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TV Talk With Kelly - Bates Motel

As you may know Kelly, from Kellyvision, and I are doing TV recaps. We recapped American Horror Story: Coven on her blog, and now we're recapping Bates Motel (season 2) on mine. Please note, this is more our reactions/thoughts than a true recap, and obviously there will be SPOILERS!

Kelly is everything in blue, and I am the other colour (is it brown? Whatever it is).

We're doing TWO episodes today because I got behind. The finale recap will go up on Friday.


BATES MOTEL - Season 2, episode 8 (Meltdown) and 9 (The Box)

Bates Motel - Meltdown

I love that they took an actual photo of Freddie Highmore and used it for the ‘young’ picture Norma is looking at here.

I love that, too. It's funny but this is now what I think of him as. (Finding Neverland used to be my favorite part of his but now it's this.)

Is Norman doing the whole clean when you’re mad thing? I do that.

Now I really wish we lived closer. "Ugh, don't you want to just punch that person? Here's my vacuum."

Romero has got to want to go over there and just start asking a million questions. It’s slightly awkward that he’s not saying anything and I think Norman realizes something is off.

I also love how Norman seems so suspicious now that we (Romero and viewer) know. Was that true for you? He seemed so shady during that whole conversation.

Norma is either trying to act normal, or trying to kiss up to Norman. Maybe a little of both. Either way, Norman is having none of it. ‘It’s fine’ is basically a code word for it is not fine.

I get it. I would be FURIOUS if that happened to me, especially the way that it happened.

I think you were right. This guy already wants favours (he’s Nick Ford right?). Oh no. This involves Dylan. DO NOT LIKE. He wants a meeting with Dylan. Do not do it Norma. ‘Don’t you talk to your son about anything?’ No, neither of them actually. He is basically threatening Dylan here right? It’s not just me? Or is it a warning? Either way, NO! NO! NO! I am going to be shocked if Dylan makes it out of this season alive.

I think Norma is just now realizing just how trapped she is. And I feel for her. She's in a horrible position. And she is also really good at lying to herself so I think she really does believe he will just talk to Dylan.

At this point Dylan getting his butt arrested would be a good thing. Being in jail might keep him alive. Side note, I just realized his last name is not Bates.

Is that Norma's maiden name?

Norma can leave that message. It’s sad how they don’t talk at all.

So Dad gave her the business? That can’t be good for the brother/sister relationship. Dylan has a point - they need to figure stuff out so they stay alive. I personally like Dylan’s plan of laying low.

Same. I think it's their best chance at not dying.

Observation - Norma’s clothes are rather fun. I do like that trench coat (maybe not in blue).

Me too! She always looks so fabulous.

‘Dylan has an office?’ I love the shocked tone in her voice, and her expression. Too funny.

Right?! She's so proud.

This scene. Norma is such a mom in this scene. I never got tired of these scenes. They make you see the entire events of Psycho in a different light. She does care about them. In her own way. I bet the boys will tease Dylan for having his mommy come by.

I also love how nice everyone was to Norma. You know? Yay Norma.

The bypass is halted for environmental reasons. It does eventually get built, so not for long obviously. George is pretty forward. That was cute though.

I think this Norman thing is stressing out Romero.

Norman, I don’t think she actually likes your taxidermy. It does not go with everything. Haha. ‘Enjoy’ ‘Thank you’. I think she’s right. He’s doing it because he’s mad at her.

Norman, NO ONE loves your taxidermy.

Questioning him sneakily, huh? Not a bad plan Romero. The creepily charming side of Norman is in full force here. Romero is being blunt and Norman is getting agitated.

Um, did I miss where Nick Ford was Blair’s father? Did we know this? I feel like we did but I forgot. This certainly widens the amount of suspects.

We saw him at the grave but didn't know who it was.

I am not so sure that Nick Ford should be pushing Norma like this. She’s way too opinionated for this to work and Norman will kill him if he thinks his mother is in danger (even if he is angry right now). I bet he’s dead by the end of the season.

Yes, plus his line of business. It's a miracle he's lasted this long.

Norma is trying to get a reaction out of him here. She is baiting him, and Norman’s like “Don’t care”. It’s kind of hilarious.

Why, Dylan? Why? Do not call the man that wants to shoot you.

Agreed. No good can come of this.

This was such an awkward date. I think Norma should have stayed. I think Norman is part of the reason she didn’t.

Right? Norma, you like him! Don't do that.

I am starting to think that Nick Ford is going to offer Dylan a deal.. Yup. He has to kill Zane (his boss’ brother I assume). Nick is pretty much giving Dylan an ultimatum. Aww, Dylan. You do care.

Well, that wouldn't be the worst thing...

They already charged someone in Blair’s death and they just found him guilty? Again, I didn’t even know the trial had begun. Romero seems to think that Norman didn’t kill Blair. He’s totally sticking up for Norman even. Interesting. I think Romero thinks Blair took advantage of Norman, to be honest.

Right?! Not even a line of dialogue? Sloppy writing, guys.

‘That was childish’. You both are being childish. Oh, Norman is such a teenager sometimes. This scene is a little awkward too though. Norman has crossed over to full on creepy here. Freddie Highmore KILLED that scene. *shivers* He is taking insane pleasure in this. That look as he walked away from the door? Totally enjoying this.

I want him to get an Emmy but not at Breaking Bad's expense. *Aaron Paul this year, Freddie Highmore for next year? Works for me. We know Freddie will be in supporting, and Aaron deserves to win*

Oh, Norma. What are you going to do? Nothing good I expect. Oh, okay. Um, talk about moving fast. This is how she forgets fighting with her son? It may explain a lot of their problems.

Right? This does make a lot of things clear.

So the sister is totally okay with Dylan killing Zane? Talk about messed up families.

And she's so casual about it.

Romero is pushing Norman hard about this whole Blair thing. Norman doesn’t remember anything though. I kind of just want to know the truth already. Still saying he didn’t do it.

I don't know how they'd fake it though.

Um, what? Who just kidnapped Norman? I am guessing Nick Ford’s people obviously. Makes sense.

So excited for tonight. :)

This felt like a much quieter episode than I expected due to the last two (other than that ending). However, it’s totally the calm before the storm that is the final two episodes. *cries that there are only two episodes left*

Bates Motel - The Box

They want Norman to get into a box? I would be freaking out. Norman’s ‘I go to highschool’ made me laugh though. I wonder how long until Norma figures out he’s gone.

It makes sense, though. My initial reaction would be "confused with Dylan," too.

Haha, Norma doing the walk of shame. I wonder if she’ll think Norman is doing this to get back at her? I hope she realizes what is going on quickly and calls Romero.

I loved her sneaking up the stairs.

Emma is upset that Norma isn’t confiding in her. It’s sweet.

That box looks more spacious than I first though. It still sucks beyond anything, but moving around will help keep his blood flow going. He might not cramp up and can actually run if he gets the chance. Poor Norman though.

I still couldn't deal.

In this town I think my mind would go immediately to something bad happening. I get why Norma thinks he’s doing this as payback through.

I actually like that Romero is suspicious of Norman, but is being cautious about this. Doesn’t it sound like it doesn’t matter to Romero though? Like, he wants this other guy in jail, but just wants to know what really happened? That is just bad police work.

It sounds like the other guy is guilty of a ton of stuff, just not that one thing.

Norma is getting the ransom call. Nick Ford totally has Norman. He is using Norman and Norma to get Dylan to kill Zane. Pretty sure Dylan is already okay with that.

Oh Norma. Do not be yelling about killing, and stuff outside where anyone can hear you. ‘What do you have to do? I’ll help you’. TOO FUNNY! You have no clue Norma. She’s totally okay with Dylan committing murder though.

Kill a bad person to save Norman? Of course she is. :)

Still amazed at how blasé this girl is about Dylan killing her brother. At least she seems to have a little bit of a second thought going on here.

Poor Emma. She just wants to know what is going on. Nobody is telling her anything.

Norma, you should try to tell Romero the truth. Stop lying, let him help. OMG! He just dropped the bombshell that Norman slept with Blair Watson. ‘What does this mean?’ Norma, it’s pretty obvious. Romero tells her about this polygraph idea, and Norma just keeps lying. And queue the Norma freak out.

It probably would've never oxcurred to her. It was a shock to me, too.

This phone call is sad because she knows she might never see him again.

She just kills this scene.

A crappy sandwich and a bunch of water. Great treatment, guys. Yes! RUN NORMAN RUN! Get the hell out of there. See, the no cramping thing did help. Too bad he didn’t get very far. :(

These guys are not masterminds.

Oh, crap. I think these guys finding this stuff is a VERY bad thing for Norman. Nick Ford is going to think that Norman killed his daughter. Nothing good can come of this. Vengeful daddy might decide to just kill Norman regardless of what he told Norma.

Yeah, this is not great news.

Emma is quitting? That’s so sad. Emma doesn’t feel included and so she wants to leave. It’s too bad that Norma really doesn’t have time to deal with this. She just let’s her quit. Norma’s got too much on her mind right now to deal with Emma too. Emma will totally be back right? She has to be.

I'm sure she'll be back. And I don't blame her for quitting.

I do not like this. I do not like this. I bet Norman is going to be tortured or worse because of this. Why did they have to give Nick Blair’s stuff?!

Ewwww. Bugs. That is gross. Poor Norman. I think I would freak out. This is not going to help Norman’s psychological issues.

Nope nope nope nope.

Is Dylan going to really do this? Right now? Um. If he does, I don’t think Dylan will be getting out of there alive. I am on edge right now. Dylan has a choice now. He either picks Zane or his sister. It’s really picking Norman though. He has to kill Zane to save Norman.

George got Norma flowers! Sweet. They are so going to ‘break up’. I use that loosely because they were never really together. Norma is having the worst day ever basically. Yup, I think that pretty much means this guy is history. Oh, Norma. Too little, too late. I like that Emma stayed to comfort her though. Maybe Norma can explain after Norman is back. George would have to understand she was stressed out about her missing kid.

Right? This is a great excuse for anything. "Sorry. Kidnapped kid."

‘I’ve been better’ So true Dylan, so very true. I love how Nick is saying that Dylan MADE him have to kidnap Norman. At least Dylan is telling Nick what he needs in order to get this done. However, Nick basically says that Dylan can’t help him anymore so I think it means bad things for Norman (or bad things for Dylan). AHHHH! Dylan you just killed the person who could tell you where Norman is! EEEEP! Does this mean he doesn’t have to kill Zane now?

I don't think he does. (But I bet he ends up doing it anyway.)

I bet that’s Romero at the door. I was right! She’s going to have to tell him Norman is gone and why. He is going to think Norman ran away to avoid questioning. She has to tell him the truth. Oh good. She is telling him the truth. Thankfully.

Hopefully he'll be better now at being a police officer and can find Norman.

Oh, Blair Watson flashback. Are we going to get answers? So Blair did seduce him (or at least in this flashback). OMG! I think Norman may have actually killed her. If these are legit flashbacks that is. I didn’t think it would be Norman. It feels too early.  Still hoping I am wrong.

I don't know. Hallucination or flashback? It seems pretty fragmented.

Of course they are going to end it THERE. Of course. The finale looks AMAZING! One episode left. I am not ready.

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