Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Michelle Hodkin Interview

Yesterday I told you all about why I love The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer. Today I have the fabulous author, Michelle Hodkin stopping by for an interview.

I was fortunate enough to have met Michelle at Book Expo America this year and she is one of the sweetest, kindest authors I’ve met.

You can learn more about her by visiting her blog, her official website, and Twitter.

1. Describe The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer in 3 words

Dark. Sexy. Twisted.

2. Who is the first person that gets to read your writing?

For THE UNBECOMING OF MARA DYER, one of my dear friends, Emily, was the first person to read any of it-ever. I ended up with about eight readers, though, for that book-members of my family and friends I've had for many years. I am still so grateful for all of the help they gave me.

3. What kind of research did you do for The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer? (if this is too spoilery please replace with this question - what made you want to become an author?)

Well, the most interesting research involved shooting a Glock 23 uncompensated 40 caliber gun. I was also chased out of a botanica in Little Havana when I went with a friend to do research for the book. Creepier still? We couldn't find the botanica again when we went back the next day. It was just.gone.

4. If you could go back in time to any time period and any place, where and when would you travel to?

Laurelton, Queens (New York) circa 1947. My grandmother would have been 17 and it would be so amazing to know what she was like as a teenager, since she and I have always been so close that in high school, I would routinely tell people she was my best friend.

5. This is not book related, but it is a cause close to my heart as well. You're really involved with animal shelters, and just animal causes in general. I volunteer at my local animal shelter, so I really admire what you do. What made you want to get involved? Any tips for people wanting to get involved?

I have always loved animals (my second word was 'duck') and I've been active in animal rescue for over ten years. I started volunteering for a shelter when I was in college, but I really became inspired when, after volunteering for that shelter, I met Maggie-who I later adopted. Maggie, my rescued pit bull, came from a house with 42 other animals in it and she had so many mental and physical problems stemming from her abuse and neglect. It made me want to help the millions of animals who find themselves in shelters through no fault of their own.

There are so many resources out there for people looking to do more. If you can foster an animal (take one into your home), then contact your local animal shelter and see if they can use you. Or if you have even just a free half-hour a week that you can spare, see if they could use volunteers to help walk the dogs-sometimes that's all the human interaction they get each day. Not because shelter staff doesn't care, but because there are too many homeless pets and not enough loving families to adopt them all.

But if you're limited on time or space, then visit the Animals section of Change.org. It's a grassroots platform dedicated to social change, and you can help tremendously by adding your name to petitions for causes you care about-and there are ALL kinds of causes on there! All it takes is one click, but so many victories have been achieved because people cared enough to click through at all.

Thank you for asking about this, and for doing all of the good work that you do, and for having me on your blog!

Um, shooting a gun for research??! BAD ASS!

Change.org really is a fantastic site and if you are looking to get involved they are a great place to start.

I would like to thank Michelle for stopping by. Come back tomorrow for a chance to win my Mara Dyer prize pack featuring a copy of the book and other goodies!


  1. What a fantastic interview! I really love how involved she is in animal rescue <3 It's so inspiring. I regularly sign petitons on Change.org - there really IS strength in numbers when everyone bands together united.

    And okay, that's really creepy about the botanica... it just disappeared?? Whoa.

    Loving your Mara Dyer week - SO FREAKING EXCITED TO READ THE BOOK!

  2. I love this interview! It's always so much fun learning more about our favorite authors. :) Shooting a gun for research definitely sounds bad ass. lol!

  3. I am SERIOUSLY just dying to get my hands on this book!! I can't wait!!! Dark, sexy and twisted are an EPIC WIN in my book!!!


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