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Once Upon A Time - Snow Drifts/There's No Place Like Home

Season finale time. Part of me is glad it's over. We're doing some time travel, so I would be delighted to see young Baelfire again! Doubt it'll happen, but one can dream.

We start the episode with a 18 years ago flashback to a group home in Boston. Emma's flashback, obviously. Dare I hope this episode is Emma's backstory? YAY! We see a blonde pretty girl crying. The group home leader (I assume) tells her not to worry and calls her Emma. Tells her she'll find a home. I hope that's not all we get to see of her story.

Storybrooke - Present Day

Emma wants to know if her brother has a name. Charming tells her that they normally have a ceremony to announce the name back in the Enchanted Forest, but they are going to do a much smaller version at Granny's diner in this case. Very sweet! I love that they have royal ceremonies for this stuff.

Henry rushes in. He's found an apartment. He wants to know what Emma thinks of his choice. Snow is quick to chime in and ask what does she think. Emma stalls and says that she thinks Charming and Snow are having a hard time coming up with a name. Emma obviously wants to leave. Poor Henry. He feels like Storybrooke is home, and so many people who care about him are there.

Regina and Robin have some romantic alone time together. Lots of kissing. It appears Regina has her heart back now. Regina is a little teary because she never thought she would have this. Robin tells Regina about Marion and it prompts Regina to tell him about Daniel. Regina tells him that it was Tinkerbell who made her think loving again was possible. She tells him about the tattoo and how she saw him all those years ago. He chuckles, and tells her that he thinks things work out when they are supposed to, that it's about timing and they kiss some more. Robin handled that much better than I expected.

Rumple puts the real dagger in a hidden compartment and enchants it. Belle comes into the shop and asks Rumple if they can hide the dagger (the fake one obviously!) somewhere. She feels it's too much power. Rumple tells her that it doesn't need to be hidden because he trusts her (and because you are a lying liar). Rumple wants to talk about their wedding. Belle's daddy gave his blessing because Rumple is a changed man. Everyone can see it, Belle says, especially her. Oh, Belle. This is sad. I want her to find out he's lying.

Everyone is partying it up at Granny's. Apparently Aurora is fine, and is not a monkey. Henry is reading the story of how Charming and Snow fell in love. Snow and Charming have a cute moment trying to one up each other about who saved who more. Hook seems shocked that Charming left Abigail because of the whole 'her father can turn things into gold' thing. Ugh, of course Hook. OF COURSE. It comes out that Emma wants to leave Storybrooke. Regina especially wants to know why they are going back to New York. Henry does not want to leave. At all. Emma says she doesn't want to talk about it right now. She leaves, and Hook goes to follow. Henry gives Hook the Fairytale Book to try to remind Emma where she belongs.

Henry sees a bright light in the distance, and asks "Grandpa" what it is. I love when he calls Charming 'Gramps'. Rumple tells them it's Zelena's curse. They run and see that Zelena is not in her cell. Regina accuses Rumple of doing something. Rumple is like "How? Belle won't let me remember?". They have the bright idea to check the tapes as the cell is under surveillance. Rumple fixes the tape so that it appears Zelena killed herself.  Rumple reminds them of the dangers of going into the past.

Hook shows Emma the book and tells her that she belongs with her family - all of them. Emma says she just wants a home. Hook tells her that New York was not real. Emma says they can make it real. She doesn't feel connected to the fairytale world. She doesn't want to be part of it. She wants to be with Henry. Young Emma had lots of issues. She keeps running because she wants to feel like she's home and she hasn't found it yet. Hook asks if she cares about her family or anyone for that matter. Emma says that she does, but she is focused on Henry. Emma sees the light coming from Zelena's curse and goes to investigate. Of course as she gets close it starts to suck her in. Hook stops them with his hook (haha) but can't hold on,  and Emma ends up falling through. He snarks that "one of these I am going to stop chasing this woman" and jumps in after her. Can that day be soon? Please?  Aww. We see that David was trying to warn Emma because she left her phone behind and he's calling her.

Enchanted Forest - In The Past

Emma falls to the ground and realizes she is in the Enchanted Forest. Hook says it's not a matter of where they are, but when. Emma sees a wanted poster of her mother and says that she has a pretty good idea.

Emma starts looking at the book to find out WHEN exactly they are in the Enchanted Forest. Emma points out that stuff like this does not happen in New York. This is why she wants to leave Storybrooke. They have a discussion about how to get back to their own time, and Emma brings up Marty McFly and tries to explain it to Hook. He doesn't get it (obviously). They have to rush off the road when Regina's carriage pulls up. Regina in full on Evil Queen mode is deliciously awesome. Aww, love the glimpse of Gepetto and Pinocchio. Regina threatens the crowd and tells them not to help Snow White or she'll kill them if they do. She is going to make an example out of a young peasant. Emma wants to go help. Hook reminds her of the dangers of interfering in the past. He says that she needs to change into clothes that are more fitting for the time period. Emma puts on a dress that shows lots of cleavage and Hook is delighted (sigh, of course).

Hook helps her put on the cloak that goes over the dress while telling her that they must be careful, because they could cause serious damage if they mess with the past. This is reminding me of Back To The Future. Emma could make it so that her parents never meet and she's never born.

We see the set up for when Snow robs Charming. I think they used the same footage even. I love this call back to the first season.

Hook and Emma hear another carriage coming and they get off the road to hide again. Emma sees that it's her father. Emma seems awestruck as she realizes she gets to see them fall in love. Emma's smile, and wide eyes are magical and remind me of what I miss about this show. She is charmed by the idea of seeing them maybe fall in love. Of course, Emma makes a noise that startles Snow. She falls out of the tree, and runs off instead of actually robbing Charming. Emma's already screwed up her parent's meet cute! She realizes this and tells Hook. They have to, obviously, fix this because otherwise Emma won't be born.

So in this 'new version' of the past Snow goes to Bluebeard and pays him to help her leave. Charming is at Abigail's palace which is entirely made out of gold, and doesn't seem overly happy.

Emma wants to go get help from Rumple. Hook says he should stay there, because Rumple wants to kill him. Rumple appears behind them and says he's been waiting for this moment. He starts to strangle Hook. Emma tries to intervene, and gets tossed aside by Rumple. She tells him to stop and listen to her, or else he'll never see Baelfire again (she doesn't use his name, because nobody does anymore). Oh, she just did mention him by name. She tells him all about the curse, and that she knows all about Baelfire. Rumple wants to know how she knows any of this. She mentions that she is the one to break the curse. The product of true love. Rumple scoffs that he hasn't done it yet so how does she know. He eventually gets that she's from the future (as is Hook) and asks if he finds Bae. Emma doesn't answer at first, and Rumple yells the question again. She admits yes, he does. She looks sad and wistful. Rumple gets all emotional about "Bae" and Emma has this sad, wistful smile on her face whenever he mentions Baelfire. Rumple asks for details of the reunion, but stops Emma before she call tell him anything. He doesn't want anything in his head that might ruin it if he does succeed. So not telling him Neal dies? Good to know. She tells Rumple that SHE might have already ruined it for him because she stopped her parents from meeting. I loved Emma's reaction to seeing him as the Dark One. She's only see him as Mr Gold. It was perfect.

Rumple takes them into his castle. He wants to know why he hasn't killed Hook yet. Hook mentioned they 'buried the hatchet'  in the future, and Rumple wants to know why it wasn't in Hook's skull. Belle walks in. Emma immediately seems happy to see her, and says hello. Belle wants to know if they know each other. Emma says no, it's because Rumple talked about her to Emma. That makes Belle smile. Rumple gets embarrassed and tells Belle to go read or "whatever you like to do" and come clean later. Emma tells him that it is a miracle that they fell for each other. Rumple snarks that he can't believe that he falls for the help. Hook wants to get Emma's parents back on track. Emma tries to tell Rumple the story of Snow and Charming, and asks Hook to give her the book. It's blank. Emma determines that they need to get Snow to steal the ring. Rumple says there is a party, and that he can help locate Snow so they can fix this. Rumple says he will help with a portal for them to go back home, but they have to get Snow and Charming together on their own.

Hook mentions that if Snow is looking for passage out of the Enchanted Forest, he might know a captain that can help them. Emma asks who, and he replies "Me". Smart plan, actually.

They go to where past Hook is partying it up. Emma is supposed to occupy 'past Hook' while 'future Hook' goes to take care of 'offering Snow help". Emma starts to sexy herself up since she knows that she's 'his type' and 'future Hook' tells her to be careful. Emma teases that if she didn't know better she'd think he was jealous. She goes over and starts to hit on 'past Hook'

'Future Hook' goes to talk to Smee, and Smee immediately senses something is different. 'Future Hook' snarls that it's because he is used to his help actually helping. He wants Smee to get Snow to come talk to him. Smee runs off to get her.

Emma's flirting includes asking how 'past Hook' got his hook. He wants to know her name. They make some sexual innuendo, and Emma tells him to slow down a bit. She wants a few drinks before they get to the sexytimes.

'Future Hook' is waiting for Snow on the ship. She comes, and he offers her passage. He wants her to steal something first, and lets her know that he is aware of who she is. He tells her that she needs to steal a wedding ring for him. Snow seems agreeable.

'Past Hook' really wants to leave with Emma. They leave and go to the ship. Smee is confused, obviously, and Emma distracts by more flirting. She tells "past Hook" to go get some 'nightcaps' and meet her downstairs. She warns 'future Hook' to leave, just as 'past Hook is coming down the stairs. Emma starts making out with 'past Hook' so that 'future Hook' can escape (OMG, too many Hooks). 'Future Hook' is getting jealous of 'past Hook' though and ends up punching him in the face. It knocks out 'past Hook' and Emma and 'future Hook' escape. This is the weirdest recap ever.

Emma and Hook are looking at the palace the ball is in, but are not sure how to get in. Rumple shows up with an invite. He magics them some proper ball appropriate clothing. He also disguises them so that people don't see them as they actually look. As they enter the ball, the introduce themselves as Prince Charles and Princess Leia. Emma is a little awestruck by the dancing, and everything. It's cute. Hook and her dance. Plenty of hints that Emma is softening to him this episode. Sigh. Pretty sure people who ship Hook and Emma are going to get what they want.

We see Snow sneaking into the palace to get the ring. I hope she does! She needs to meet her Charming.

Hook tells Emma that she's a natural, an obviously Princess. Emma getting to see all this may just sway her into wanting to be part of the fairytale life she should have grown up in.

Meanwhile Charming and Abigail are not getting along. Charming seems FED UP with her, and it's rather funny because he's being passive aggressively nice. Regina shows up at the ball (not good news for Snow). Emma panics, but Hook tells her to relax.

Snow is stealing the ring when Charming walks into the room. They meet cute once again. Abigail catches her, and yells that Snow White is in the building. Snow is her amazing bandit self and escapes quickly, with Emma watching on proudly. Charming seems pretty smitten. He yells after Snow that where ever she goes he will find her. Emma is happy that the mission is accomplished, and wants to leave. A guard is going to hit Snow with an arrow, so Emma stops him. She notices that the ring is on the ground instead of with Snow. Hook tells her to get it to Snow, that he'll fight the guards. Emma tries to run, but the other guards get her. They tell everyone she helped Snow escape. Regina walks up, and Emma tries to talk to her, and calls her Regina. Regina snarks that it's a bit formal, and says she prefers "your majesty". Hook comes in as Regina is telling Emma that her night has just begun. Regina orders the guards to take her away as Hook looks on helplessly.


Flashback to Portland! WE SEE NEAL! NEAL IS BACK! Another cute Emma and Neal moment. I am dying. They are breaking into some place. It's a carnival with rides and things. He gets Emma to sit on a swing ride, and they talk while drinking coffee. I love this scene so much. I am crying. They talk about his father, and how much regret Neal actually has. It was Neal that told her how she would know when she was home. I can't even. HE WAS HER HOME. He told her it was feeling she couldn't shake. That she would just miss it. IT IS HIM and he is dead and NONE OF THIS IS FAIR.

Enchanted Forest - In The Past

Emma is put in a jail. She is put next to Marion I think. At least it looks like Marion. OH NO! I think Regina is the reason Marion died. This is not going to go well, is it?

So Snow and Charming still had the cute moment at the net where the nickname Charming was born. I love it. I miss what this show was. Seriously, I miss it so much I ache. It was perfect. Of course this moment now has to include Hook because he has to tell Charming that 'his princess' (meaning Emma) has Charming's ring. He tells Charming that it's with her in the Queen's castle and that he will need their assistance in getting both the girl and ring back. Snow volunteers to help as she knows the castle well, since it used to be hers. There are some more cute moments where Snow is all "I won't have to ever see your charming face again" and Charming smirks at her. It's all very flirty and cute.

More cute Snow and Charming moments. I love early Snowing. LOVE! I love that Hook is just letting them talk. This is exactly what needs to happen. Snow goes into the castle alone, and tells them she'll be back with the ring. Hook and Charming have a fire while they wait, and talk about Charming's upcoming wedding. Hook is trying to push him towards Snow by pointing out how unhappy Charming seems. Hook talks about his love for Emma. Hook fears that her parents don't like him. Charming is all "but you are going through great lengths to save her so they'll approve". Sigh. Again with the Hook/Emma stuff. Red shows up to help them get into the castle. She turns into the wolf in order to help.

Emma and who I believe is Marion are talking about family. Marion is talking about Robin and Roland here I think. She talks about how much she misses them. Emma talks about how her mother would want her to have hope. Marion doesn't seems to have any hope. Emma does though. She picks the lock on the door, and gets herself out. Marion tells her to run, to forget her. She doesn't and frees Marion as well.

Charming and the group run into Emma and Marion. Hook is all "we were coming to save you" and Emma replies 'the only one who saves me is me'. I hope that is true Emma. Hook is not happy Emma freed Marion. He says that if she was supposed to die, it means she has to. Emma may have just ruined Regina's chance at love with Robin, but may have also prevented her from killing Robin's first love. Complicated. Charming breaks up their chatter, to say that they have to run away NOW.

While Snow is sneaking around she tries to sneak up on Regina. She wants to use the fairydust a dark fairy gave her to turn Regina into a bug and step on her. Regina laughs at her and calls for the guards. Regina and Snow have a moment where Snow tries to say it was not her fault what happened to Daniel. Regina isn't having it and says that Snow is to die tonight.

We see Snow set to burn tied to stake. Regina actually lights it. Emma is distraught obviously. If Snow just died, what does that mean for Emma?! OMG! Emma points out that she's still there. Something must have happened and that Snow didn't actually die. Hook is being annoyed by a bug. Charming realizes it is actually Snow and tells them not to squash her. The bug is calling out, and the Blue Fairy shows up. She knows exactly WHO Emma is, and agrees to keep her secret. She turns Snow back into human Snow. Emma hugs her and it's adorably awkward. Things seems to be fine as Hook points out. Except for the whole Marion is still alive thing.

Snow says goodbye to Red, and goes to Charming. They have yet another cute moment while Hook and Emma watch from a distance. Hook points out that Marion is going to cause a ripple, and who knows what that will change. Emma is like "She's harmless" and she wants to bring her back with them. OMG! This is not going to be good. Robin is going to be shocked. Regina is going to be pissed. Charming goes over and realizes that Snow actually stole the ring. He takes off to the troll bridge as he knows that's how she'll need to leave. Emma realizes that Snow doesn't have the dust to save Charming from the trolls, so her and Hook run off to help.

So much nostalgia. It's too bad Neal isn't the one doing all this with Emma. Charming and Snow are fighting off the trolls but Snow realizes that she needs the dust. Snow beautifully bluffs having the dark fairy dust, and gets them to let Charming go. Love it. They are totally on their way to falling in love, and without Emma's help. Things are back to how they should be. Loving that Emma gets to see all of this. It's hopefully going to make her realize that she wants to stay with them. She seems really teary and happy.  Hook is concerned when Snow and Charming walk away from each other. Emma says it's okay. It happened that way before. It took them awhile to admit their feelings. Hook mutters that it must run in the family.

Emma checks the book and it all comes back. Every page is back. The pictures are there, and hopefully things are back on track. It appears Evil Queen is right where she should be too with wanting to destroy Snow's happiness.

Rumple is going to create a memory potion, and tells them that he can't help them. Only the people who used the portal can open it. Emma could do that if she actually had magic. Hook wants to know what is going to happen to them since they can't go back. Rumple wants to keep them someplace safe, somewhere he doesn't even go. He magics them to the vault where Rumple keeps all his most dangerous things. Hook is happy to be handsome again as we see the spell Rumple put on them has lifted. Hook starts to search through things to find anything that will help. Emma tells him not to touch anything as it could be dangerous. Hook tells Emma to open the portal and get them home. He is sure it'll work. Since Zelena died he thinks Emma's magic should have come back. Emma says that if she could, she would. Hook tells her that it is time to stop running. Emma finally admits that she does want to stop. It was because she thought Snow had died. She needs her parents. I love that Emma is finally realizing this, finally admitting it. She realizes that she can't keep coming in and out of their lives. She needs to be there. He says that Henry brought her home. She admits that Neal was right. That she didn't realize she had a home until she missed it. As she admits this, her magic comes back. She can get them home now! So Henry and Neal not only got her home, but realizing this got her back her magic? Tell me again how they are not meant to be?! Sigh.

Emma, badass saviour, is going to get them home, Marion included. I can't wait for Emma to embrace everything and see her parents again.

Emma tells Rumple that Neal dies as the portal opens!! RUMPLE IS GOING TO FIX THIS. Rumple will fix this right? Please fix this Rumple. Emma breaks down and tells Rumple that Neal died a hero. She doesn't want that taken away from him. She cries that she loved Neal too, and wanted to save him. She tells Rumple that he could make it worse if he tries to bring him back. She begs Rumple to drink the potion and forget what she just told him. THIS SHOW. Literally everyone, including Marion, gets to come back from the dead, but NOT NEAL?! Rumple drinks the potion, and pushes her through the portal. We see that the memory potion worked, and Rumple no longer remembers. I hate this.

Emma, Hook and Marion arrive back in Storybrooke. Emma leaves Hook on babysitting duty with Marion and Emma rushes to see her parents. She tells them that she and Henry are staying, and Henry is happy to be staying for sure. Emma calls them Mom and Dad. I love this.

Emma fills them in on her escapades. She tells them that she wants to know the name of the baby. It's Neal. I am not even going to comment on how that makes me feel. Short version? I don't like it. At least someone remembers he was on the show though.

Emma goes outside. Tells Hook that she is in the book now. They flirt and she calls him Killian. They are totally going to kiss. She is going to move on with Hook, 100 percent. Hook tells her how he found her in NYC. He traded the ship for a bean to get back to Emma. This reveal that he traded his ship for her makes her melt and kiss him.

Belle and Rumple are getting married! Too bad he's a lying liar that lies. I would love this if he wasn't lying to her. I do think it was very romantic, but Rumple knows he is lying. I want him to be truthful to her. "sometimes the best teacup is chipped" *cries*. I love them together so much, but not like this.

Robin, Regina and Roland are having a family moment. Robin and Regina certainly love kissing. Robin is going to meet Marion isn't he? Emma doesn't realize what is going to happen. Marion recognizes Regina as the Evil Queen. She's obviously scared of her. Emma wants to introduce Regina and Marion so that they can smooth things over. Robin overhears and sees Marion. They hug, and Roland is all "Momma?!" and it's adorable. He's asking if she's his mother, and part of me is happy this little boy gets this, and part of me is sad for Regina. Regina is pissed. She tells Emma that she is just like her mother and that she doesn't think about consequences. Tells Emma that she better hope she didn't bring anything else back with her.

She did. Something from Rumple's vault. It opens and blue liquid begins to pour out. It turns into a person, and it's Elsa from Frozen! I am not sure what her name is going to be for the show, but it's totally their version of the Ice Queen. She looks like Elsa, so that's her name for now (at least to me)

I am not sure how I feel about this. Like at all. I need time to digest. I need time for my broken shipper heart to heal. I need this summer break.

Thanks for following along with these 'recaps' from Neverland to Oz and everything else!


  1. OMG! I love this series! Today me and some students were talking about the show and how we loved the ending. Well, I loved the ending. It was awesome. I love Hook and Emma. They are so cute together. Also we are guessing that Regina is going to turn evil again. I mean, she probably lost the love of her life. Oh wow, can't stop thinking about it. :)

    Nina from J'adore Happy Endings

  2. I love Once Upon a Time! It is a great series, that has a lot of twists and turns you don't see coming. I always have to have a drink of wine with this show, though! There is just so much drama and so many plot twists that my mind can barely handle it! I love the unexpected twists on the fairytale stories. It makes for an exciting and interesting series!
    Ruth James |


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