. They will all hopefully play a role in the second book.

Mara Dyer Week ends tomorrow with a look ahead to book 2. Come back tomorrow and see what I am most looking forward to.

Make sure to enter the book contest as well so that you can read this awesome novel for yourself.


  1. I am seriously DYING to read this one! I need to order it! How YUMMY are those guys??

  2. Siiiiiiiiiiiiigh. You don't know how much MORE you're making me want to read this. Something I thought impossible because I'm already lusting this book like crazy. I'm so curious to see all these guys now and the different relationships they share with Mara. ESPECIALLY NOAH!! I want to meet him so BADLY. And Jamie sounds like such an awesome friend!

  3. This is a great list! I can definitely see Ben Barnes being Noah. I love Noah!!! lol!


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