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TV Talk With Kelly - Bates Motel

As you may know Kelly, from Kellyvision, and I are doing TV recaps. We recapped American Horror Story: Coven on her blog, and now we're recapping Bates Motel (season 2) on mine. Please note, this is more our reactions/thoughts than a true recap, and obviously there will be SPOILERS!

Kelly is everything in blue, and I am the other colour (is it brown? Whatever it is).


BATES MOTEL - Season 2, episode 6 - Plunge

Norma is jumpy now that the council guy is dead.

Oooh Norman. You in trouble. ‘I didn’t raise you to be all kids. I raised you to be better’. Norman thinks he’s a grown man. Haha. I can’t even. It’s such a teenage thing to say ‘BUT I AM AN ADULT’ as you stamp your feet like a child.

Agreed.  Norman, you’re never going to get what you want if you act like that.

Dylan’s new boss just picked him up from the hospital. She brought him to her house as a ‘safe house’. I feel sad that Dylan thinks Norma and Norman don’t care about him. I think they both love him, as much as they are capable of it. Also now that you've mentioned she’s from the original 90210 I totally recognize her.

I think Norman is more capable of it than Norma is.  And honestly, it’s not like it’s Dylan’s FAULT but I can understand how her feelings toward him are complicated.

Oh, Norma. This is not good. Do not go to the man who most likely killed the council guy to confront him. Norma wants out but I think it’s a little too late. She is going to make herself a strong and dangerous enemy. Norma just insinuated that he had something to do with council guy’s death. I fear for her safety (obviously we know she’s not going to die soon, because Psycho).

I don’t remember how old Norman was when he killed her, but I know that she was in a relationship at the time because Norman killed the guy, too.  (I hope that the BFF’s brother stays safe---although I think that the BFF is maybe not as great as we would hope.)  

And yes, Norma, tread lightly because that guy is not a good enemy.

Norma’s BFF wants Norma to run for council. It’s not a bad idea, and it means spending time with the cute guy.

Oh yeah. This girl and Dylan are going to hooking up before the end of the season (if she doesn't kill him first). I am not sure I would be drinking anything she gave me.

I’m not sure the two are mutually exclusive.  ;)  It easily could be both.  (Was she Claire on 90210? Because I've been calling her “Brandon’s ex.”)

I really need to learn these new people’s names. Emma and her new boy are still cute. “Enjoy your towels” “Oh, I will” SO CUTE. I still think Norman is a little jealous (wishful thinking maybe).

Oh, he is absolutely jealous.  He is just plagued with jealousy. :)  

I am laughing at Norma getting pissed off about Cody. Is this where she’s going to go off on her?! Please let it be so! Norma really doesn't like her and it’s just making Norman that much more determined to see Cody. Norman is having flashbacks. He totally has PTSD. I hate that Cody knows so much about this.

I’m waiting for it.  Because Cody is such a brat.

Is it weird that I think Norman is gentle and kind? Like for someone who has killed people and will people, I think he cares a lot. All these girls who are damaged come into his life and he wants to save them. Do you think it’s because he couldn't save Norma from what happened to her with her brother?

That’s a good thought.  I wouldn't be surprised.  I do love that juxtaposition between Norman as kind person and Norman as brutal killer.

Oh, this is awkward. Emma and her boy just walked in on Norman and Cody making out. Of course Cody wants pot.

I HATE CODY.  That is all.

Haha. Norma and Romero are my favourite BFFs. She wants to call him by his first name. ‘You’re not going to get that seat”. Haha. I really like this ‘friendship’. He just admitted he has seen her naked through her curtains. Perhaps more than friendship in their future? I don’t want it though. I like their friendship.

I like their friendship, too.  I also don’t want them to get into a relationship because Norma dies in a relationship.  And I like Romero.

Cody SHUT UP! Emma shouldn't do this. Norman is right. Something bad is going to happen, I know it. See. BAD THINGS HAPPEN WHEN YOU LISTEN TO CODY. SAVE HER NORMAN! I love Emma and Norman together. He’s so concerned and protective. Norman is pissed at Cody now. PISSED. I am swooning here. ‘I am here’. Awwww. Seriously, it’s wrong, but Norman can be really sweet.

I still hate Cody.  And I feel like she’s not as concerned as she should be when it went wrong.  You know?  If I encouraged to do something that literally nearly killed them, I’d be crying and apologizing and Cody was all, “Yeah, my bad.  Oops.  Sorry.”

So cute guy is going to help Norma win this seat. I approve. She needs a bit of fun, and this guy could provide her with some. Hopefully he’s as great as I think he is (you never know in this town though).

I assume everyone is evil.

So boss girl is putting Dylan in charge officially. Also, yup...totally hooking up eventually.

Cute guys is totally winning points with both me and Norma. He’s certainly charming.

So Dylan and boss girl hooking up happened WAY quicker than I expected. He’s totally hot though, so I don’t blame her.

Emma is such a sweetheart. Norman is awkward cute around her. Awww. I am loving all the Emma/Norman stuff this episode. I think Norman is worried about himself a little now. I think he is beginning to realize there is something wrong with him.

I really just want Emma and Norman together.

Awkward. So Nick is pushing for Norma to get this seat. I don’t understand why he needs Norma. He obviously has his own agenda and I am sure he’d do it with or without her. So why Norma? I think she’s going to get the seat because the mayor is straight up scared of Nick Ford.

I think Norma is going to be a pawn.  Does that make sense?  I think that he’s expecting that she’ll just do whatever he wants and vote however he wants her to.  Which is unfortunate for him, because Norma has thoughts and opinions.

Is Cody actually going to apologize? I am kind of shocked. OOOOOH! Cody is going to tell Emma about the fugue states. I feel this is Norman’s information to tell. I get that Cody is concerned about Norman but still. I wish someone would tell Norma. Maybe Emma will. It’s not that Norma doesn't know, but she doesn't know the extent.

I honestly don’t think that Cody is that concerned.  I think she’s mad that Norman yelled at her and she knows that if she tells Emma, Emma will tell Norma.  

Now that I know these episodes end on some kind of cliffhanger all the time, I am anxious when I get close to the endings. I am on edge the whole last few minutes.

Me too.  (I don’t like that we only have four episodes left, either.  Who decided a 10 episode season was a good idea?)

Norma got the seat! I figured as much. Um, tackling Norman on the bed….SO awkward. *shudder*

RIGHT?! That is not how moms act, Norma.

I am not so sure Norman should get his license. If he blacks out behind the wheel. Emma is going to tell Norma. This could change everything. Norma is obviously upset. I bet she’s mad Cody didn't say anything. And there goes Norma yanking Norman’s dream of a license from him (rightfully but he’s going to be bitter).

Oh, yeah, he’s going to be pissed.  (And he should be---not because he didn't get his license, which is a good call on Norma’s part---but because Cody is awful.)

One of these times Norman is going to grab the wheel and cause an accident. I am laughing at Norman’s hissy fit, but at the same time, it’s sad. I think Norma is overwhelmed. I would be.

Norman is upset with Cody. Cody’s father is a dead man. Norman is going to go into one of his states and kill him. This can’t end well.

Um, so that was kind of accidental right? He tried to get Cody’s dad away from her and pushed him down the stairs. Next week’s episode looks AMAZING (as usual).

It was definitely an accident.  Except it’s also the first time Norman knows he killed someone.  (We still don’t KNOW for sure who killed the teacher, right?  I bet we find out for sure that it wasn't Norman soon.)

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