Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tudor Thursdays Blog Stop

Today I am hosting Katherine Longshore as part of the Tudor Thursdays blog tour that I am hosting. I've got the next location of Katherine's tour of some of her favourite historical sites, and a romantic BRAZEN teaser (complete with kissing!).

Without further ado I turn this over to Katherine......

Trafalgar Square

The name of this particular historic site refers to an event (the Battle of Trafalgar, where Admiral Nelson defeated the French) that occurred 250 years after Henry VIII’s death, so how can it possibly be one of my favorite places?  Well, the easy answer is that I’m interested in more than Tudor history, but it’s really more complex than that.

The area has a long history (the site originally housed the king’s horses and hawks), but I love this area for three reasons:  the National Gallery (and National Portrait Gallery, where you can see original paintings of Henry, Anne Boleyn, and many other prime Tudor players), the VE (Victory in Europe) celebrations on May 8, 1945 (wonderfully imagined by Connie Willis in All Clear) and the four lions that surround Nelson’s column.  The lions are a part of my own personal history, as my family and I take a picture on one of them every time we visit London.

Katherine at Trafalgar Square. Copyright @Katherine Longshore

Of course, Trafalgar Square doesn’t feature at all in BRAZEN, so for this post, I’m just going to share with you one of my favorite scenes:

“You want to know what love feels like?” Fitz asks, and his voice is now low and sweet, twining darkness and sugar.

I can’t answer out loud, so I just nod.

“It feels like when you’re separated, you can’t think of anyone else.”

I keep my eyes on the space between us. But I think of how Fitz—and seeing him again—remained in the forefront of my mind throughout the entire spring.

“It feels like you’re a child again. And every new day is a discovery.”

He leans forward. I see the jeweled buttons of his doublet, the gold braid at the hem of his jacket. I think of the kingfisher. The sunrise. The taste of his skin.

“It feels warm.”

He puts his hands on my shoulders, and strokes them down to my wrists. The heat that follows his touch feels like it could never be extinguished.

“It feels”—he lowers his forehead onto mine—“right.”

I tilt my face upward just a little, our foreheads still touching.

“How do you know?” I ask, my lips so close to brushing his.

His answer is a kiss.

This kiss is like the dawn. Slow and graceful and gilded. It is right and warm and a childlike discovery, and it answers all of my questions and erases all of my doubts.

*Swoon* I am thrilled that I got to unveil a kissing teaser! They are my favourites.

I want to thank Katherine for the teasers, and the tour through some of her favourite historical sites. More will be revealed at the next stop of the tour. In the meantime you probably want to get your hands on a copy of BRAZEN. We have two contests below. One is USA/Canada and one is International. Be sure to enter the correct Rafflecopter. Winners will be emailed after the completion of the tour/contest.

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  1. Trafalgar Square because of the historical significance and the photo above :)

    Thank you :)


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