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Once Upon A Time - It's Not Easy Being Green

I am still angry. Upset. I can not believe that the reason for the entire show was killed off last week. Rumple had Regina cast the curse so he could find Baelfire. Bae is the catalyst for EVERYTHING. Also, the poor kid (and eventually man) sacrificed and sacrificed and doesn't get a happy ending? Is this a show about hope or not? because right seems like it's not. It seems like being a good person gets you nothing, and being a villain gets you everything. *rage*

On with this week's show were apparently Neal gets a funeral that is interrupted by the Wicked Witch. Can't wait *eye roll*


So we quickly see that Zelena is not originally from Oz (at least it very much appears she just appeared there). A nice couple took her in, and baby Zelena showed her magic capabilities by knocking over a tree. After the husband expresses his concerns about a baby that can do magic, the wife insists they keep her. They name her Zelena (so Cora didn't even name her? Ouch) and head off down the yellow brick road to the Emerald City. Oh, and Zelena wasn't green as a baby! What happened to turn her green?!

PRESENT - Storybrooke

I can't watch this. *cries all the tears* Sigh... I am not even going to snark on the fact that Hook gets to put the first shovel of dirt into the grave because this is too sad. It should have been Henry, Rumple, or Emma. Rumple isn't even able to be there!! GRRRR. Seriously, THE REASON FOR THE SHOW, PEOPLE! THE WHOLE REASON FOR THE SHOW. Emma looks devastated and grabs the swan necklace. Love this so much.

Rumple is crying and broken. My heart. I can't. Zelena comes to pour salt into the wound, asking Rumple if Baelfire was worth all the trouble since he died anyways. Rumple replies that Bae was worth every bit of it. This feels incredibly final. The shot of Emma with the shovel, Rumple here. It just feels like there won't be a magic fix this time, no matter how much I want one. I also, sadly, think that's the most we're going to get...*sigh* It's not like Baelfire isn't important or anything.


So the father Zelena told Rumple about is the 'adoptive' father. He isn't very kind to her. He doesn't like her magic, and calls her wicked. He claims that she drove him to drink. He's awful to her and she tells him that if she caused him that much trouble, she'll leave. She is going to see the Wizard of Oz to get him to provide her with a family that cares about her.

PRESENT - Storybrooke

Emma is pissed. She's throwing those darts like she means it. Hook has to come over and tell her that there are better was to grieve Baelfire, like rum. Emma says no thanks, she likes anger. She wants to get Zelena, for Henry especially. Emma thinks that if she says anything good about Neal to Henry it'll just come across like she's trying to make Henry feel better. Hook immediately offers to talk to Henry about Neal. THE GUY WHO HANDED HIM OVER TO PAN. Seriously, writers? Hook, of course, leaves that part out. Emma looks so grateful that Hook will talk to Henry. I can't. I seriously...just no. They might as well be screaming "HOOK AND EMMA FOREVER". They just barely buried Neal. Sigh.

Oh Tink! Yay! She comes and wants to talk to Regina about Robin. Robin comes over and wants to make sure Regina isn't upset with him. She assures him that he's not. As Robin leaves, Tinkerbell snarks at Regina that she should have talked to him the first time she saw him. She tells Regina that if she had life might have been very different. Tink is frustrated because Regina is still closed off, and storms off. I love Tink.

Charming asks Emma how she is. She's obviously not well. Zelena shows up and wants to make a speech to honour Baelfire, since she is responsible for his death (can she die now?!) and Emma wants to attack. Snow tells her no, that too many people will be hurt. Charming tells Zelena to stay away from them, and protectively puts his hand over Snow's stomach. Zelena sneers that she's not there for the anyways. Why does she want Snow's kid?! Regina wants to know why Zelena is there. Zelena tells her that since her cover is blown, she wanted to come see her little sister. I forgot that Regina wouldn't remember finding that out. Regina says she's an only child. Zelena tells her that Cora lied, they're half sisters. Zelena says that she brought Regina a gift. This sad day. She wants Regina to use it to dig into their past and find out the truth. She wants Regina to meet her in the town square for a showdown. Regina snaps that this isn't the 'wild west' and Zelena says 'no, dearie, it's the wicked west'. Zelena invites everyone to come see Regina lose and leaves taunting Regina with 'see you tonight, sis'.

Everyone immediately starts to question Regina about Zelena and if it could be true. Regina insists she's never met Zelena before. Granny quickly reminds them that anything could have happened during that missing year, so perhaps Regina pissed off Zelena during that. Regina gets huffy and walks out determined to find out what happened.

Henry and Hook are going on a boat. Doesn't look like the Jolly Rodger. He tells Henry that he knew Neal before either of them met Emma.


Zelena goes to the palace to meet the Wizard. ARE WE GOING TO GET TO SEE THE WIZARD?! I am excited. He knows that she wants to find her family. He shows her what she wants to see in a portal/looking glass on the floor. The wizard tells her that Cora gave birth to her in another land, and a cyclone struck and carried her to Oz. Zelena wanted to know why her mother abandoned her. The Wizard says it was because having a baby would have prevented Cora from becoming royalty. The Wizard also shows Zelena that she has a sister. He says that Regina became Queen and gave Cora what she wanted. Zelena sees Rumple in the portal/looking glass and demands to know who he is. The Wizard tells her that Rumple is a powerful wizard. The Wizard tells her that Regina has magic too, but hasn't been able to develop it. Zelena is shocked to hear that magic is a gift. She's immediately jealous, and says that Rumple should be teaching her, not Regina. She wants to go where they are. The Wizard gives her some silver shoes and tells her to click her heels together three times and they'll take her where she wants to go. He wants her to bring him something that belongs to Rumple in exchange for the shoes. He also warns her that she needs to be careful. It's one thing to want to know about your past, but don't become envious of things you cannot have.

She clicks her heels and ends up in Rumple's castle. She performs magic as Rumple walks into the room. He wants to know who she is. She explains that she's Cora's daughter. He yanks out a piece of her hair and proves with a potion that she is in fact Cora's daughter. I was hoping there was a twist to this but it seems that Zelena isn't lying.

PRESENT - Storybrooke

Snow, Emma, and Regina are at Regina's vault. Snow and Emma ask if Regina's found anything. Emma mentions that Charming has blocked off the town square in case the 'show down' actually happens. Regina finds a letter and declares that Zelena's not lying and rushes out.

Emma and Snow go find Charming, Tink and Belle. They are making plans to help Regina. Emma says that they can't interfere because of the fact that Zelena controls Rumple. They discuss the fact that Regina took off, and it appears that Zelena is in fact Regina's sister. Emma says that they need to take Rumple out of the equation to give Regina a fighting chance. They need to get back his dagger. Belle says it might be possible for her to get through to Rumple without the dagger. Emma says that it's worth a try.

Regina is by herself reading the mysterious letter. Robin comes and quips that they need to stop meeting like this. She immediately wants to know if Emma, Charming and etc sent him. He says no. He was patrolling the woods as a precaution after Zelena's threats. He asks her what is in the letter. He actually pick pocketed it from Regina. I LOVE it. She quips that he's lucky she's saving her strength for the witch. Robin tells her that she wants to talk about the letter. Regina relents and even lets him read it. It's a letter from Rumple, I think. He was telling Cora that her 'first born' is stunning, powerful with magic (even more powerful than Cora) and it's quite complimentary. Robin asks what the issue is. Regina admits that she turned to that letter for comfort in her dark moments. She thought it was about her. Robin asks her why she cares what 'that imp' thinks. Regina says if Rumple thinks Zelena is stronger than Regina can't win. Rumple taught her everything, and would know. I love how vulnerable Regina is letting herself be with Robin. It's sweet.


Rumple and Zelena are walking together. He tells her about the curse, and how he's seen that Cora's daughter would be the one to cast it (again, THE REASON FOR THE ENTIRE SHOW PEOPLE!). He thought it was Regina, but now he's not so sure. He tests Zelena's magic with a blindfolded game of hide and seek. He tells her to use her emotions to tap into it. It's successful when Zelena starts to use the hurt and anger at being given up, Regina getting everything, etc and she catches him. He is trying to get Zelena to balance the anger with happiness. She wants to know what happy memory Rumple uses. He tells her about the spinsters who took him in, and it's a rather sweet story. Zelena tells him after that her moment is when he agreed to train her. It made her feel wanted for the first time.

PRESENT - Storybrooke

Emma, Belle and others go to the farm house. Emma gives Belle the all clear to go into the cellar and talk to Rumple. Belle runs down to free him. He tells her to leave as he doesn't want to be ordered to hurt her. Belle beseeches him to try to fight it. She doesn't believe that he'd hurt her. She coaxes him closer and they almost share a moment before Zelena shows up. She teases that she was enjoying the show. Rumple tells Belle to run, and she does. She tells everyone outside it was a trick. Rumple comes out of the cellar doors and tells them that if they interfere again that he will kill them.

Hook and Henry are having a campfire. Henry wants to talk about Neal. Hook shows Henry a sextant and explains how it works. Henry wants to know what that has to do with his father. Hook tells him that he taught Neal to use it to navigate just like he'll teach Henry. Henry asks if they were in the Navy or something together. Hook says that Neal was just a boy when he taught him. Henry is all "But you guys were the same age". Way to go, Hook. Henry says that the more they tell him, the more confusing things get. He doesn't want to learn to navigate, he just wants to hear something about his father. Something that doesn't make Neal sound made up. Henry is having a hard time with his father being gone (me too, Henry. Me too). Hook tells Henry that he taught Neal to navigate because he had just lost his father. He thought the sea would help Neal deal with that. Henry immediately latches on to the fact that his father lost his father as well. Hook is trying to tell Henry the truth without right out telling him. Tells Henry that Neal lost his father to something dark and evil when he was around Henry's age. He tells Henry that he is a lot like Neal. This gets a nice smile out of Henry. WHY CAN'T NEAL COME BACK?! THAT BOY DESERVES TO KNOW HIS FATHER.

We cut to Zelena getting ready for her fight with Regina.


Zelena makes a meat pie for Rumple. He says he can't stay. He has to go give Regina a magic lesson. Zelena gets upset, and starts yelling. Rumple tells her to take her father's advice and 'put on a good face' because her inside's are starting to show. She's literally turning green from jealousy.

PRESENT - Storybrooke

Charming is trying to clear the town square when Zelena arrives. She tells him that nobody is going anywhere. Zelena has Rumple in tow. She demands to know where Regina is. Claims Regina is a coward and that she has 5 minutes or Zelena will turn the Dark One loose on them. Poor Belle. She looks so sad.

Zelena says Regina's time is up. Emma offers to fight Zelena herself. Zelena scoffs and says she doesn't deal with amateurs. Emma is like "Hello, saviour here". Zelena tells Emma that she has an inflated sense of self worth and sends her flying. Zelena asks if anyone wants to be next. Regina says she does and walks into the town square. They snark at each other and Regina wants to know what she ever did to Zelena. Zelena's reply is basically that Regina was born (because Regina can really help that) and it earns her a punch in the mouth from Regina (that draws blood). Zelena sneers that Rumple can't save her this time.


Zelena sneaks up behind Regina in her bedroom and tells her that Rumple is wasting his time by teaching her. She ends up stabbing Regina in the neck, but Rumple reveals it was actually himself disguised as Regina. Zelena is upset that Rumple tricked her. She says that just wanted to show him that she was more powerful. He tells her that it was test, and one that she failed. He says that she disqualified herself, because the curse requires the person who is casting it to sacrifice the person they love most. Zelena says that she can totally do that. Rumple says that HE is what she loves most, so that is not going to work. Zelena laughs at the notion that she might love him. Rumple tells her it's okay, he creates that reaction in women. He tells her that Regina has the job. Her green spot grows larger and Rumples teases that she might want to get it checked out. She tells Rumple to forget the curse, she will figure out another way to get him what he wants. He says that unless she can take him to a land without magic, it's not possible. She says that she can (the silver shoes). Zelena is mad now though and she won't let Rumple use the shoes. She says that he chose Regina. She tells Rumple that he'll have to kill her to get the shoes. He goes to, and she flies off. Leaving him with a sneer of 'next time we meet you will choose me'.

PRESENT - Storybrooke

Zelena tells Rumple that he should have chosen her. Regina laughs and is pretty much like 'you're jealous of me? That's what this is about?!' I hear you, Regina. They have a fantastic fight filled with Zelena complaining that Regina had everything Zelena ever wanted. Zelena eventually throws Regina and she crashes through the clock tower window. Zelena magics herself up and taunts Regina some more. Regina tells her to go ahead and kill her. Zelena says she doesn't want to kill Regina, just destroy her. She tells Regina she needs her heart to do that. She tries to take it from Regina, but it's not there. Regina tells her that their mother taught Regina one thing - never bring your heart to a witch fight. I bet Robin is keeping it safe for her (*swoons*). Zelena gets mad, and yells that she will get Regina's heart, and everything Regina ever had. Sigh. I am already over her jealousy shtick. Zelena flies off on her broom. Emma's totally worried about Regina. I like them being friends.

Regina tells them that Zelena wanted her heart. They muse on why. Regina points out that she has Charming's courage, and wanted her heart. She says they are ingredients. Emma wants to know if they are ingredients to a curse. Snow points out that they are already in Storybrooke, and that they already lost their memories, so what else could Zelena do. Lots, Snow, lots.

Regina runs to find Robin. He is in fact guarding her heart. Regina gets it back, and tells Robin that Zelena is right about one thing. She doesn't always see what she has until it's too late. She didn't always appreciate things. She gives him her heart for safe keeping. He asks her if she would really trust something so valuable to a common thief. She tells him that he can't steal something that's been given to him. She literally just gave him her heart. I love this relationship. Too bad I am still pissed at the way they handled Neal's death because I would be all about Robin and Regina together. Robin reminds her that they still have to have a drink together, and Regina smiles.

Henry and Hook come back. Henry seems glad to have gone, and wants to go again. After Emma gets Henry inside, she talks with Hook. She thanks him for taking Henry. He tells Emma that Henry has to know about his father, and remember everything. She just thanks him again, and walks inside.

Zelena is with Rumple. She tells him Regina is smart, but she is going to find Regina's heart. Rumple tells her that all of this isn't going to change anything. He'd still pick Regina if he had to do it again. She taunts him by saying that they'll just have to wait and see. She tells him that she isn't casting a curse, but a second chance.


Zelena goes to the Wizard again. She tells him to send her to the moment where her mother abandoned her. She wants to prevent it from happening. The Wizard laughs and tells her that it is impossible. She throws something at the screen, and it comes crashing down. It reveals that the Wizard is Walsh (yup, monkey Walsh). He doesn't have magic. He is originally from Kansas. She tells him that she has no use for him in that case. She wants someone to obey her, and turns him into a monkey. I bet that Emma will help Walsh break this curse. Zelena really wants to change the past. She sees that Rumple is telling Regina that she is the best pupil that he ever had. She turns fully green and sneers that when she done Regina won't have even been born.

So, she basically wants to make it so that Regina never existed right? If she succeeds that means everything changes. Can Neal come back in that case? Please.


  1. I really, really don't care for where the storyline is going right now. I thought the Wicked Witch would be cool to watch, but geez, she's a bit dramatic. I can't say that I really care for her at all. And I feel SOOO bad for Rumple, that he's being controlled by this demented witch.

    I also didn't really care for the Hook/Henry interaction. Seriously, I can't shake the feeling that Hook is up to SOMETHING.

    The best part of the episode was definitely the Regina/Robin interactions, and that just may be the saving grace for the show. Maybe. I love when Tinkerbell is talking about the tattoo, and Regina tells her that she hasn't had time to 'gossip about boys'. haha ANd I love that she gave him her heart to hold. Aww.

    It was interesting to see where the green skin came from on Zelena. I can't say she didn't deserve it, the witch.

    I'm still holding onto hope that the whole Neal dying is a fake out, and that we will see him again soon. Fingers and toes crossed!

    1. My whole this is Baelfire/Neal is the reason for the ENTIRE show. How do you just get rid of him? Shipping stuff aside, he's important to the mythology of the show. *sigh*

  2. Ooh. Great summary and recap of the show! I didn't watch it last week and so much has happened! Well, tbh, I'm not super duper sad over Neal, because he wasn't my favorite character and all......and I actually like Hook. LOL. Okay. I think I need to watch this week's show to understand everything else. Haha. Great post!

    Cindy @ In This World of Books..

  3. I don't like being the bearer of bad news, but Neal isn't coming back :'( I read an article that interviewed the creators after last week's episode and they said he's dead-dead. I'm not pleased with it either, because as you said - whole reason behind the show!

    But anyway, I am all about Regina and Robin. So cute! I love that she's beginning to trust him more and find happiness in the love department. I'm very curious to know if anything happened between then during the missing year.

    Belle is breaking my heart though. Somebody get that dagger from Zelena. For real.

    As far as next week is concerned . . . ARIEL IS BACK!!!

    Andrea @ Bookish


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