Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Scary Story...AND a Mara Dyer Giveaway

Welcome to Day 3 of my Mara Dyer week.

For today's post I am going to share with you the scariest/creepiest thing that has ever happened to me.

*Back when I was in Grade 8 or so I had gotten an Ouija Board for my birthday as a gift. My friends and I used to play it all time at sleepovers, etc. I never really thought it worked, as it was usually just silly stuff we asked and you could tell someone was moving it.

One day a friend and I decided to play with it in the graveyard behind her house. I immediately could tell something was different. We didn't have to ask any questions before it started moving. It began to tell us a story.

It told us the story of a guy. Let's call him Jason. Jason had died in a boating accident some years prior on a lake near where we lived. He told us about the accident and that he was the Uncle of a boy in our class at school. I knew the boy (let's call him Paul) but not overly well. My friend knew him a little better, but claimed she had never heard about this Uncle.

We ran out of the graveyard and back to her place as fast we could. I knew I hadn't moved it and my friend SWORE she never moved it.

We went to school the next day and asked Paul about his Uncle. He confirmed the details of the story and was surprised we knew about it.

Do I think it actually worked? Not sure. My friend totally could have read about it and decided it would be a fun joke, but something tells me that wasn't the case.*

So now that you know my scary story let's get to the good stuff. I have a hardcover copy of The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer up for grabs along with a mini Ouija Board keychain. If you've seen the trailer, you'll see that an Ouija Board is involved in the story (bonus because it relates to my story as well).

In order to win simply tell me what YOUR scary story is(or what scares you)! Fill out the form below with all the details and I will let select a winner.

I will be posting some of the most fun answers in a post later on, so please let me know if that is not ok when entering.

Contest is international and will end Oct 12th.


  1. Thank you for the giveaway - very generous of you :) Sorry my story's so boring :P

  2. Stuff like that is always kind of freaky. Especially if you trust the other person you're doing it with and they say they didn't move it.. and then whatever you're told turns out correct? Kinda forces you to believe! I'm a believer in the spirit world, I think there's much more to this universe than just what we can feel and see with our physical bodies. Always fascinates me to hear these kind of stories.

    Thank you for the awesome giveaway!! <3 Hmmm, I will have to ponder what's been my scariest story.

  3. Wow!! That's a crazy scary story! I bet I would have ran out there as well. lol!


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