Monday, May 26, 2014

Favourite Books Since I've Started Blogging

I was recently asked about my favourite books. The books I would make everyone read if given the chance. The books that stayed with me years after I've finished reading them (or will stay with me).

Since I am out of town, I figured this would be a perfect chance to create a list of those titles (at least so far). I am keeping it to ones that I have reviewed on the blog. They'll all link to my review if you wish to check them out.

1 Stolen by Lucy Christopher

My first review, and I still love this one more than words can express. It's literally become a joke with the ladies of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Book Club because I mention it so often during our chats. Incredibly written, emotionally draining, and it's a book that plays with your head. In the most beautiful way possible, of course. This one is making it's way to the big screen with Ryan Kwanten as Ty.

2 Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson

Jodi Lynn Anderson's beautiful writing reduced me to tears as Tiger Lily ended. This retelling of Peter Pan not only feels fresh and different, but is one of my favourite adaptations of all time. An unforgettable story about the girl with the crow feather in her hair, and the lost boy she fell in love with. It gets bonus points for being narrated by everyone's favourite pixie.

3 Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

One of the best twists, EVER. I didn't see it coming, and (for me) it was brilliantly executed. Gillian Flynn's sharp, smart writing combined with a wrenching story of a couple falling in, and out of love serves to add a depth to this anything but typical mystery.

4 Tarnish by Katherine Longshore

Pretty sure Katherine's next book Brazen will be added to the list (I am halfway through and it's beautiful) but it's her portrayal of Anne Boleyn that stunned me. A novel that focuses on Anne's life, rather than her death. It shows that everyone deserves, and should fight for, their voice to be heard. A surprisingly uplifting and hopeful message that adds a bitter-sweetness to Anne's fate.

5 Vicious by V.E. Schwab

A deliciously dark look at what it means to be a hero, and villain. Unforgettable characters combined with Victoria's brilliant writing, and a rich, complex plot to create what is basically a perfect book. I ache to go back to this world and these characters. This one surprised me in the best way possible, and made me a Victoria Schwab fan for life. Apparently this one is also on it's way to the big screen. #DaneDehaanForVictorVale

6 Anna and the French Kiss/Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins

Cute and fluffy is what most people probably think when they read the titles for these books. WRONG. They are adorable, but they are also filled with humour, heart, and a realness that seeps from the pages. The characters are so completely developed they feel like friends, and it quickly became one that I want to read over and over again. Both of them. There are plenty of swoon worthy passages throughout the novel. The stand out in both is Stephanie's attention to the little details that go into a romance. The inside jokes, the little gestures, and the moments that make everything stop. She captures that falling in love moment effortlessly.

7 Just One Day/Just One Year by Gayle Forman

A duology that when combined tell the romantic, and engrossing story of two people's journey to each other. Often romance is about the couple, but Gayle shines a light on the two individuals inside that couple. We get to know them each so well, and this is a case where each novel is dependent on the other. Allyson's story isn't complete without Willem's and vice versa. It's the kind of novel that inspires wanderlust, and might just inspire you to take a few chances.

8 We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

The less I say about this one the better. E Lockhart's gorgeous writing will pull you into the dreamy, summer vibe, but the mystery will keep you burning through the pages. Read it. Lie about it. Just make sure you experience it unspoiled as it's one that is meant to be experienced along with the characters.

9 Love Letters To the Dead by Ava Dellaira

A novel that is both heartbreaking and healing. It's letter style narration was done impressively well, and the emotions and character development impressive for this style as well. Ava's work reads gut-wrenchingly real that it feels like you're reading someone's personal letters at times, rather than a work of fiction. The celebrity angle works for the character and the story in a charming way. They become characters themselves. This was another surprise for me, but I was happy to fall under it's spell.

10 Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson

I hugged this book when I was done. It's that adorable, and fun. It's one of those books that makes you feel good. The journey you take with the characters comes complete with a musical playlist which only adds to it's charm. The characters, the writing, and the depth this novel has is wonderful. It's one to pick up this summer and enjoy by the beach.

This is my no means a full listing, but these are the books I would want to make everyone read if I could.

What books make your EVERYONE MUST READ list?


  1. Vicious!! So good! And I just finished We Were Liars and really enjoyed it. I need to finally get around to Anna and the French Kiss. I'm probably the only one who hasn't read it.

  2. Flynn's execution of Gone Girl gets my blood boiling. It's the book I love to hate because I was so invested and so angry at the end! It's fun when a book gets you all riled up. I just got a copy of her 2nd book at our local library sale. Can't wait to dive in!


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