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Once Upon A Time - A Curious Thing

Enchanted Forest - Flashback

Regina is not impressed that Snow and Charming want to announce their pregnancy NOW. She sneers that there is a wicked witch on the loose. Charming seems to think it'll rally their people. As they are discussing this a distraught Belle comes up. She's going to tell them about Neal's death right? *sniff* Belle does tell them about Neal's death and that Rumple is back. Regina's gleeful "Rumple's alive?" is contrasted with Snow's melancholy "Neal's dead?". I totally get that Regina is excited to have someone help her with the witch though. Belle admits that she is unsure about either of these things (Rumple being alive, Neal being dead) because Rumple absorbed Neal and it's confusing. She tells them about Zelena getting the dagger which, as expected, does not go over well.

Aurora says that perhaps now is not the time to announce the pregnancy. She's hiding something major. Snow scoffs that they have to do it. They don't want to give into fear, and they want to give their people hope. Charming points out that they don't know what Zelena wants. Aurora says that they do know, and what she wants is Snow's baby. Philip and Aurora tell them that Zelena threatened their baby if they didn't tell her when Snow and the rest showed up. Zelena told them that Snow's baby will be important. They apologize for their part in all this just as the witch herself shows up. She claims that she makes good on her promises and turns Philip and Aurora into monkeys! What the heck, Zelena. I hate her.

Snow tells Zelena to stay away from her baby, which gets her frozen. Charming tells Zelena to stay away from his wife, and that results in him being frozen. Regina is quick to point out that this is really between them, which (as you guessed) gets her frozen. That leaves Belle left unfrozen. Zelena creepily goes to check on Snow's baby. Tells her it'll work out quite nicely, and for Snow to take care of the baby, as she'll be back for the happy day. UGH!


Grumpy comes to give a report. They can't find anything to destroy the witch with. Snow laments that it is happening again. She's pregnant and someone is threatening her child. Regina says that to be fair she was really threatening Snow herself, everyone else was just in the way. Grumpy wants to know why everyone forgave Regina. She says it's because she's helping. Regina asks them how they had a head start on her last curse. They said it was because Rumple warned them. Regina wants to get Rumple and have him help. Grumpy is not part of this plan that involves sneaking into the Dark One's castle where the witch currently is ("the name is Grumpy, not stupid"). Snow says it's the only way. Regina realizes that Belle might know a way in since she lived there. Belle says she doesn't. Robin Hood offers that he does, as he broke in before. Regina is hilarious here and wants to know why they are listening to Robin because "he's a thief". Oh Regina, you'll be playing kissy face with him soon enough. They bicker and it's awesome. She snips that he shouldn't still be there. He snips back that he's there to save her ass, and tells her about the deadly traps at Rumple's castle. Regina snarls that her magic is way more powerful than any traps. Yup, 100 percent shipping them. Snow puts her foot down and says Robin is coming, end of discussion.

Storybrooke - Present

More kissytimes for Robin and Regina. She wants to know what he sees in her. He says that it's the same thing she sees in him - a second chance. He tells her that she's "quite a good kisser" she shoots back that he should 'just wait until she has her heart back'. Oh, these two. SO FREAKING CUTE. He wants to know what not having a heart is like. Regina tries to explain, but says it's difficult. Robin offers to let her 'use his heart for the both of them'. Henry walks in on them kissing, and it's awkward. Regina is sad that Henry doesn't remember her, and as she's leaving to go help everyone Robin kisses her one last time.

Regina shows up at the Charming's house. Snow quips that if she didn't know any better she'd think Regina was smitten. Regina tosses back "if I didn't know any better I'd swear Hagen Daz was smitten with your stomach'. Regina is the queen of one liners this episode because when Emma asks if they should wait for Hook, Regina says she doesn't have time to wait for the 'handless wonder'. Regina wants to destroy her sister. Emma wants to know why they were brought back to Storybrooke. What was the point. Regina thinks what they should be asking is HOW because Zelena had to give up the thing you love most. I am calling it. Hook cast this curse. He destroyed the Jolly Rodger in order to enact it. It was not Zelena. She doesn't love anything, except maybe Rumple, and Regina points this out. Emma is like "You didn't love much either Regina, and you manged". Charming points out that maybe it was necessity because they discovered a way to stop her during the missing year. Fair point, Charming. Totally plausible. Snow agrees and they realize that they need to break this curse and says it's good that they have the saviour. Emma says that all she had to do last time was kiss Henry and believe in magic. Regina says that it's HENRY. Henry has to believe. Emma doesn't seem into it, but Regina wants to do it. Regina asks what made Emma start to believe. Emma says it was the book Henry had. Regina says it's what got Henry to believe originally too, and wants to get him the book again. She seems happy he will remember her. Emma says that Henry remembering may not be a gift. Henry's gone through a lot (and LOST  HIS FATHER!). Regina says that there are good things too. Snow agrees with Regina, and Emma relents. I am excited we are going to see the book again!

Zelena is meeting someone. A car drives up. Oh, just Rumple who has Hook in the trunk of the car. Why does Zelena have a rose? She pushes Hook about not kissing Emma yet. She tells him that she he has until Snow's baby is born to kiss Emma or she's going to start killing people. She'll start with Henry. She throws the rose on top of Hook and tell him that if he doesn't kiss Emma soon, the next rose will be for Henry's grave. YOU KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF HENRY! Zelena really wants Emma's magic gone. She must be able to do something that Zelena needs not to happen.

Enchanted Forest - Flashback

Robin and Regina are still bickering. It's kind of hilarious. They get into the castle and find Rumple spinning straw. He's insane, and speaking in riddles. Rumple says he was so much better when he was dead, and mentions having two minds (*sniff* Neal). Snow asks for his help and Rumple says 'round and round the circle of time racing towards the finish line'. I think it'll end in a race between Emma and Zelena to see who will get to Ava first. I think Rumple is honestly telling them what they need to do. Belle wants to try to reach him by talking to him. She goes to talk to him (and I am sure I am going to cry). She holds his hand and asks how to stop Zelena and he replies by telling her to get 'light magic' (AKA Good Witch of the South). He says that she was banished 'north of the dark forest'. Snow asks how they will find her and Rumple clams up and pulls his hand way from Belle. THIS IS WHY YOU LET BELLE DO THE TALKING, SNOW! Robert Carlyle must have LOVED these scenes. He's totally stealing them.

Storybrooke - Present

Charming says that Belle does not have the book in the shop after getting off the phone. Snow tells them the story of how the book first showed up. Regina wants to go check Snow's closet. Emma goes to check on Henry who is with Grumpy. Henry gets mad. Wants some answers. He wants to know if this is all about Neal's death. Henry calls her out, says she's been lying to him this whole time. Emma tells him that she is his mother, and she knows best. Oh, Emma. Henry is not going to like this. As predicted, he asks for Emma's keys since he would like his video game if he's 'going to be a prisoner'.  My mind immediately jumps to Neal telling Emma that she could have just asked for the keys when she stole the yellow bug with him in it. *sniff*. Snow's face when Emma yelled at Henry though - she's totally disappointed (as is Regina). I don't believe for one second Henry is going to sit there and behave. This is Henry. He does go back to the room, but leaves and hops into Emma's car. Hook catches him and asks where he is going. Henry admits he's going home. Hook says he can't let Henry do that since Henry can't drive. He tells Henry that he has a better way to get out of Storybrooke. Hook, DO NOT help Henry run away. Or do, because Emma will not talk to you ever again (never mind kiss you).

Back at the Charming's everyone is looking for the book with no luck. Snow finds it after searching something Emma just looked through. Regina immediately looks through the book to see whose heart Zelena crushed. Snow and Emma talk, because Emma isn't herself right now. Emma admits she doesn't want this for Henry. Snow asks if Emma is really leaving after Zelena is defeated. Emma says yes, she's taking Henry back to New York. Snow figures out that is why Emma didn't find the book. She doesn't want Henry to get his memories back. Emma says she'll do it to break the curse, but she wants it to be easier on Henry. Snow tells her that New York wasn't home because Emma forgot about them. Emma looks sad.

Enchanted Forest - Flashback

Regina does not appreciate Snow and Charming's cuteness. They find a door at the edge of the dark forest. Snow realizes it matches the riddles Rumple was telling them. She opens the door and walks through, Charming quickly follows. Regina tries, but cannot because she is not pure of heart.

Snow and Charming meet The Good Witch of the South. She tells them Regina couldn't enter because her heart is full of vengeance. Only good witches can pass through. Snow is quick to point out that she's not a witch. Glinda says that she knows who Snow is, and she is pure (plus she's carrying a second pure heart with the baby and all, so that's extra special). Glinda reminds me of Jennifer Morrison. They look a little similar. They ask her for help with Zelena. Apparently Glinda was once friends with Zelena. She tried to prevent her from going dark, but failed. Glinda tells them that she gave Zelena a pendant to help control her magic, and her power now resides in it. They have to remove Zelena's pendant but only the person with the strongest light magic can accomplish this. My money is on Emma being that person. Oh, yup. Glinda says it's created from true love. Snow puts it together. They need Emma. Charming points out she's not in this land. Glinda says that's too bad basically. Snow is quick to point out that there is a way. Did Snow cast this curse?! That would be insane. Charming doesn't want her to do this, but Snow says they must. What would Snow have sacrificed though?

Regina thinks Snow is insane. Regina says she can't enact it because it would mean killing Henry. Snow says there has to be another way. Regina points out she wouldn't have killed her father if there were another way. Charming starts bringing up portals, beans, etc. Regina shuts them down. Says that when she cast the curse to bring them all back to the Enchanted Forest, it created a wall that prevents them from going back. The dark curse really is the only way. Charming says that Snow can cast it. She can kill him, using his heart. Snow tells him that she needs him, and the baby needs him, so no. They will find another way.

Storybrooke - Present

Emma realizes Henry is gone. Regina wants to do a locator spell. Emma's quicker and checks out the GPS location on Henry's phone. He's at the docks.

Hook is introducing Henry to Smee (who immediately asks out Peter Pan because of the movie). So Hook's plan is to get Henry out of Storybrooke so Zelena can't kill him? I get the sentiment, but Emma is still going to be pissed (so is Regina). Henry is totally okay with them stealing a boat if it means getting him back to New York. Flying monkeys come and they run to the boat house. Hook sends Henry and Smee out the back while h e goes after the monkeys. Hook shoots one. OMG THEY ARE KILLING PHILLIP AND AURORA! STOP! Emma and the gang show up and help to kill more monkeys (stop murdering the dwarves). Henry is freaked out and wants answers. Emma promises it'll make sense soon. She is going to tell him the truth. She asks if Henry trusts her. She tells him to believe in magic. She tells him that it's more than just a book. Henry says he believes in her and takes the book from Emma. It makes Henry remember EVERYTHING. He calls both Regina and Emma mom and I start to cry as everyone is hugging. Regina tells Emma to go ahead and break the curse. Emma goes to kiss Henry but Zelena shows up and magics him over to herself. She asks her wants to say goodbye to Henry first. Henry wants to know who she is. She tells Henry to call her Auntie Zelena. Regina is like 'Enough of this already' and goes to walk towards Zelena but gets zapped with magic. Emma tells Zelena that Henry had nothing to do with this. Zelena tells Emma not to blame her. It's Hook's fault for failing her. Emma wants to know what Zelena is talking about. Zelena says that Hook knew the price of him failing (meaning Henry's death). As Zelena starts to choke Henry, Emma uses some powerful magic to burn Zelena causing her to release Henry. He runs to Emma, and Zelena snarls that they should enjoy this moment together and promises that they don't have many left. Henry runs over to Regina who is knocked out.

Enchanted Forest - Flashback

They made the potion and now they need the heart to complete the curse. Charming tells Snow that she has to do this. He needs her to think of the baby. Charming is giving some pretty speech about how the baby will know him because of Snow (Shut up, Charming). They have a really heartbreaking goodbye. I am crying even though I know this doesn't happen. Regina is going to take his heart away and Snow is going to crush it. Regina actually rips it out. Snow tells Charming she loves him, more than anything. He tells her to crush his heart. Tears are streaming down my face and this doesn't even happen. WHAT? SHE CRUSHES IT? WHAT?! How is Charming alive in present day?! WHAT?! Zelena shows up now, and pretty much wrecks the potion. She tells them that Charming died for nothing. Regina says it can't be stopped when Snow starts to panic that Charming died for nothing. Zelena admits she cant stop it, but can spice it up a bit. She adds the memory element to the potion so they forget everything. She tells Snow that she won't even remember Charming's sacrifice, and they won't be able to stop her because they'll be too busy trying to piece it all together. She tells Regina to pay attention because "this is how you take away a happy ending". Ugh, Zelena is the worst, Charming's not dead though. We know this. What happened? Regina, do something.

Storybrooke - Present

Henry is screaming at Regina to wake up. She does, and they have another reunion. Very sweet and touching. She tells Henry that he's never going away again, and that she loves him. She kisses Henry on the forehead and the curse breaks! I love that. The motherly true love kiss breaking the curse just like when Emma did it back in season one. So everyone remembers the missing year now, right? Emma wants to know how Zelena cast the curse now that they can remember. Snow tells her that THEY did it, not Zelena. They fill Emma in on the whole 'light magic defeating Zelena' thing. Emma looks overwhelmed. Doesn't this mean that Charming should be dead though? Emma asks that very question.

Enchanted Forest - Flashback

Snow wants Regina to split her heart in half so both her and Charming can survive. WHAT?! How does that even make sense. Regina asks how that will even work. Snow says she believes it will and begs Regina to do it. Regina says that if Snow is wrong she'll die. Snow is crazy and says that she should do it anyways. Regina does and tears the heart in two. She puts half in Snow and half in Charming. Snow seems okay. Charming eventually comes back too, and they kiss as the curse begins to work. So basically Snow and Charming share one heart now. I wonder if one dies if the other will? I imagine so

Henry and Regina are talking about New York. It's very cute. Henry is proud of his math skills. Henry wants to know all about the man who was kissing Regina. Regina relents and tells Henry a little about Robin. Henry is excited because, duh, a young boy is going to LOVE Robin Hood. Robin walks in and Henry declares it 'awesome'. that he and Regina are dating. I seriously love Regina and Robin together. Why is Henry not freaking out about his father though? This is not okay writers.

Emma corners Hook and wants answers. She wants to know why Zelena said what she said. Asks about kidnapping Henry. Hook admits that was his idea and his way of saving Henry. Emma wants to know what Zelena is doing. Hook tells her that Zelena cursed him (his lips to be exact) because she felt he was the best person to get rid of Emma's magic. Emma says it should have been her choice to protect Henry. She tells Hook that it doesn't matter what Zelena did. She can't trust him again. Snow and Charming come over and say she's right not to trust Hook. They bring up his previous lies. They said they never sent a message to Emma via Hook like Hook said. Hook swears he got one. Wants to know who else would know where to find the saviour, and who else would have the potion. Hmm.. I still want to know what happened to the Jolly Rodger.

Enchanted Forest - Flashback

We see Zelena making a potion. Could it be her that sent Hook the note? Why would Zelena want Emma there though? It makes no sense because she wanted to keep Emma away. It is the same potion. She drinks it to remember her plans and the spell she wants to use because as Rumple points out she can't cast the spell if she doesn't remember it. She gives Rumple a bottle and tells him to drink it if he wants to, or he can stumble around blind like the rest of them. So, Rumple sends it. I bet it was Neal coming through. OMG. They are going to tease us with Baelfire. He sent the potion. He got Emma back. He is the reason that Emma can save everyone. Tears. I have so many tears right now. Neal ties the letter and potion to a bird, tells the bird to find Killian and lets it go. Neal is sucked back into Rumple's body. So I am guessing this is the last time we'll see Neal, like ever. *rages* Now I want to know why they couldn't just have Neal come out, have Rumple give Zelena's name and have Neal go back inside Rumple. It's obviously possible. It just makes me more mad. There was away around this that didn't mean Neal's death.

Emma and Henry at Neal's grave. Emma tells Henry that Neal was a hero, and that he didn't give a second thought to sacrificing himself for Henry and for all of them. Henry is sniffling. Henry wants to know if it was hard to come back. So that's it? Moving on from Neal? Good to know. Henry's father dies, and Henry barely reacts. That's awesome, writers. Emma tells him that she heard his voice in her head, that she knew how Henry would have voted if given a chance. He tells her Operation Cobra is back on. Emma says that is unsure it ever ended. Operation Cobra was bringing back everyone's happy ending. WHY DOESN'T NEAL GET ONE? Magic ruined his life (and yes, I am a broken record). Snow and Charming are watching this from nearby and Snow goes into labour. Baby Snowflake is coming!

Next week, as per the promo we get to meet Dorothy! FUN! Oh, and there are only two episodes left in this season. The question of the night though is - where is the Jolly Rodger?!

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  1. I can't believe that Zelena turned Philip and Aurora into monkeys. That's messed up.

    Regina and Robin are definitely cute together, and Regina is definitely smitten. I hope we get to see more of them in the next season.

    Haha, I love Regina's reaction to the Charmings and the flowers, as well as the look on her face when she couldn't go through the door. Priceless.

    Hook-- sending off Emma's kid without her knowledge, even if you are trying to save him, is not the way to earn her affections. That would make me stark raving mad if someone did that with my child. And just because Hook didn't cast the spell, I still think that he is up to SOMETHING.

    SO FREAKING GLAD that Henry finally remembers everything now. It's about time. I'm glad that it was Regina this time that broke the curse by kissing Henry. She loves him just as much as Emma, and I'm really glad they finally proved that.

    Neal sent Emma the potion to remember!!! I am so beyond proud of him for doing that, and it just goes to show how much he cares for her, and knows that she is the only one that can save the day. So much faith.

    Once again... I am so over this storyline already. I'm starting to feel the same way that I did with the Peter Pan storyline, they are dragging it out waaaay too long, and I'm really starting to lose interest. I am curious to meet Dorothy, however. Two more episodes. They better step it up. Seriously.


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