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Saying Goodbye To Norman Bates (In More Ways Than One)

As you may know Kelly, from Kellyvision, and I are doing TV recaps. We recapped American Horror Story: Coven on her blog, and now we're recapping Bates Motel (season 2) on mine. Please note, this is more our reactions/thoughts than a true recap, and obviously there will be SPOILERS!

Kelly is everything in blue, and I am the other colour (is it brown? Whatever it is).

This is the finale. Saying goodbye to this show (for this season) was difficult for me (and I think for Kelly too). I can't wait for it to come back!


Bates Motel - The Immutable Truth 

Season finale. Not ready for this to be over.


I totally forgot they hadn’t gotten Norman out of the box yet before the end of the last episode.

Welcome to another episode of Kelly's Claustrophobic Nightmare!

So Romero is out looking for Norman. Love how Dylan is just like “Yup, totally just killed Nick Ford” and Romeo just like “Meh, hop in”. The police in this town are awful (except that one girl when they needed her to be).

I know, right? He's just like, "Not listening!"

Searching Nick’s house is a good idea, at least in theory. I find it sort of hilarious that Nick Ford’s security is robbing him. He also seems to not know who Norman is. Liar (or maybe he just doesn’t know the name of the kid).

Totally lying. (Also, good lord, Romero BRING THE GUY WITH YOU. He could have been lying!)

OMG! Dylan screaming for Norman is making me teary. I want them to have a real sibling relationship. Answer him, Norman. Call out. Awww. I started crying when Norman started yelling for Dylan. He’s going to be okay. What is this show? I am worried about a serial killer (well future one, anyways). Freddie Highmore is killing this scene and looks awful (obviously). Also, the hug!

I know! Absolute genius. Poor Norman.

Norma is obviously concerned. Don’t act so surprised that Dylan found him, Norma. Geesh. I wonder if they made her not wear eye makeup in this scene on purpose because of the crying, or because she was in a rush and wanted to get there? Either way works.

Vera Farmiga is amazing in everything, always.

Norman is trying to tell her about his Miss Watson dreams. Norma is like “Forget out them. Do not talk of them”. Haha. Basically Norma’s way of dealing with everything.

Yeah, she's like, "this conversation is NOT HAPPENING."

Um, Norman would not get to come home already. He would be in the hospital longer than an afternoon I would imagine. Gotta love TV time.

He's got to be dehydrated and the injuries look horrible.

I think Norma really does like Emma. I believe her here. She is sad. She is going to miss her.

She has a point, though. Where would you even start that conversation?

Oh, Norma’s BFF is not talking to her now. George obviously talked to her. Norma needs to use the “my son was in danger” get out of jail free card.

Now that Nick is dead, her council seat is so gone.

‘I don’t know what people want from me. I even went out with her brother. Tried to sleep with him’. Norma, this may not be the best conversation to have with your son. Just saying.

Tried to sleep with him? Um, Norma. Tried to?

Norman wants to talk about Blair and what he realized in the box. Norma thinks Blair seduced and took advantage of him. Norman actually thinks he killed her. Norman is utterly convinced. Freddie Highmore is SO SO SO SO good. So good. *chills*. I am still saying no. Norma is trying to talk him out of it, and is forcefully adamant here. I think she might think it too, but doesn’t want it to be true.

I think Norma is all about plausible deniability here.

Why do you want a gun, Norman? I predict only bad things. Shocking right?

Romero wants to move on this polygraph. Interesting. So Romero wants to re-open the case if Norman fails the polygraph. I guess you can only look the other way for so long. If Norman believes he’s guilty though, won’t the polygraph reflect that? It’s your reaction to things, so if he truly believes it, the thing is not going to work.

Right, but if he's stressed the whole time, he'll pass. That's why they're not admissible in court, because it's an inexact science.

Norman is ‘getting his things in order’. I think I know what he wants the gun for now. We know it’s not going to happen. This is totally him saying goodbye to Emma, I think.

Oh, look, it's Norman's dog! Oh, poor Norman. (Also, I love that apple pie is on his list.)

Oh, Norman is going to tell her Dylan’s story. This is not yours to tell Norman. Not at all. Dylan has every right to be pissed if he finds out. Emma is such a caring person. She’s the type that would run up to Dylan and give him a hug. I bet Norman is trying to talk her into staying so Norma has someone after he kills himself.

Emma did an amazing job in this scene.

OMG! Zane’s sister is basically like “Dylan who?”. Um, wait. Dylan and Romero are there.. Oh, did she do that FOR them or did they catch her? I think they may have wanted her to, but you never know.

She totally just set up her brother.

He made a ‘to do list’? He even packed up his taxidermy. I wonder how this ends up not happening because we know it doesn’t.

Well, there's the pie.

How is she not getting that he’s saying goodbye? I guess maybe you don’t think that way but it seems pretty obvious.

Norma is great at not seeing stuff she doesn't want to see.

Okay, so she is in on it. This is where I start praying Dylan is alive at the end of this episode. Is Romero going to arrest Zane? Assuming Dylan (or someone else) doesn’t kill him first. DO NOT SHOOT THE DOGS! That makes me angry. Oh, pretty sure Zane just killed his sister. Run, Dylan! Oh, Romero. I approve of the fact that you just saved Dylan, but pretty sure police officers are not supposed to just shoot like that.


Yeah, I don't think there was an imminent threat but I'm not unhappy about it.

Love that Romero is now making up ‘the story’. I am just thankful Dylan is okay, and I predict will live at least until next season. Romero wants Dylan to step into the leadership role. He basically wants someone he controls (and is less sadistic) in charge. I support this, except that it’ll put Dylan in more danger.

It's a good story.

I am surprised that Norma went to Dylan with this stuff about Norman. You’re right Norma. It’s not Norman’s fault, it’s kind of YOURS for not getting your son the help he needs. She just wants to run away to Montreal. That is not the answer. Dylan is right. I do love this talk about Dylan’s past, and how it made Norma feel. I think it’ll help Dylan a lot. It’s her version of goodbye. She basically told him thats he does love him. I think Dylan needed to hear that.

Oh, God, the look on his face. "You bought me a ticket?"  RIGHT? He wanted her to want him.

This is such a great scene. I feel like the actor who plays Dylan is overlooked because of Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore but he's very good, too.

Oh Norma. Dylan is right. Norman needs to be somewhere. It’s the best thing for him. He needs help. He needs to be institutionalized. Dylan wants him to take the test. Dylan is the voice of sanity in this show. I still say it’ll show whatever Norman THINKS is the truth, so it doesn’t matter.


She just found Norman’s suicide note. She’s going to get to him in time and stop him. At least that is my guess.

Did he seriously leave her a dead stuffed bird?

So Norman knows that he killed his father. Um….Norma just full on kissed Norman. That was not a motherly kiss. Their relationship is so weird. Is it wrong that I feel like this moment is important? I don’t like it, but they had to go there with the kiss. It’s going to get more inappropriate from here, isn’t it? She managed to talk him (guilt him) into not killing himself, but I am not so sure they’re ever getting past this. Norman knows something about himself that he can never unknow.

That was so inappropriate.

He is totally going to pass. We are also seeing the descent into Psycho Norman. So, he did kill Blair.

Wow. This scene.

As predicted, he passed. He believed that HE didn’t kill her but that NORMA did so he passed.

Did you get chills with that last scene? I got chills. So reminiscent of Psycho how he looked at the camera and smirked a little. OMG! So he just got away with his first murder? Well, you know what I mean. His first murder that wasn’t for protection of someone else (that we know of). My head is reeling because I thought it was too early. I guess we’re headed to ‘Psycho Norman’ much quicker than I anticipated.

It did. Just--wow. This scene, this episode, this season, this show. Just wow.

So basically this episode represented Norman’s last chance. Norma can’t bare to see him as anything but her little boy, and basically told him that if he died she’d kill herself, and that made him fully develop this split personality to deal with what he had done. Push it off to someone else. I think he could have been saved before this, but after this episode there is no going back. It’s sort of Norma’s fault (I feel anyways). She ignored it, and now I think it’s too late to help him even if she wanted to.

It's not too late (she could still institutionalize him) but the window is almost closed and a drastic step is all that's left.

Goodbye Norman, Hello Mother basically. So when is next season starting?!

March, probably. :(

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