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Once Upon A Time - Kansas

This is super late, I know. I haven't had time. So this will go up today and the finale recap will go up on the 20th (first empty date in my schedule). Let's finish up this season.

Storybrooke - Present

Snow is being rushed to the hospital. Snowflake is coming! Snowflake is coming!

Rumple is spinning straw into gold, like crazy. Zelena stops him and turns the gold into a replica of a brain. So she didn't need his actual brain. That's good. She says that she just needs one more ingredient and that's Snow and Charming's baby.

Oz - Flashback

Zelena is watching Regina's training and is getting grouchy and is obviously jealous of Regina. As she's pouting, Glinda comes into the Wizard's room. Zelena asks who she is and goes to attack. Glinda tells Zelena that she is there as a friend. Glinda is happy that Zelena turned Walsh into a monkey. She said it'll do him some good for being a trickster. She tells Zelena that she has a lot of power, and that she knows Zelena wants to change the past, but it's not possible. She beseeches Zelena to come meet her 'real sisters'. I bet these are the other witches  - East, South, and North.

Storybrooke - Present

Zelena is having Rumple dig something. Rumple tells her that she's going to fail basically. Zelena says she is certain she can do anything with the right ingredients. Rumple tells her that no matter what she changes in the past, she'll always be WHO she is, and that's a fate worse than anything basically. Zelena laughs at him. I really don't like her.

Emma is putting a protection spell around the hospital room. Hook comes up and says that he wants to help. Emma tells him that he and his cursed lips can get lost basically. She says if he wanted to help he would have told her. He says it would have been a death sentence for Henry if he shared that info. She tells him it's up to HER to protect Henry not him. She's wants to end this now, today. As she storming off Charming stops her. He tells her that she doesn't have to do this alone. Emma says that he has to stay with Snow. Charming agrees and tells her to take Hook. Is Charming insane? Hook needs to not have his lips anywhere near Emma's magic. Charming insists even after Emma asks the same question I just did. Charming says he understands why Hook did what he did. Emma says that of course he does because Charming knows all about secrets and lies. I like spunky Emma. In the end she takes Hook with her. Emma's magic will be gone before the end of the episode, I bet. Emma goes to say goodbye to Henry who trusts that she's totally got this. I love how proud he is of her here. So cute. Regina tells Emma that she'll keep Henry safe. Emma is determined, and I want her to kick Zelena's ass.

Henry is looking for apartments because he totally thinks they are staying in Storybrooke. It's sad that Emma wants to take him away from his family. He's talking to Archie about it, and Archie asks him to talk to Emma about it. Does Archie know Emma wants to leave? Interesting. It's a nice throw back to the therapy sessions they had together too.

Emma and Hook are having the same conversation they keep having. Emma says she wants to go back to New York. Her and Henry were happy. Hook tells her it wasn't real, and that she can't run from her family. Hook wants to know what Henry thinks of all this. She points out that she is his mother and she knows what is best for Henry. Hook says that she is using Henry as an excuse. She doesn't want to admit that she can see a happy future in Storybrooke. Emma snarks "Let me guess, with you?" and Zelena interrupts calling them 'adorable'. Emma tells Zelena that next time she wants to take her powers way that Zelena might try enchanting the lips of someone Emma would actually kiss (LOVE!). Zelena offers her a deal - she can get rid of the magic that she can't wait to run away from, or let Hook die. She has Rumple dunk Hook in a thing of water and hold him under.

Oz - Flashback 

Glinda and Zelena arrive at the 'heart of Oz' and Glinda introduces the other witches. Each witch has a specialty it seems, and Glinda tells Zelena that they are stronger together. Zelena assumes they are going to help her change the past, since they want to help her. Glinda says no. She offers her the remaining seat at the table. The seat of the West. West represents innocence Glinda explains. Zelena scoffs that she is not fit for the job as she's 'wicked'. Glinda says that she can choose to be good, and innocence reborn is just as powerful. Zelena thinks it's easier said than done. The other witches want Glinda to Zelena about the prophecy. Glinda relents. She tells Zelena about a protector that will arrive by cyclone who will protect them from a great evil. They think it's Zelena. Glinda urges her to let go of her past and embrace her destiny.

Storybrooke - Present

Emma pulls  Hook out of the water. She's understandably upset, and tries to revive him. She eventually gives in and does mouth to mouth. So there goes her magic. The curse works. So does that mean they are not true love? Shouldn't true love break any curse? Either way she saves Hook, and he realizes what happened and is horrified. At least he feels bad.

Oz - Flashback

Zelena is back at the Wizard's place. She checks in on Regina one more time, and tells her that she's 'over her'. Glinda appears and tells her that was nicely done. She gives Glinda a pendant that is pure white. She tells Zelena that it will harness and protect her power. If she looses the pendant she also looses her powers, but it'll help her grow as long as she wears it. It means she's one of the 'sisters' now. The pendant allows the green envy that has literally covered her skin to disappear. She thanks Glinda, but Glinda says it was all Zelena and that she let go of her envy. Sigh, this is so nice, and could have been good for Zelena. I wonder what happened to mess it all up. Dorothy I bet.

Storybrooke - Present

Zelena and Rumple are headed into the hospital. Grumpy goes running to warn everyone. Robin and the merry men are making a valiant stand to stop her, but she easily overtakes them with her magic. I hope Robin is back next season. I really like him. Belle tries to stand up to her, and tries to talk to Rumple. Zelena does something to Belle that makes her fall, and she snarls at Rumple that his choice in women has gone down hill. Heck no! Belle is the best. She's way too good and kind for Rumple. He's lucky to have her.

Regina sends Henry and Archie to go hide. She tries to stand up to Zelena, but is knocked on her butt for her trouble.

Oz - Flashback

Glinda and Zelena are outside when another cyclone appears. They go to investigate as they see something inside it. It's Dorothy. Zelena is going to be jealous of Dorothy I bet, since she might be mistaken for the saviour in the cyclone. They question Dorothy about where she's from. She mentions Kansas. Glinda tells her that if she survived that storm that she must be special. Tells Dorothy that everyone will be excited to meet her. Zelena half halfheartedly agrees.

Storybrooke - Present

Snow is in the last stages of delivering the baby. The lights flicker a bit (just like when Henry was born! Product of true love, baby) as the baby comes out. It's a boy! Awww. A little Prince. It's extra sweet because soon Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin will be welcoming a baby of their own. As soon as they get to hold the baby Zelena walks in, and freezes both Snow and Charming to steal the baby. She magics herself out of there with the baby as Snow starts to cry. GO SAVE YOUR SON CHARMING!

Oz - Flashback

Everyone is fussing over Dorothy, and Zelena is obviously jealous. Glinda realizes this and looks concerned. She goes to talk to Zelena. Zelena turns to show her that she's beginning to turn green with envy again. Glinda wants to know why Zelena is jealous of Dorothy. Zelena mentions they ways that Dorothy is superior to her, but it's all in Zelena's head. She points out that Dorothy is the saviour and is meant to banish the greatest evil. Zelena thinks that is her. Glinda tells her that it's what ZELENA thinks it means. She warns Zelena that it could be a self fulfilling prophecy and if she believes it she could become exactly that.

Storybrooke - Present

Charming jumps into action and goes after Zelena. Regina tells David to calm down. That he's going to get himself killed. Henry begs Regina to not let Charming get hurt. Emma walks in. Charming tells her that Zelena took her brother. Emma obviously feels guilty that she couldn't stop Zelena. Emma tells them that Zelena took her magic. Regina wants to know HOW that happened. Emma says it doesn't matter, and that they have to find another way to stop Zelena. Henry says that Regina could do it. She used light magic when she broke the curse by kissing Henry's forehead, so she should be able to do again. Henry gives the best pep talks. He rallies Regina and she's ready to kiss Zelena's butt after a show of support from Robin and the rest. Henry finishes it off by saying he believes in her, so she should believe in herself. Again, Henry is the best at pep talks.

Oz - Flashback

Zelena confronts Dorothy. Tells her that she's going to make sure Dorothy can't hurt her. Zelena goes after Dorothy with a fireball. Dorothy gets scared and throws a bucket of water at her. Zelena begins to melt until there is nothing left. Dorothy calls for Glinda in a panic as she feels bad. She keeps insisting it was 'just water'. Glinda looks at it as Dorothy is the one from the prophecy, and welcomes Dorothy to the sisterhood of witches. Dorothy says she wants to go home. Glinda tells Dorothy that only the wizard can do that, and he's now back to being a normal person since all Zelena's magic should be undone. They head off down the yellow brick road to find the wizard. As they head off, we see that Zelena is still very much alive and well.

Storybrooke - Present

Zelena puts the baby on the large symbol that her and Rumple carved into the ground. She tells Rumple that she is going to change time, and that he will choose her. Rumple says he will not, and that he'll find her no matter where she goes in time, and kill her.

As she begins to perform the spell Emma and the gang enter. Charming tells her that she hasn't won yet, and we see the baby's life force start to leave it's body. Regina enters and tells Zelena that she needs to stop. They are not going to let her succeed. Rumple is tossing everyone like they weigh nothing as Regina tries to get the pendant. Zelena is not concerned since Regina is just as dark as she is. Regina tells her she's wrong, and she channels some pretty impressive light magic and manages to get the pendant off of Zelena. The spell stops, and the baby is fine. So Zelena has no magic now! The baby is fine! The monkeys are back to being human (the ones not dead, obviously). Rumple wants to kill Zelena now. Regina is not having it though because she's all good now. Rumple wants vengeance for his son. Regina reminds him that heroes do not kill. Zelena scoffs at this, and Regina replies that today she is in fact a hero.

Oz - Flashback

Dorothy and Glinda arrive at the Wizard's place. Dorothy asks him if he can get her home. The Wizard agrees since Dorothy did free him from the witches' magic. He gives her the silver slippers and tells her how to get home (click your heels three times). Dorothy goes home. Glinda thanks him for his help, and tells him to show his true self. Its' revealed that it was Zelena. She is fully green, and her pendant is too. Zelena is determined to change her past. Glinda is just as determined to stop her. Zelena threatens to send her out of Oz and to the Enchanted Forest. Glinda begs her to reconsider and try to be 'good'. Zelena just says goodbye and sends Glinda off to her banishment. No surprise, since we knew she was banished.

Storybrooke - Present

They've locked her in a cell? Seriously, that's it? If she gets out and gets her magic back. I am thinking the should have let Rumple deal with her.

Zelena actually asks Regina to kill her and put her out of her misery. Regina says that she understands Zelena much more than Zelena thinks. They do have a lot in common. They both wanted things in life and both felt they didn't get what they deserved. Regina points out that if she succeeded in killing she would never have gotten Henry. She tells Zelena that she is giving her a second chance, and she implores her to take it. She reminds Zelena that evil isn't born, it's made. She urges Zelena to create a new destiny or else Regina will really crush her heart. Regina leaves to put the pendant somewhere safe (thank you!). Regina locks it up in her heart vault. That's a solid plan I guess.

Rumple and Belle reunion! This makes me happy. Basically the best part of the episode right now. They are super cute. Belle sees the good in him. Rumple doesn't understand why she continues to support him. Belle says it's because she loves him. She hands him the dark one dagger (which Regina gave her. Character growth people). Belle wants to give it to him because she believes in him. She asks him to promise her that he won't go after Zelena though. Rumple agrees because it means she trusts him. He wants to show that he trusts her just as much and asks her to hold onto the dagger for him. He asks her to marry him! Belle, of course, says yes. It's perfect and sweet! I can't wait for the wedding. She really will be Mrs Gold.

Charming brings the baby back to Snow, and it's a perfect family moment. Emma looking only proudly full of smiles. Hook and Emma have a moment where they celebrate that they won. He thanks her for saving him. He apologizes about her taking her powers away, and she says it's okay. She won't need them in New York. She calls to Henry and asks if he wants to meet his Uncle. Very cute family moment.

We see Rumple go to Zelena's cage. Oh, Rumple. Please tell me you're there just to talk. Zelena points out that Rumple can't kill her because Regina has the dagger. Rumple reveals that Regina gave Belle the dagger. Zelena surmises that Belle wants her dead. Rumple says no, actually she doesn't. He also reveals that Belle only THINKS she has the dagger. He gave her a fake. Oh, that proposal is less romantic now because he's a lying liar who lies. I hate this. If Belle find out she will not be happy. Rumple goes into the cage, and Zelena is practically begging him to not kill her. She asks why. He says that he is doing it for his son. He promised Neal that he would avenge his death. I will be the first to admit that Neal wouldn't want this. He would want Rumple to be a better man. Rumple turns Zelena into ceramic and breaks her into tiny pieces. I can't even be happy about this, because it is going to cause a rift between Rumple, and Belle. It's going to make Regina angry. Sigh.

We see her disappear, and that her death unleashes the magic from the pendant in Regina's vault, and triggers the spell she was trying to cast. The portal into the past is open! Back in time we go!

Season finale next week. Gotta say I am looking forward to this season being over. Lingering questions - Where are Philip and Aurora? I hope not dead. What is baby Snowflake's name? Will Emma get her magic back? Hopefully the finale answers some of these.

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