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Once Upon A Time - Bleeding Through

Regina gets some green apples delivered to her doorstep. It's kind of funny. Zelena also happens to be in Regina's house. She tells Regina that she thought she could use something better than what's on her tree. Zelena calls red apples 'sickly sweet'. Regina tosses back that green apples are 'bitter'. Regina, obviously, wants to know why Zelena is there. Zelena claims it is to make sure Regina is all right after their showdown. Regina says she's fine. Regina also doesn't like anyone touching her stuff. They bicker back and forth and are basically sisters. Zelena tells Regina that she doesn't appreciate what she's got, Regina snarks that envy isn't exactly the best super power. Zelena tells her that the Dark One has gone after her heart. All this was a distraction so that Zelena could get what she wanted. Regina rushes out of there.

Robin  is protecting Regina's heart valiantly. Since Robin won't give it up, Rumple threatens Roland. Not even a little bit okay. That tyke is adorable. Roland is forced to come forward by Rumple, and Robin is pissed. Roland's little cries for help...awww. SAVE HIM. Rumple makes Robin's arrow turn to face Roland instead (who is now stuck in the ground as that is where Rumple put him). Robin, rightfully, freaks out and tells Rumple to wait. The tension in this scene is amazing. Rumple keeps saying he doesn't want to, but he will. I feel bad for everyone in this situation. Robin hands over Regina's heart with Rumple telling Robin that he is sorry as he lets the arrow go. It stops just short of hitting Roland. Regina shows up right at that moment. Robin apologizes to Regina, who only asks if anyone is hurt. Robin keeps apologizing and Regina says nothing is worth the life of a child. Regina puts it together and realizes that if she's not dead it's because Zelena needs her heart for something far worse than crushing it.

Regina is tearing apart Gold's shop trying to find something. She mutters that everything is useless crap. Belle takes offence to that. Regina is like 'Relax, I just need to destroy my sister because she has my heart" and Belle, understandably is concerned about Regina being forced to do things. Regina says she's protected her heart from that, so she can't be controlled. Interesting. I didn't know that was possible. Regina doesn't know what Zelena wants to do so she asks Belle to help. Belle snaps that she has some self respect so why would she help Regina. Regina did lock her up after all. Regina snarks that 'bookworm's got teeth'. I love that Belle is standing up for herself. She actually kicks Regina out of the shop. Regina decides to apologize and brings up the fact that Zelena has Rumple so if Belle wants to see him again she'll need to help Regina. Belle relents and wants to know what is so special about Regina's heart. Regina wants to know where the candle is that Snow used to kill Cora. Belle hands it over, reminding Regina that the power is gone from it. Regina says it's not about how Cora died, but how she lived. Is Regina going to use this to contact her mother or something?


I am guessing this is the Enchanted Forest. Young Cora is a bar maid and she's working. She bumps into a cute guy who invites her to sit down as she is done her work for the night. He tells her that she moves like a lady even though she works in a bar. She says that she acts like what she one day hopes to be. They exchange some cute words and he subtly reveals that he is Prince Jonathan. He's been misleading Cora because he wanted her to know him for HIM not his title. He proposes to her with a ring of straw telling her that he'll exchange it for a ring of gold (turning straw into gold) when he comes back, if she agrees to marry him. She accepts and they make plans to meet up in two weeks time. Cora offers to spend his last night before he leaves in his room with him. So this is how Cora got pregnant.


Hook, Snow and Charming are sitting around. Emma walks in and makes a joke about apples as Hook is playing with one. Snow and Charming are talking baby names! Snow wants to name the kid Leopold. Charming does not approve (neither do I). Hook is 1000% done with this. Snow relents and says she would like to name it Ava in that case. Charming is like "That won't work if it's a boy". Haha. They're cute. I say let Emma name the baby. Regina brings in a tea pot. One that is used to summon the dark forces. Since Regina doesn't know enough about Zelena's past she wants to summon Cora who does. If it works, great. Will ghost Cora lie her butt off though? Because I expect nothing less.

Zelena is talking to a monkey as she admires Regina's heart. She now has 2 of the three (and I assume Rumple is the brains so 3 for 3). She gets a suit out and brings it to Rumple. She tells her that she wants to celebrate. She's got 2 items, and the third (his brain) is ready to be plucked. Does she literally want to remove his brain? Because, gross. She says she wants to celebrate having everything. Rumple reminds her that she doesn't have the baby. She says the baby will come and since it's on the way Rumple has a choice to make. He can either do as she says and have his remaining time be pleasant or a nasty alternative. Tells him to choose well. What does she want from him?!

Emma wants to know if it's so easy to talk to the dead why don't people do it more often. Regina says you need the murder weapon and the person's murderer. Snow visibly reacts to this. So, let me get this straight. We're going to dangle a way to speak to the dead in front of people who are mourning (and by this I mean Neal fans) and be like "haha, but NOT who you want to see". One second though... isn't Emma both the murder weapon and murderer? Or is that the key? Either way I totally took it to mean Neal is out. They can't talk to him. Both Emma and Charming look sad on Snow's behalf. Regina wants everyone to hold hands and focus on Cora as she lights the candle. It appears to be working as a portal opens in the ceiling and Regina calls to Cora. Regina tells Cora to not ignore her. Hook bumps the table and the spell is broken. It didn't work because Regina thinks Cora doesn't want to talk to her.


Cora is waiting at the spot where Jonathan told her to meet him. The ring of straw is failing apart and it's raining. It's sad because I doubt he's showing up. She leaves and walks to the castle. She finds Jonathan in the grounds. He seems unimpressed though. Calls her stubborn. It's revealed that he is the gardener, not a prince. She accuses him of tricking her, and taking her virtue and good name. He laughs and says that she basically threw her virtue at him and calls her a harlot. I hate Jonathan. He is a douche of epic proportions. She tells him that she is pregnant. She asks him what the real prince will say when she tells him. She wants Jonathan to pay to support the child. Seems fair. He just says good luck in finding him after she tells the real prince of his deeds. I actually feel a little sorry for Cora here. She make an last ditch effort to grab onto Jonathan and calls for the guards. He pushes her down and runs off. The guards come. Cora makes up a story about a bandit who stole everything from her. The nice guard tells her to come with him and he'll try to help her. It's revealed that who I thought was the guard is actually Prince Leopold (Snow's daddy). Cora accepts his help and thanks him.


Emma says that her magic is getting stronger everyday. She tells Regina that when this all goes down she'll be ready. Regina tells her that she better be. Emma, Hook, and Charming leave and Snow wants to talk to Regina. Regina agrees. As they go to leave the room, a portal thing appears and closes. Did the seance thing work? What is even going on?


Cora is charming Prince Leopold with some youthful stories. He notices that she is cold and he says he would build her a fire, but he doesn't know how. Cora says that she does, and starts to build one. She shows Prince Leopold how to to make a fire, and they bond. Leopold talks of when he becomes King he will have to marry right away and start a family. Cora muses that it sounds nice, and asks if he has anyone in mind (no doubt hoping he would say her). He says that he does, but it's not the name Cora wants to hear. He says he'll marry Princess Ava (Snow's mommy). Cora's face after he says Ava's name - priceless. Prince Leopold laments that he didn't get to make a choice. Ava was a choice made for him. There is an obvious attraction here between them. Imagine if Leopold had never married Ava?! Totally different landscape. It's weird that he would eventually marry Regina though. Ick. Cora tells him what is the use of having power if he can't make his own choices. She's totally hinting he should pick her.


Snow apologizes to Regina for Cora's death. Lots of tears on Snow's end. Anger on Regina's. However, Regina gives that it was complicated. Cora did kill Ava. Regina's angry at her mother too, for all the lies. She thought her mother cared about her. Regina wants to know why Cora gave up Zelena. Oh, Regina. It's because Cora wanted to be royalty and being impure wasn't going to help her marriage prospects. End of story. They hear a noise coming from upstairs that sounds like a spinning wheel. They go to investigate and it's Cora's ghost spinning. Creepy.

Emma has a hot chocolate with cinnamon. She is using magic to make it appear in the booth she is sharing with Hook. She even says BOOM after she does it (Michael Raymond James uses 'BOOM" ALL THE TIME on Twitter. A shout out perhaps?). She seems very excited that she is able to move things. Is this the same Emma that didn't want to learn all this? Emma teases Hook by making his hook vanish (she just moved it to another part of Granny's Diner) but Hook is in a bad mood and doesn't want to play. Belle rushes in saying that she's figured out what Zelena's plan is. See, this is why I love Belle. She's smart, and resourceful.

Meanwhile Rumple and Zelena are having dinner. Rumple put on the suit. Zelena certainly appreciates how Rumple looks in that suit. She's very touchy with him. Zelena knows that Rumple is there for her secret. She knows that he wants to know why she needs a heart, courage, and brain, and why Snow and Charming's baby in particular. So do I Rumple, so do I. Rumple says he really wants to know WHY it's of interest to him. She tells him that her plan will allow him to reunite with his lost son. Rumple says his son is not lost, he died. You are allowed to say his name Rumple. It's totally okay. Let me do it for you - NEAL! BAELFIRE! Whichever. I hate that they are basically pretending he didn't exist other than to casually mention him. Rumple cursed everyone for Bae. Rumple spent YEARS AND YEARS searching for him. There is no way that the Rumple we have known for the last 2 and a bit seasons would not do EVERYTHING to get Bae back and I want them to acknowledge this. She reveals that she is going to change the past. Rumple reminds her of the laws of magic. You can't change the past. She sneers that laws only exist until they are broken by someone superior (basically magic doesn't fail, people do and therefore it can be done by the right person). I know on Wonderland they did break the laws of magic, so I wonder if they'll do it here. She wants to take Rumple back with her. He gets wistful and talks about finding 'his boy'. Aww, Rumple.

Meanwhile, Cora's ghost is PISSED at Snow and totally wants to attack. Regina tells her to BACK DOWN and answer the questions. Regina asks about Zelena but Cora just pushes her aside and goes after Snow. Regina magics them out of there, and manages to hold Cora off.


Cora is admiring a ring on her finger when jerk face Jonathan shows up. He says that the ring turned to gold after all. He had to see if the commoner who said yes to Prince Leopold is the same one that said yes to him. She says that they are getting married in two days and he is going to bow down to her as a Queen. Jonathan wants to know if Leopold knows that she is pregnant, or if she was going to keep it a secret. In order to secure his silence she has to get him some money, jewels, etc and meet him tomorrow night with it. Ava is shown to overhear this and declines her carriage ride that would presumably take her out of the kingdom. So Cora was engaged to Leopold, and Ava tells him about her pregnancy or the theft and he marries Ava instead. No wonder Ava and Cora didn't like each other.


As Regina holds off Cora, Snow attempts to apologize to Cora. Regina is basically like 'Save it, my mom is not the forgiving type'. Regina tells Snow that if Cora wants to kill her she'll have to go through Regina to do it. That's character development right there. Regina has changed and grown so much. Regina again demands answers and Cora's ghost pushes her aside and she goes into Snow's body. Snow sees flashes of young Cora's life.


Leopold and Cora are talking. Word has spread that Cora is with child. She tells Leopold that she is sorry that the rumour has caused him any trouble. He tells her that he doesn't care about all that. He will marry her and honour his pledge as long as he can trust her. She assures him that there is no baby, and that she loves him. Ava comes out and accuses Cora of lying. Cora accuses Ava of being a lying, jealous brat who wants to marry the Prince. I am sure Ava does, but Cora is lying. Leopold pulls some jewels out of Cora's dress. Ava and Leopold walk away as Cora beseeches him to not let her go. Ava tells Leopold that he deserves better. That the right woman will give him a child that is as pure as snow.


Regina pulls Cora's ghost from Snow's body and forces it back into the portal it came from. Emma, Charming and Hook come rushing in and want to know what is going on. Regina fills them in that it was Cora. Charming is concerned about Snow (obviously). Snow just wants to tell everyone about Cora and what she saw. Regina wants to know what Snow found out. Charming says not right now. Belle is with them and she fills them in that Zelena wants to go back in time. Apparently during Belle's research she was able to determine that a brain, heart and courage are in EVERY time travel spell. Charming says that they have no clue what Zelena hopes to accomplish. Snow says that she does. She says that Ava told a secret just like Snow did and Cora was forced to lie. Oh, Snow you really do see the good in everyone. Emma is like "are we not supposed to be the good guys" and Regina is like "not that simple". Charming puts it together that if not for Ava than Cora would have kept Zelena. Snow puts it together that Zelena wants to kill Ava to prevent it from happening. This means Snow would not have been born. Emma snaps at Regina that she is guessing Regina won't be helping anymore. Regina tells Emma to think it through. If Snow is not born, Emma won't be and that means no Henry. This might even mean that Regina wouldn't have been born. Charming realizes that nobody has succeeded because it's their baby that makes the difference. Charming smiles and says this gives them some time to figure it out. Snow is less happy with this news because the baby is coming and SOON.


Cora has the baby, and puts it in a basket. She drops it off in the woods. Cora tells the baby she is giving her away so that Cora can have HER best chance. So basically Cora is a selfish witch (nothing we didn't already know however). It also contrasts when Snow gave up Emma for EMMA's best chance. Oh, and when Emma gave up Henry for HENRY's best chance. Cora walks away and the wind picks up and the tornado that is going to carry Zelena to Oz appears.


Rumple thanks Zelena for showing him where he was wrong. She says that it's fine and soon history will be wiped clean. Rumple tells her that a gentleman always makes amends when he needs to and starts to kiss her. As it gets uncomfortably heated (because EWWW) he tries to grab the dagger. She catches on and tells him that he just threw away his chance to get 'his son' back. Rumple says that 'his son' gave his life so that he could stop her. He sees only one way to honour that and it means killing Zelena. Zelena orders him back to the cage. Sigh... again his name is NEAL (or Baelfire whichever, but HE HAS A FREAKING NAME).

Snow saw a doctor, and was cleared. Her and the baby are both fine. She goes to help Regina clean up. They have a nice heart to heart here. They talk about how complicated their past actually is. Snow and Regina actually bury the past, and agree to move forward to defeat Zelena. Snow tells Regina that she does have a resilient heart, and that they will win. They talk about Regina's feelings and how Snow sees that Regina feels things deeply even without her heart. She tells Regina to not let anything hold her back.

Regina rushes off to see Robin. He again apologizes and promises to get her heart back. It turns into kissytimes which they are both totally into.

So with the teased time travel, and the tantalizing possibility of Baelfire coming back, do you think we'll see him? I have a feeling that it might be young Bae we see, if anything. Who knows. It is kind of annoying that they WON'T EVEN SAY HIS NAME. Sigh. If Rumple goes back to the moment where he let Bae go in the portal and chooses to hold on this time... it changes EVERYTHING. *wishes for Baelfire to be alive, even if young Bae*

Next week's preview showed Aurora being back. Interesting to see what is up with her, and Phillip since I am pretty sure they were hiding something.  Only a few weeks left before the finale. Also, HOW CUTE ARE REGINA AND ROBIN?!

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  1. Poor Robin. He felt SOOOO bad that he had to give up the heart. But no one in their right mind could blame him for putting his child first, not even Regina. And poor Rumple, he totally didn't want to have to threaten the boy. I hate Zelena! I'm SO glad Regina finally kissed Robin. They are SO stinking cute together!

    For Cora to be so cunning, she sure was naive about the guy pretending to be the prince. Duh. Also, her reasoning for giving Zelena up and leaving her in the woods was SO insanely selfish. But Cora always was selfish.

    It would be SUPER awesome if they could talk to Neal. Sigh.

    With Emma getting the hang of the magic thing, I wonder if she is going to be the one that single-handedly defeats the Wicked Witch. Hmm.

    Is it just me, or has Hook been super crabby all season?? I think that there is even more weighing on his mind than what we already know of.

    I'm super curious about Ava now. What happened to turn her from the girl that told on Cora, to the mom she was before she died? Remember when she got on to Snow for talking down to the help. SOMETHING had to have happened, and I want to know what changed her.

    Also, are the Snow/Regina interacts lately just super sweet? I'm so glad that they are starting to form some kind of relationship.

    So, I felt like Rumple may have been tempted by Zelena's offer that he go back and find Neal again in the past. Unfortunately, I don't really see how the writers can pull this off without losing just about all of the main characters. (Regina, Snow, Emma and Henry not even being born?)

    I'm ready for the finale already. I haven't liked the whole Wicked Witch storyline from the beginning, and it's really starting to bore me. Hopefully the next three weeks will go by quickly. I just want answers. And I haven't given up hope that we will see Neal again. ;)

    Until next week!


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